How long should you sleep to be healthy?

How long should you sleep to be healthy?

How much sleep you feel suitable for each day varies from person to person, and most people need to ensure 7 to 10 hours of sleep.

The Stanford University Human Sleep Research Center recommends two methods that can help you calculate how long you need to sleep.

  Experts using vacation time calculations recommend that people keep a record of how many hours they sleep each day while on vacation.

During the holiday, the body will adjust itself. At the end of the holiday (usually it takes more than 5 days), your body will generally adjust to a natural sleep pattern. At this time, sleeping for a few hours at night should be the ideal sleep time that meets your body’s needs.

  What about people who do n’t have a chance to take a vacation?

  Dr. Kushda, director of the Sleep Research Center, said that it is possible to calculate the reduction of sleep time on weekdays and weekends, and to grasp a suitable time period.

  Experts remind people that once they figure out how much sleep they need, they should work out a schedule for rest and resolutely follow it.

  First, you must go to bed on time every day.

In general, the best time to sleep is between 9pm and 11pm.

If it is too late, it is difficult to ensure adequate sleep, and it is very harmful to the skin.

It is best to fall asleep naturally and wake up naturally.

If you need an alarm to wake you up, set it to a fixed time, which will help you adjust your biological clock.

  In addition, the daytime rest should be controlled within 45 minutes.

This time will help you rejuvenate. If it takes too long, you will still feel dizzy after waking up, and it will affect your sleep at night.

  Here are 10 tips to ensure good sleep: Tip 1-Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco Of course, this does not mean that you will say goodbye to these bad habits, we just recommend that you distance yourself a few hours before bedtimeAlso.

Caffeine-containing beverages, such as coffee, tea, soda and chocolate, can cause nerve excitement in humans and affect sleep quality.

Alcohol, although it can make people sleepy to some extent, but this drowsiness does not last all night. Alcohol can play a sedative role. At the same time, the concentration of alcohol in the body decreases, and our sleep isWill be affected by interference.

  Tip 2-Calcium in hot milk or herbal tea milk can help the body relax better, if it is hot milk, the effect is even better.

But maybe not everyone likes the taste of milk, then they can choose herbal teas. These teas are specially made for sleep, which is very helpful for relaxing and improving the quality of sleep.

  Tip 3-Meditation Behavior Therapy This treatment can be used alone or in conjunction with a prescription prescribed by a doctor.

Meditation behavior therapy consists of two components, meditation and action, which help you solve mental and physical problems and prevent insomnia.

  Tip 4-Create a Good Sleeping Environment Please Note: The room where you sleep is important for sleep quality.

Keep it dark, clean and well ventilated.

Please keep the room at a proper temperature.

Make sure you have enough blankets and soft pillows in your sleep. You need to know the comfortable environment to get good sleep.

  Tip 5-Relax your body, massage, hot tub A bath filled with hot water is most suitable for you who are tired and tired, but know that it will also improve your sleep quality.

In addition, massage after hard work is also effective.

Massage and hot bath will dispel your mental stress and improve the quality of your sleep.

  Tip 6-Do not snore during the day. A nap during the day will affect sleep at night.

Compared to snoring during the day, there is no doubt that the quality of sleep at night is much higher.

  Tip 7-Regular exercise. For white-collar workers in the office, physical exercise is essential.

According to surveys, those who exercise regularly are more apparent in their sleep quality than those who do not exercise, and experience insomnia.

Please maintain 20 minutes of outdoor activities every day so that your body can reach the state of excitement, so that he will feel tired and rest well in the evening.

  Tip 8-Have a good schedule. Life can’t be tedious, but the body has a soft spot for strict timing.

Try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, and don’t indulge yourself until the weekend.

Carefully observe the sleep time you need every day, and then make a detailed schedule, I believe your body will like this rigorous schedule.

  Tip 9-Develop a correct understanding of the bed. There is only one function of a bed, which is to sleep.

Many people like to read and work on the bed, or watch TV, or even eat. This will affect your subconscious mind and give you a wrong understanding of the function of the bed.Also, do not watch TV or read more than 30 minutes before sleeping.

If so, your spirit will continue to be agitated.

The best sleep state is to think about nothing.

  Tip # 10-There may be many reasons for insomnia to seek a doctor, physical or psychological, so it is difficult for individuals to see themselves clearly. At this time, it is wise to ask a doctor for help.

Your doctor’s prescription will help you with headaches and insomnia, but keep in mind that there are impurities in the use of medicines.