How a human character is formed

How a human character is formed

How does personality develop?

What factors will it be affected by?

Or has it changed?

These are an important aspect of psychology research, and also a concern for psychology enthusiasts.

The development, formation and change of personality are closely related to human genetics and environment.

  How do genetic factors affect a person’s personality?

This is a very complex and controversial issue.

It is generally believed that genetic factors affect a person’s personality through temperament and intelligence.

The temperament formed by the role of genetic factors, according to their own way of activity, makes the character have a unique color.

For example, it is also a personality trait that helps others. The bloody people are agile and helpful when they help people, while the slime people are calm and emotional, with emotions in their hearts.

Temperament is determined by the type of advanced neural activity of a person. Therefore, temperament affects the formation and development of personality at the beginning.

  The influence of genetic factors on intelligence has been proved by Jensen’s research.

Unless the child is raised by a biological parent or adoptive or foster family, there is always a significant correlation in intelligence between the child and the biological parent.

Jensen attributes this to the influence of heredity on intelligence.

In addition, intelligence and personality are affected by the characteristics and types of advanced neural activity, and intelligence has a role in the formation of human personality.

This effect is manifested during human development.

People use their ingenuity, master the corresponding knowledge and skills, calmly review the situation, and make their behavior consistent with objective laws. This will lead them to overcome difficulties and show consciousness, boldness, determination and perseverance in difficult obstacles.Character traits.

Therefore, ordinary politicians, inventors, writers, and artists, although they have different occupations in the military, all of them have highly developed intelligence, creativity, and excellent personality traits.

  Personality is not only affected by genetic factors, but more importantly, the environment is a decisive factor in the development of personality.

The role of the environment is mainly through families, schools, social circles, and work practices.

  Personality is relative, absolute maturity does not exist.

From the inconsistent changes in people’s environment and personality, there are certain changes in personality, but unless stimulated (such as broken love, accidents with important people, major failures or frustrations, etc.), once a person’s personality is formed, it is basically stablechange.