Divorced because I can’t have children-

Divorce because I can’t have children?

In ancient marriage there were “seven outings”.

“No queen” is the chief of a divorce.

  Does the offspring still have an important role in a marriage today?

  The answer is yes.

Children play a large role in maintaining a marriage.

  Most couples who tolerate a rotten marriage are mainly because of their children.

  Unless the husband and wife have a consensus, do not have children after marriage, and do not want to be restrained by the initialization, otherwise, having children is a matter that will happen after the two parties alternate marriage.

  Even if I was educated in the West and my mind was open, I would dream of a day full of children and grandchildren.

  So, is it important to have a boy?

  After my mother gave birth to a son, she gave birth to two daughters in a row.

  I often heard her talk about my dad being patriarchal and old-fashioned. Actually, men and women alike, and so on.

  When I was six years old, my mother was proud to have given birth to my brother.

  After my brother gave birth to a daughter, my mother hardly stopped complaining.

  Blame my brother for not having more children.

Of course there must be a boy.

  What I want to point out is that the same question will have different views from different angles.

  No one is wrong.

  Let me talk about a story that happened to me.

  Friend, Kim, is definitely not a good man in our eyes.

  His wife is not a lovely woman.

Not only does her husband think she is fierce, but we also don’t like her.

The first time I saw her, I already wondered how long her husband could tolerate.

  When their son was nine years old, Kim begged his wife to have another child.

  It didn’t take long for her to conceive successfully.

Almost at the same time, King caught another woman and became pregnant.

King had two more sons in the same year, and the two brothers were only two months behind.

  Let me admire it.

  The careless attitude towards marriage of these men can only be said.

  King’s wife didn’t recover herself, didn’t acknowledge her responsibility, and spent every day in complaints.

A group of our friends also decided to give up supporting her.

  King’s family, especially King’s mother, was happy to have two more grandchildren all at once, regardless of King’s wife’s second wife dispute.

The number of daughter-in-law is not her worry.

  What does it mean?

  Explain that the existence of children and sons are not the cause of divorce.

  Infertile women can be forced to divorce.

A woman with two sons can also be abandoned by her husband.

  Divorce is just a problem between the two.

  I found my wife infertile after marriage, and a man can immediately turn his face and propose a divorce. Imagine, is there love in this marriage? What exactly happened between the two people?

  For a man who doesn’t love you, is it worth the journey to death?