TCM weight loss acupuncture fast stovepipe method


TCM weight loss acupuncture fast stovepipe method

Far-end, acupoint weight loss has been liked by weight-loss people. Today, I will introduce you to the Chinese medicine acupuncture stovepipe method, so that you can quickly have slender legs.

銆€銆€Acupoint weight loss fast stovepipe is not a dream sitting on the bed straight legs, or put your feet on a small stool, use your fist to rub the sides of the thigh.

Starting from the outer thigh root (where the buttocks have a nest), you can strike the alignment and knock 50 groups (from the pp side to the insertion point, knocking a whole piece down to count a group) is almost the same.

銆€銆€If you are anxious, you can knock more, but you are insisting.

You can knock once a day, or twice, and knock it whenever you have time.

銆€銆€This method is mainly suitable for the typical pear shape, the meat is piled in the thigh, slender MM; greedy, like to eat sweets but super lazy exercise, running a hundred meters of gasping MM; upper body thin body fat, exercise weight loss fear chestBecome smaller MM; in short, people with more thighs and more water.

Not suitable for people who have a prosperous liver and love acne.

This method helps to remove the cold in the human body, promotes detoxification of bile secretion, supplements blood gas, relieves edema of the thigh or varicose veins.

For ten days and a half, the thigh can be thin 2-3CM, and the chest will also be thin.

銆€銆€Acupuncture weight loss considerations 1, people with excessive liver fire are not suitable for this method.

銆€銆€2, the force does not need to be too big: knocking the gallbladder does not need a lot of force, there is pain, just do not knock out the spots.

銆€銆€3, do not knock after 23 o’clock in the evening, 23 o’clock to 1 o’clock is the time when blood enters the gallbladder.

銆€銆€4, is to knock on both legs at the same time, or knock on one leg first, then knock on the other leg, you are free.

銆€銆€5, does not require a very correct acupuncture points.

There are four acupuncture points in the key stovepipe. Some people have a better understanding of the acupuncture points and strive to be in place. That is very good.

銆€銆€6, do not need to knock on the calf, one is inconvenient to operate, the second is the position of the gallbladder on the calf and the stomach is too close, it is difficult to use the knocking method to completely separate.

銆€銆€7, some women have very little blood, but due to liver heat, menstrual problems have not been exposed.

After the blood gas rises, the liver heat drops, and the menstruation is expected to be normal.

When the blood reaches normal levels, menstruation is restored.

You can knock or not knock when menstruation comes.

Found: ear big and long life really have a relationship


Found: ear big and long life really have a relationship

The ancients believed that the kidney was open to the ear, so the ear is a sign of kidney health, and the kidney is full of life. Therefore, it is important to protect the kidney for longevity and health.

銆€銆€The folks have always regarded the ears as a symbol of blessing and longevity.

Modern medical observations show that ear and longevity do have a certain relationship.

銆€銆€Medical workers measured 256 elderly people aged 60-90 and 344 elderly people aged 90-104. The results showed that the length of the long-lived elderly group was male.

13 cm, female 6.

89 cm; 60-69 years old group ear length is higher than male 6.

93 cm, female 6.

50 cm.

Obviously, the length of the long-lived elderly group is longer than that of the previous group, and the length of the ear in the long-lived elderly group is extended to 8.

8 cm.

Therefore, some experts believe that the long and large auricle is one of the characteristics of the elderly with longevity.

銆€銆€People often associate their ears with their longevity and can explain them in two ways.

銆€銆€One is that the ear is strong and the kidney is healthy.

銆€銆€The ancients believed that the kidney was open to the ear, so the ear is a sign of kidney health, and the kidney is full of life. Therefore, it is important to protect the kidney for longevity and health.
銆€銆€Second, the ear of the longevity grows large.

銆€銆€Modern research believes that, like other mammals, although the growth of the whole body and internal organs ceases in adulthood, the ear is the only exception. It has been growing up for the rest of its life, with an average of 1 per 10 years.


2 mm.

Although the rate of growth is not obvious, it is indeed growing, which has something to do with the organs of the body.

As the length of the auricle lengthens and the age grows longer, the ears of the elderly are indeed larger than the younger ones.

From this point of view, the longevity is not the ear that has a long life, and even the longevity of the ear grows large.

Solutions to avoid physical and mental fatigue after the festival

“Solutions” to avoid physical and mental fatigue after the festival

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, I am going to welcome the National Day holiday. Have you already scheduled your trip to travel, or have you booked a few friends and relatives, or rented a few albums to be a house man?
How to make the body and mind truly relax during the National Day seven-day holiday, but also to pay some attention.
Experts said that reasonable arrangements for holidays, health festivals can prevent post-holiday syndrome.
銆€銆€鍚冨緱澶锛氳妭鍚庢秷鍖栦笉鑹€佹病椋熸銆€銆€鍋囨棩鏈熼棿锛屼翰鍙嬭仛浼氾紝楗眬澶锛屽線寰€涓€澶╄刀濂藉嚑鍦猴紝姣忓ぉ鍚冨悆鐫$潯锛屼粠涓€鏃ヤ笁椁愮殑澶ч奔澶ц倝鍒板悇绉嶉浂椋燂紝涓€澶╁埌There is no rest in the evening mouth and stomach.
After the holiday, the symptoms of indigestion and poor appetite are most likely to occur.
銆€銆€鈼廝revention Balanced diet, oil control and alcohol limit.
Tan Rongzhen, director of the Nutrition Department of the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, said that during the festival, pay more attention to a balanced diet. Don’t overeat.
He said that some patients with pancreatitis, cholecystitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, etc. should avoid eating too much festivals, leading to the onset of chronic diseases.
Even if you are a healthy person, eating more festivals is easy to indigestion or loss of appetite.
銆€銆€”The rice is half a catty to eight two a day, the meat is no more than five or two a day, the vegetable is one kilogram a day, and the fruit is half a catty to eight.
Director Tan listed the nutrition list. He said that if you eat more than this amount, you can increase the exercise to consume excess calories.
Eat too much oily, fried foods as little as possible.
In addition, Director Tan suggested that the wine should be limited. Don’t drink it because the festival is happy. Drinking alcohol is good for the body and mind. Drinking more will have the opposite effect.
Therefore, experts recommend 50 ml of liquor a day, 250 ml of beer, and 125 ml of red wine.
If you eat more during the holiday season, you can eat more vegetables, radishes, hawthorn and other appetizers.
Chinese medicine practitioners suggest that the hot constitution can also eat Baoji pills, cold constitution can eat Huoxiang Zhengqi pill to regulate the spleen and stomach.
銆€銆€鐜╁緱澶疮锛氳妭鍚庡帉鍊︼紝涓嶆兂涓婄彮銆€銆€鍋囨棩鏈熼棿鏃呴€旂殑濂旀尝鍔崇疮锛岃繃搴︾殑鐔鎵撶墝銆佸敱K銆佺叢鍓э紝鎴栬€呰繃搴︾媯娆箣鍚庯紝鑺傚悗甯稿父浼氬嚭鐜扮簿绁炰笉浣筹紝鐢氳嚦鍥犳鑰屾劅瑙夊け钀斤紝浜х敓Unhealthy feelings such as anxiety, depression, and boredom.
銆€銆€鈼忛闃层€€銆€骞垮窞甯傜孩鍗佸瓧浼氬尰闄㈠績鐞嗙榛勫叏鍖荤敓绉帮紝瑕侀闃茶妭鍚庡嚭鐜拌繖浜涚簿绁炲拰蹇冪悊鐨勭棁鐘讹紝搴旇浠庝袱鏂归潰鍔姏锛屼竴鏄鍒掑ソ鍋囨湡锛岃鑷繁鐨勮韩蹇冪‘瀹炲湪鍋囨湡寰楀埌鏀炬澗;浜學hen you are really tired, pay attention to adjust your life rhythm three days before the end of the holiday, and prepare for entering the work situation, such as doing a work plan, researching reports, etc.
銆€銆€How to relax the holidays is good for the body and mind?
Dr. Huang Quan believes that relaxation should be a state. Don’t pursue a certain form too much. The relaxation of mentality is the most important. Relaxing activities should be arranged according to their personality characteristics.
If you like to interact with people, you can sing K with your friends during the holidays, exercise, and enjoy listening to music and walking.
But no matter what kind of relaxation method is used, the result of relaxation should be to make yourself feel relaxed, happy and comfortable.
銆€銆€Dr. Huang especially recommended that the public choose to study in the holidays, especially life prose or social science books, to purify the mind.
He said that there are several levels of relaxation. Sports, gatherings, and tourism are just external relaxations. Reading can help improve the inner understanding of life, society, and work, and relax the mind.

How to know if it is possible to tell you a few small details of dementia


How to know if it is possible to tell you a few small details of dementia

There is no plan to do things. When I was young, I used to do things. The old people who have been working in the past have often done things unreasonably. There is no plan in everything. They all think of one out and one out, often doing whatever they want.

At this point, we must consider whether it is because of recent concerns or may be about our own body, children’s problems, etc. If it is not the above problem, it is not easy to detect, then it may be Alzheimer’s disease.

The expression of speech is unclear. Suddenly, I can talk about it. When I see old friends, I can talk about the old man all day. Recently, I have said clearly. I often say that I don’t speak the language in the first place.

At this time, it may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

I often can’t remember the time. If the old man often asks you today is the day of the week?

What time is it?

Or always ask you several times, you must pay attention, he may not remember what he asked, or is moved by time, this confusion is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

I often go wrong or misplaced a few things. The old road that has been going for decades can actually get lost. He can’t remember the remote control that has been placed there.

These small details reflect that he has forgotten the familiar scenes or memories, and the memory of the conditioned reflexes has been forgotten. This situation should be alert to the children.

Often talking to himself, the reaction is very old, people have recently become fond of natural self-speaking, behavior and reaction are very abnormal, asked him he said that there is no abnormal behavior or what is not being said.

At this point, I should take her to the doctor immediately, because it is very likely that I am already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

More exercise, more exercise, more active, have a strong body, the mind will naturally not use the brain more, think more, the more the head is using the spirit, rather than the more stupid, the brain becomes activeIt can effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, pay attention to diet, maintain an optimistic attitude, eat more foods that eat protein, such as milk, walnuts, etc., and some soy products are also eaten.

The mentality must be optimistic. The memory loss of the elderly is a very common problem. Don’t be suspicious and think that you have got sick.

Gold interpretation of three stovepipes


Gold interpretation of three stovepipes

If you want a pair of beautiful legs, of course, you have to work harder, but the complicated and difficult movements always make the MMs discouraged. Xiaobian now tells you the three gold legs of the stovepipe.

Understand the golden time of stovepipe, grasp the key points, practice hard, the stovepipe can actually be very simple, the effect is also very good, work hard together!

銆€銆€When is the time to be the gold ranking?

Don’t worry, the following small series will give you one after another: First, the busy day at 8:00 in the morning begins, the day is in the morning, the beautiful legs start from the morning.

銆€銆€Go to the station to take a ride, pay attention to the correct walking posture, that is, raise your head and chest, use the strength of the waist to walk, straighten the back, reduce the abdomen, tighten the buttocks, the heel first touch the ground, maintain a certain speed.

Grasping these essentials, you can use your feet to beautify your legs.

銆€銆€After getting on the bus, if you have a seat, you can easily do sports.

The legs are placed at 90 degrees, the heels are fixed, and the toes are repeatedly swayed up and down. This action can exercise the muscles of the calves and make the legs more even.

銆€銆€If you don’t have a seat, you can practice small gymnastics: stand upright, lift any foot, cross the cross, gently press, hold for 10 seconds, then change the other leg, pay attention to the center of the body, if it is difficult to maintain balance,Can be supported on the column by hand.

銆€銆€Second, at 15:00 in the afternoon, the office workers sit in front of each other, and the legs tend to get fat due to lack of exercise.

You can take advantage of the opportunity to sit and do some exercise to achieve the dual effect of eliminating fatigue and stovepipe.

銆€銆€1, sitting in a chair, holding the two sides of the chair with both hands, fixing the body, lifting one foot and standing straight for 30 seconds.

Then change the other foot to do the same.

It should be noted that the alignment position cannot be moved while the alignment is straight.

銆€銆€2, sitting in the chair, chest, keep the legs crossed, the tip of the toes in the ground, the upper leg is pressed down, the lower leg is pushed upwards, after 10 seconds, the legs are interchanged for 10 seconds., 2-3 times.

Do not hold your breath to do this.

銆€銆€Know the golden sort of stovepipe, use the gold method in gold sorting, if the gold sort MM missed, don’t worry, let’s introduce MM to 5 small stovepipe methods, anytime, anywhere, stovepipe, simple and practical, help youThick legs and thin legs!

銆€銆€1, people who drink too much water, have light or heavy edema, especially the night family.

You can drink barley water.

Usually drink barley water in the morning, I will feel more urine in the afternoon, or drink a lot of barley water today, and I will urinate a lot in the next day.

Renshui will help remove excess water from the body, tighten the curve, and whiten.

Many breakfast shops sell hazelnut soy milk.

銆€銆€2, kneading massage tendon and hip joints often appear orange peel tissue, recommend that you use the grasp and pinch way to use good slimming, stovepipe products, can achieve blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, reduce the slimming effect of excess meat.

The massage technique must be used to forcefully press and press, but do not use force to make yourself dark.

The right force is a bit like licking the dough.

銆€銆€3, with the massage board 鎼?emulsion first evenly apply the lotion to the skin, then use the massage board to push from bottom to top, from the roots of the thighs to the hips, at least two or thirty times in each place, you will feel veryIt’s a little bit hot, but it’s full of useful tips!

銆€銆€4, massage plus leg lift leg movement is also a good way to stovepipe!

After massaging the legs, lean your legs straight on the inside, 90 degrees to the body, at least 15 minutes to lift the legs.

But don’t lift it for too long, or your legs will be numb.

銆€銆€5, hip movement If the hip line is beautiful enough, the legs will look more slender!

The chest should be trained and the exercise is most effective.

銆€銆€In fact, as long as you do an action, you can easily have a charming hip. That is, when you stand, the legs open and shoulder width, and the toes are open to the outside. You must straighten, then force you to clip them.butt.
銆€銆€It is best to be more than twenty times at a time.

Sticking to this action often will make you smile in front of you.

For the health, insist on drinking three cups of green tea every day.


For the health, insist on drinking three cups of green tea every day.

According to the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in the United States, a Japanese study found that drinking two to three cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of dementia in elderly (aged food) by about half.

銆€銆€Researchers have pointed out that green tea has long been known to have anti-radiation and plasma-lowering effects.

This new study specifically investigates the cognitive situation of older people over the age of 70.

It turned out that 70% said they drink at least two to three cups of green tea a day. Among these people, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is the lowest.

On the contrary, among those who drink a cup every day, or do not drink green tea at all, there are more people with Alzheimer’s disease, which is about half more than the former.

銆€銆€Why does this happen?

The researchers explained that this has a lot to do with the catechins contained in green tea.

Catechin is the main component of tea polyphenols in green tea. It is also an important antioxidant substance, which can eliminate harmful free radicals in the human body and thus has a strong effect on preventing and improving the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

More importantly, tea polyphenols are doped substances with strong diffusion ability.

Therefore, the catechins can smoothly pass through the physiological barrier of the human body and reach the central nervous system and other organs of the body, which enhances the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

銆€銆€The researchers also pointed out that elderly people who drink more than three cups of green tea a day have a lower chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Their overall memory, attention and language use ability are also significantly higher than usual.People who drink green tea.

It is precisely because Japan is a nation that likes to drink green tea. Therefore, some surveys show that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in Japan is significantly higher than that in Europe and America.

I heard that Ma Yun has eaten this breakfast!


No wonder people can succeed

I heard that Ma Yun has eaten this breakfast!
No wonder people can succeed

I heard that Ma Yun has eaten this breakfast!
It’s been nearly a week since the Double Eleven. A lot of the goods of the Handcuffs are still running on the road. Every day, I look forward to receiving the call from the courier brother. The greetings between my colleagues have become you bought?

How much is the discount, I think, Ma Yun has successfully let countless women willingly give him money, the turnover is even more amazing, today Xiaobian is not to say how amazing Ma is in business, andI am going to introduce you to Ma Yun’s breakfast, I believe you will not want it!

Seeing the pictures, I believe that the little friends are shocked. It turns out that our uncle Ma’s breakfast turned out to be a nine-in-one soup!

Look at his thin body, the original breakfast can be ruled out!

However, as a small series of health nets, it is recommended that everyone eat breakfast according to their own body needs, can not blindly pursue the same as celebrities, after all, each hostage is different, the required nutrition is also different.

But in any case, you can’t eat breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast, it is quite harmful to the body. So when we have the health benefits of our nutritious breakfast, please ask yourself if you are alwaysExcuses busy without eating breakfast?

Then you are still really busy than Ma Yun.

According to the survey, about 20% of Chinese people suffer from physical harm from eating breakfast, and more than 40% lack nutrients because they do not eat cereal grains.

The body of the Chinese people is not “sturdy”, is it still necessary to move firmly toward the “colon”?

Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the harm to the body if you don’t eat breakfast.

1, do not eat breakfast affects the health of the human body longevity depends on the body’s biological clock, do not eat breakfast disrupted the normal operation of the biological clock, the body’s required nutrition can not be timely supplemented, physiological functions will be reduced, plus no breakfastThe effects of various diseases on the body are affecting people’s health and longevity.

2, do not eat breakfast will cause hypoglycemia after a night of sleep, the body’s nutrition has been exhausted, blood sugar concentration is in a low state, do not eat or eat breakfast, can not fully replenish the concentration in time, there will be dizziness and palpitation in the morningSymptoms such as weakness of the limbs, lack of energy, and even hypoglycemia shock, affecting normal work.

3, do not eat breakfast easy constipation in the case of three meals, the body will naturally produce gastric colon reflex phenomenon, simply to promote defecation; if you do not eat breakfast into habit, long-term may cause gastric colon reflex, resulting in constipation.

4, do not eat breakfast is too much to eat too much supplemental nutrition, the first consumption of protein and protein, the last consumption is sputum, so do not think that not eating breakfast will help a slight consumption.

On the contrary, not eating breakfast will make more lunch and dinner, but it will not be fatter.

5, do not eat breakfast affects intelligence experts found that in the case of the level of intelligence is almost the same, the number of students eating breakfast is significantly higher than those who do not eat or eat less.

This is because people who do not eat breakfast will not develop and operate normally due to lack of nutrition and energy. Over time, it will endanger the development of memory and intelligence.

Have you seen it? Not eating breakfast not only hurts the body, it actually affects IQ!

Can’t bear it, IQ can’t be a bad injury!

Oh, yes, Xiao Bian also heard that if you don’t eat breakfast at 9 o’clock in the morning, there will be some changes in your stomach, then?
Then your stomach begins to eat cockroaches that are no longer discharged!

I think I am drunk, don’t say it, and I plan to eat it tomorrow morning, and I will not be late for the economy and nutrition!

Saturday Recipe|Do these dishes to entertain friends, very good, delicious and healthy!


Saturday Recipe|Do these dishes to entertain friends, very good, delicious and healthy!






Busy work on weekdays, our diet has been supported by take-out, nutrition is difficult to keep up, so that the body will be dragged down sooner or later.

So, by the end of the weekend, you must end your life of takeaway.

Then eat something nutritious this Saturday, do it yourself, eat better!

[Sliding Egg Beef]Snake Egg Beef is a local specialty dish in Guangdong, with beef as the main material.

The color of the dish is light yellow, the meat is smooth and the egg is rich.

Ingredients: 200g tender beef, 2 eggs, 2 green onions, half a spoonful of sugar, half a spoonful of soy sauce, half a spoonful of cooking wine: 1, washed and chopped beef; 2 chopped green onions; 2, often beef slicesAdd chopped green onion, soaked half a spoon, half a spoon of cooking wine, 1 gram of pepper, stir evenly clockwise, then add half a spoonful of starch and mix well; 3, 2 eggs into the bowl, put in half a spoonful of salt to be scatteredUse 4; add the appropriate amount of oil in the pot, heat the oil to 70% heat, add the marinated beef slices and slide quickly. After the beef is discolored, immediately pour the egg into the egg. After the egg is cooked, add the chopped green onion.Stir fry evenly and then pan.

銆怲ea Tree Mushroom Dry Pot Pork Belly銆?The umami taste of the tea tree mushroom itself, together with the fatness of the pork belly, is both delicious and tasteful.

Everyone can usually cook at home and eat, and the production process is very simple.

Ingredients: 200 grams of pork belly, 100 grams of dried tea tree mushroom, 1 green pepper, 1 spoon of bean paste, 3 dried peppers, 2 grams of pepper, 1 piece of ginger, 2 pieces of garlic, 1 spoon of soy sauce: 1, tea tree mushroom putAfter soaking in clear water for 1 hour, cut into sections, sliced pork belly, green pepper to cut into small pieces, ginger slices, garlic slices, dried peppers and cut into pieces for use; 2, put the right amount of oil in the pot, the oil is heated to 70% heatAdd the pork belly to the micro-focus, add 1 scoop of bean paste and stir-fry the red oil, then add 1 scoop of soy sauce, ginger and garlic slices, pepper, dried chili and saute; 3, add tea tree mushroom, green pepper stir fryEvenly; 4, finally transfer half a spoonful of salt, chicken essence, stir the water in the tea tree mushroom.

[Shrimp scrambled eggs]Add a little shrimp skin to the scrambled eggs. It is delicious and fluffy. It is a nutritious dish that all the family loves.

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 10 grams of shrimp, steps: 1, soak the shrimp with warm water for 2 minutes; chopped green onion 2 chopped green onion; 2, egg into the bowl, put half a spoon of salt, shrimp, stir evenly; 3, put in the potPut in the right amount of oil, heat the oil to 70% heat, pour in the egg liquid, stir-fry and serve in the dish; 4, sprinkle with chopped green onion and the right amount of shrimp.

[musk squid]squid is a common popular seafood, leeks with squid, crisp and fresh, with a strong musky scent, is a home-cooked meal.

Ingredients: 200 grams of squid, 200 grams of leeks, 20 grams of red pepper, 1 piece of ginger, 2 pieces of garlic, 1 spoon of soy sauce: 1, squid washed and shredded, leeks washed and cut, red pepper shredded, garlic2 mouth chopped, ginger cut; 2, add the right amount of oil in the pot, the oil is heated to 60% heat, add the minced garlic, ginger, saute; 3, put the leeks into the pot, stir fry until the break, thenAdd 1 scoop of red pepper, squid, cooking wine, stir fry evenly; 4, finally add half a spoon of soy sauce, half a spoonful of sugar, 1 gram of pepper, half a spoon of salt, half a spoonful of chicken essence, stir fry evenly and then pan.
[Garlic sage]Garlic sage is a local name of the vegetarian dish, the color is elegant, no sputum, refreshing list, is conducive to health.

This dish can be seasoned with soy sauce without salt.

Ingredients: 300 grams of Artemisia selengensis, 4 petals of garlic, 2 small rice peppers, 1 spoon of soy sauce: 1, Washing the wormwood, picking the garlic, cutting the minced pepper, and cutting the rice with a small amount of water; 2, put the right amount of water in the pot, boil the fireAdd the Artemisia selengensis cooked, remove and drain the water; 3, pour 1 scoop of soy sauce into the dish of the sage, sprinkle with chopped minced garlic, pepper rings; 4, put the right amount of oil in the potOpen and pour hot oil on the sage.

Two Chinese herbal soups, so that gynecological inflammation is insulated from you


Two Chinese herbal soups, so that gynecological inflammation is insulated from you

Gynecological mortality mainly refers to female genital infections. Once infected with gynecological diseases, it is more difficult to treat. Western medicine or external use often kills both beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. It is difficult to maintain the pH in the vagina.Balanced with the flora, but caused multiple infections.

Therefore, the replacement of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of gynecological inflammation is increasingly trusted by patients, the commonly used prescriptions are: 1.

The main ingredients of Qingrejiedu Decoction: Angelica, Xiangfu, Cork, Dandelion, Honeysuckle, Houttuynia and so on.

Function and Indications: Clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

For the treatment of various types of vaginitis, cervicitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Symptoms of lower abdominal pain, swelling, lumbosacral pain; or more menstrual blood, increased vaginal discharge, yellowish odor, breast pain.

Generally, oral administration of 10-30 doses can be completely cured.


The main ingredients of Kushen Chemical Wet Decoction: Atractylodes, Cork, Sophora flavescens, guns, etc., functions and indications: phlegm and dampness, insecticidal and itching.

For the treatment of mold or trichomoniasis vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

How to prevent overeating during weekends during weight loss


How to prevent overeating during weekends during weight loss

When you lose weight, too many MMs can control their diet very well from Monday to Friday because of work.

But on the weekends, when you go online or watch TV, you will unknowingly eat a lot of things, so the first five days of weight loss efforts will soon be abandoned.

So how to prevent violence?

We can look at some tips for preventing binge eating during weight loss.

銆€銆€(1) Going out of the house to enjoy the weekend. Most of the fat MM weekends often stay at home, it is easy to pick up a bag of snacks and start 鈥渃riminal鈥?

So, what you need to do is go out for a weekend, or go shopping, enjoy the weekend and let yourself have a happy mood!

銆€銆€If you need to stay at home, be sure to keep yourself busy, don’t worry about your family’s snacks (do not keep it at home), drink plenty of water to make yourself feel full, and so on.

In short, what you have to do is not to let the extra food appear in your sight.

The special thing you don’t want to do is to watch TV at home while eating snacks.

銆€銆€(2) Discover delicious and low-calorie recipes.

This way you can also exercise your own cooking skills.

Don’t remind you that don’t because these foods are low in degeneration and they do it themselves, just eat them!

銆€銆€(3) Formulating a diet program that prevents elasticity. The usual diet control is too strict and the top of the weekend.

If you strictly limit your diet, your body will often spoil you.

Make a plan that is reasonably flexible so you don’t have to worry about the idea of 鈥渃ompensating鈥?on the weekend!

銆€銆€(4) Preparing the 鈥淢eeting Plan鈥?is the most concentrated time of the party.

Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly prevent riots and formulate a set of “meal plan” to test your own time!

銆€銆€The most important point is to take weight loss as a kind of life, not to deal with what special relief, and to enjoy the fun of losing weight, so that we will not be afraid of overeating and knocking us down.