How to buy yoga clothes elastic breathability

How to buy yoga clothes elastic breathability

Yoga clothing is a common yoga article, and it is also an object we must use in the process of practicing yoga.

A suitable set of yoga clothes will bring a lot of convenience to our yoga practice. How to choose yoga clothes?

Let ‘s first understand how to choose yoga clothes.

  First of all, yoga wear is an indispensable yoga product for yoga practice. We should focus on functionality. Therefore, it is not recommended to only look at fashion, and style is the first purchase principle!

  As an ancient fitness exercise, yoga is becoming more and more popular in modern society. From the beginning of the practice of several people, it was still considered by many people as an alien at that time, but now it has been at the forefront of fashion. Many fashionable men and womenWill choose to practice yoga.

  Then the question comes, so many people like to practice yoga, so how to choose and wear yoga clothes when practicing yoga?

  Procurement recommendations The selection of yoga clothes must be directed to the fabric, which is an important factor in determining whether a yoga suit is suitable for us.

Many friends will choose to buy yoga clothes in casual or sports brand stores, this is also possible.

  If you choose cheap, you can solve it by yourself. Generally speaking, the loose trousers we used before can be used as yoga pants with a little stretch, knitted, cotton, linen.

  Once again, go to some fashion brand stores that are more casual. We know that the best yoga clothes, pants are best with drawstrings, the length can be freely adjusted according to needs, and such pants in many brands of clothingCan be found.

  There are also tops, which generally have no particular requirements, as long as they suit you.

In addition, in some underwear brand stores, we can also see the figure of yoga clothes.

Of course, we can buy it from professional sports shops, and there are standard yoga clothes in the gym for you to choose from.

  Yoga clothing requires elasticity, breathability, and sweat-absorbing yoga poses. There are many complex yoga poses that place high demands on our yoga clothes.

Therefore, a yoga suit must meet the three requirements of elasticity, breathability and sweat absorption.

  Because yoga has many large-scale radial movements, and not only a few angles of movement, if you wear loose and comfortable clothing made of cotton and linen, although it is very airy and comfortable, but sometimes it will be because the fabric is not elastic, there areThe sense of the door with hands and feet.

  In addition, because in our movements, there may be standing shoulders, standing on the head and feet, and if the clothes are too loose, there will be obstacles to the top, leaving the abdomen or legs exposed.

  Moisture wicking fabric. Although this material is not a pure natural material, it has an advantage. After sweating, its sweat wicking is better than cotton and linen, and it will not stick to the body because of the wet clothes.Eczema may develop and become more uncomfortable.

  Therefore, choosing a yoga clothing that is good for sweating is very helpful for our practice.

This fabric does not have to be pure natural, but it must absorb sweat.

  It is better not to show the belly button because the rapid growth of yoga population, there are more international manufacturers to invest in the production and sales of so-called yoga clothes.

  Some friends will ask, what is the difference between yoga clothes and normal rhythm clothes?

In fact, the two materials are almost the same, and their styles are similar. It is really difficult to distinguish what is the real yoga clothing.

  However, I think the biggest difference between the so-called yoga clothes and the rhythm clothes is that the navel tries not to be exposed.

  At present, many manufacturers design yoga clothes in order to be fashionable and beautiful, and the pants will be designed as low-waisted styles. Whether the top is worn by sports underwear short tops or vest-type long tops, the navel will be exposed.

  Although this is visually beautiful, it is not very good for yoga people.

  Have you seen anyone who practices Tai Chi, Qigong or traditional yoga who exposes Dan Tian (navel)?

Because we pay attention to tightening the abdomen at any time, tightening it, so that the organs and magnetic fields in the abdominal cavity continue to operate. If the door such as the navel is exposed to blow air (even the natural wind), for those who emphasize health,not good.

  Therefore, I recommend everyone to cover your belly unless you wear a longer jacket or a higher trousers.

  Don’t wear too tight to protect the belly button. I find that most yoga practitioners have one thing in common. They don’t like too many accessories on clothes and clothes, and clothes are too tight.

  In particular, if the elastic band of the underwear is too tight, it will not only feel uncomfortable when tied to the body, but also affect the movement of the lungs and the expansion of the lungs when breathing.

In addition, if there is an accessory such as a ring buckle on the abdomen, it will be more laborious to perform bow-like movements and crack worm-like movements on the ground, isn’t it?

  Although most of us wear elastic fabrics, in order to show the curve, wearing smaller size underwear will also let ourselves move Kaka.

This is also the difference between yoga clothes and rhythm clothes: yoga clothes do not necessarily show beautiful breasts or waists, and you can even wear comfortable energy to do movements.

  That’s all for Yoga.

Practicing yoga is a very pleasant thing, and a good yoga product can accompany us throughout the yoga practice process.

Today, we have shared with you a lot of suggestions on choosing yoga clothes, and hope that everyone will be helpful.