Eight taboos for women to fall asleep

Eight taboos for women to fall asleep

The general principle of fall sleep is-go to bed early and get up early to cope with autumn weather.

After a relatively little sleep in the summer, autumn can pay attention to sleep well, just replace compensation gradually.

“Su Wen · Four Seasons Concerning Gods” said: “In autumn and March, this is called Rong Ping.

The weather is anxious, the atmosphere is bright, and the morning lies early and rises up with the chicken.

Make Zhi Zhi peaceful, in the shape of slow autumn, converge the spirit, make Qi Qi flat, nothing but its purpose, make the lungs clear.

This autumn Qi should also be the way to raise. ”

That is to say, in the three months of autumn, autumn is refreshing, everything is collected, and people’s living conditions should be adapted to the climate.

In addition to going to bed early and getting up early, autumn sleep should also pay attention to the following aspects.


Don’t be emotionally excited before going to bed, be angry, feel ups and downs, which will cause the distortion of qi and blood, which will not only directly lead to insomnia, but also hurt the body.

Therefore, you must control your emotions before going to bed, keep calm as much as possible, refrain from anger, sorrow, worry, and especially not be irritated.


Avoid excessive entertainment before bedtime Some people like night entertainment, especially young people, are all night cats!

I don’t care about time at night.

Excessive recreational activities tend to keep people’s nerves excited and think that it will affect sleep.

Therefore, if you want to have fun at night, don’t play too late.

After entertaining, you should calm down by going for a walk or sitting, and then go to bed.


Avoid sleeping when you open your mouth and close your mouth to maintain vitality.

If you open your mouth and breathe through your mouth, breathing cold air and dust can easily hurt your throat, lungs, and stomach.

So the bad habit of opening your mouth to sleep must be changed.


Avoid sleeping and eating. Sleeping and eating will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, which will not only affect falling asleep, but also easily cause indigestion.

If you sleep and eat for a long time, it will definitely harm your body.

Of course, you cannot go to bed hungry.

If you feel dry before going to bed, you can eat soft food appropriately, and you should rest after eating for a while.


Avoid drinking tea before going to bed. Coffee and caffeine in coffee can stimulate the central nervous system, cause excitement, and make it difficult to fall asleep.

In addition, too much tea or coffee causes frequent urination at night and is not conducive to sleep.


Avoid talking when going to bed. After lying in bed and talking more, it will also make people excited and not easy to fall asleep.

At the same time, lying down said more, easy to hurt lungs.

Therefore, there is actually someone in the room after you go to bed. You should not talk to others first. If others want to talk to you, don’t talk too long. You can politely explain to the other person that you are not in bed.


Avoid sleeping when covering your face When sleeping, if you cover your face with a blanket or quilt, it will affect breathing and cause hypoxia, which is extremely detrimental to your health.


Avoid being blown by the wind while sleeping. The human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes in the sleep state is reduced, and it is vulnerable to wind evils.

Therefore, when sleeping in the fall, do not sleep in the wind, the bedroom window should not be opened too large, especially when the wind is strong, we must be more vigilant.
  Regarding the fall sleep, in addition to the “two early” (early bed and early rise) and “eight taboos” (note the above), each person should also pay attention to their specific circumstances.
It is important to realize that although cool autumn is good for sleep, sleep will not “care” you unconditionally because of the fall.

To really achieve good sleep in the fall, it is still very particular about it.