[How to deal with fresh scallops_How to deal with live scallops]

[How to deal with fresh scallops_How to deal with live scallops]

I believe that anyone who has eaten shellfish will know that it has a very fishy smell, and that their bodies contain a lot of bacterial substances, which need to be handled properly to ensure safety.

Fresh scallops have a great taste. If they are not processed properly, they will directly affect people’s taste after they are made.

So for fresh scallops or volcanoes, there should be some way to better deal with them, maintain their taste, and live their own taste?

These parts of the scallop must not be eaten any more. 1. Sand sac: The sac is the visceral part of the scallop, which is the black thing in the circle shown above. This viscera must be completely removed.Poop and undigested food.

2. Gills: Those orange-red or orange-yellow, eyelash-shaped parts are the cheeks of scallops. It is also a part that cannot be eaten.

3. Skirt: The bottom white skirt-like part is edible. It will taste very good when it is used for cold dressing.

How to deal with and clean fresh scallops 1. For fresh scallops that are bought back, first rinse the sediment on the shell with water.

2. With a knife, a Western knife is recommended.

Insert the knife into the shell, split the shell into two, and at the same time cut off the shell inside the shell.

You will now see shellfish on both sides of the shell.

3. Smear the knife again and touch the bottom of the shell to completely remove the shell.

At this step, the knife must be close to the bottom of the shell to pick out the complete shell.

4. Separate shell and shell.

We first cleaned the shellfish, and removed the viscera of the shellfish with a knife, that is, what looked dark.

Then put the whole shellfish in a large bowl.

Add a little bit of salt, soak it in brine for two or three minutes, and rotate the shellfish clockwise with chopsticks. The purpose is to sink the sediment on the surface of the shellfish to the bottom of the bowl.

5. Remove the shellfish. Pour off the water in the large bowl just now. Put an appropriate amount of raw flour in the bowl. Then put the shellfish in the bowl and gently scrub the shellfish with your hands.

At the beginning, the raw flour will completely remove the sediment left in the shell.

Finally, the water was washed again, and the shellfish was processed.

6. If you are making garlic vermicelli or steamed scallops with tartar sauce, we also need shells as the base, then we can choose a fine-bristle brush or toothbrush, and then thoroughly remove the mud on the shells.

7. In this way, the scallops are cleaned.

You can eat as much as you want. There is absolutely no mud to make trouble.

How to fry cleaned scallops is best to eat scallop steamed eggs Ingredients: 4 scallops, 2 eggs, the right amount of broccoli, salt concentration, the right amount of soy sauce, 5 grams of ginger, half a teaspoon of cooking wine, half a teaspoon of oil, the right amount of lemon1.

Remove the frozen shelled scallops, pry open the shells after thawing, and remove the viscera of the skirt (the fresh skirt can be eaten, it has been frozen for a long time), and only take the scallop meat and clean it2.

Cut the scallop meat into a bowl without cutting it 3.

Squeeze an appropriate amount of lemon juice and pour in the cooking wine. I also added a little salt, gently scratched, put ginger, cover and marinate for 20 minutes, and refrigerate and marinate in the refrigerator for the time being 4.

Pour the sesame oil into the steaming bowl, wipe the inside wall of the bowl with a paper towel, and place the scallop meat on the bottom of the bowl5.

After the eggs are broken, add about 2/3 of cold water, add some salt, and beat well. Pour the egg liquid through a strainer into a steaming bowl. Do not filter the egg bubbles.

Finally add some chopped broccoli heads 7 to the bowl.

Heat the steamer over low heat, add to a steaming bowl, place a saucer on top, steam for 10-12 minutes until the surface center does not float noticeably, turn off the heat to bring out the pot 8.

Topped with a little flavor of soy sauce