Are teeth washing and whitening the same thing?

Are teeth washing and whitening the same thing?

Some people clean their teeth regularly. Some people hear that it is painful to wash their teeth. Some people do n’t wash their teeth once they feel uncomfortable.

    Neither of the latter two have a proper understanding of tooth washing.

The first time you wash your teeth may be painful, because after removing the calculus, the roots of the teeth will be exposed, and all the heat is not normal, but all of these are not the fault of washing the teeth, only the cleaning of the teeth exposes the existing problems.

If your gums are healthy and maintained regularly, there will be no pain in washing your teeth.

  Washing teeth is an important measure to maintain periodontal tissue health and prevent periodontal disease from occurring or repeating.

The simple understanding is to let professional doctors use professional equipment to help you brush your teeth.

Washing the teeth can remove the staining of the tooth surface, help the teeth return to normal gloss and color, and remove plaque and calculus that cannot be removed by other home oral health measures such as brushing teeth, and prevent dental disease.

  Mr. Zhang, who had a successful career, washed his teeth at an authoritative dental hospital and found that after washing the teeth, except for the tartar, he did not imagine how much the teeth were whitened.

Such a situation as Mr. Zhang belongs to the pigmentation caused by long-term smoking. To whiten teeth, it is not enough to wash the teeth alone.

  It is usually a good habit to clean your teeth once every six months to one year.


Tooth washing and tooth whitening are not the same thing. The purpose of tooth washing is mainly to clean. It can remove coffee stains, tea stains and smoke stains on the tooth surface, and accumulated calculus, so it will look whiter.

  However, many people think that as long as they wash their teeth at a professional dental hospital, they will be able to whiten their teeth.

In fact, for the main population of beautiful teeth born in the 1970s and 1980s, washing the teeth can not improve the pigmentation inside the teeth, such as tetracycline teeth, fluorosis and so on.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you should whiten your teeth. Generally speaking, bleaching and cold light whitening bring the whitening effect of teeth for 1-2 years.

The bleach whitening method achieves the effect of bleaching teeth through the action of hydrogen peroxide and teeth. This method has fast results and moderate cost.

  Disease analysis: Tetracycline teeth So if your tan teeth are only caused by the thick tartar covering the tooth surface, then cleaning the teeth regularly and developing good habits is the best way to whiten your teeth.

For example, drink less dark drinks such as tea, coffee, and red wine, rinse your mouth after meals, and especially stop smoking.

  Try to drink soda and sports drinks as little as possible, because it damages the tooth enamel much more than cola, which is 3 times and 11 times more harmful than the shell, respectively.

If you must drink it, in order to reduce the contact time between the drink and your teeth, try to drink it as quickly as possible, instead of taking a small mouthful or using a straw.

  Furthermore, the dangers of not washing the teeth: not completely, only the visible calculus is removed, but the deepest calculus with the strongest pathogenic effect is left, which does not achieve the purpose of preventing periodontal disease; causing tooth surface damage,It completely makes your pain unbearable, and will aggravate the periodontal disease; it will cause cross infection and bring about replacement damage.