How long should you sleep to be healthy?

How long should you sleep to be healthy?

How much sleep you feel suitable for each day varies from person to person, and most people need to ensure 7 to 10 hours of sleep.

The Stanford University Human Sleep Research Center recommends two methods that can help you calculate how long you need to sleep.

  Experts using vacation time calculations recommend that people keep a record of how many hours they sleep each day while on vacation.

During the holiday, the body will adjust itself. At the end of the holiday (usually it takes more than 5 days), your body will generally adjust to a natural sleep pattern. At this time, sleeping for a few hours at night should be the ideal sleep time that meets your body’s needs.

  What about people who do n’t have a chance to take a vacation?

  Dr. Kushda, director of the Sleep Research Center, said that it is possible to calculate the reduction of sleep time on weekdays and weekends, and to grasp a suitable time period.

  Experts remind people that once they figure out how much sleep they need, they should work out a schedule for rest and resolutely follow it.

  First, you must go to bed on time every day.

In general, the best time to sleep is between 9pm and 11pm.

If it is too late, it is difficult to ensure adequate sleep, and it is very harmful to the skin.

It is best to fall asleep naturally and wake up naturally.

If you need an alarm to wake you up, set it to a fixed time, which will help you adjust your biological clock.

  In addition, the daytime rest should be controlled within 45 minutes.

This time will help you rejuvenate. If it takes too long, you will still feel dizzy after waking up, and it will affect your sleep at night.

  Here are 10 tips to ensure good sleep: Tip 1-Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco Of course, this does not mean that you will say goodbye to these bad habits, we just recommend that you distance yourself a few hours before bedtimeAlso.

Caffeine-containing beverages, such as coffee, tea, soda and chocolate, can cause nerve excitement in humans and affect sleep quality.

Alcohol, although it can make people sleepy to some extent, but this drowsiness does not last all night. Alcohol can play a sedative role. At the same time, the concentration of alcohol in the body decreases, and our sleep isWill be affected by interference.

  Tip 2-Calcium in hot milk or herbal tea milk can help the body relax better, if it is hot milk, the effect is even better.

But maybe not everyone likes the taste of milk, then they can choose herbal teas. These teas are specially made for sleep, which is very helpful for relaxing and improving the quality of sleep.

  Tip 3-Meditation Behavior Therapy This treatment can be used alone or in conjunction with a prescription prescribed by a doctor.

Meditation behavior therapy consists of two components, meditation and action, which help you solve mental and physical problems and prevent insomnia.

  Tip 4-Create a Good Sleeping Environment Please Note: The room where you sleep is important for sleep quality.

Keep it dark, clean and well ventilated.

Please keep the room at a proper temperature.

Make sure you have enough blankets and soft pillows in your sleep. You need to know the comfortable environment to get good sleep.

  Tip 5-Relax your body, massage, hot tub A bath filled with hot water is most suitable for you who are tired and tired, but know that it will also improve your sleep quality.

In addition, massage after hard work is also effective.

Massage and hot bath will dispel your mental stress and improve the quality of your sleep.

  Tip 6-Do not snore during the day. A nap during the day will affect sleep at night.

Compared to snoring during the day, there is no doubt that the quality of sleep at night is much higher.

  Tip 7-Regular exercise. For white-collar workers in the office, physical exercise is essential.

According to surveys, those who exercise regularly are more apparent in their sleep quality than those who do not exercise, and experience insomnia.

Please maintain 20 minutes of outdoor activities every day so that your body can reach the state of excitement, so that he will feel tired and rest well in the evening.

  Tip 8-Have a good schedule. Life can’t be tedious, but the body has a soft spot for strict timing.

Try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, and don’t indulge yourself until the weekend.

Carefully observe the sleep time you need every day, and then make a detailed schedule, I believe your body will like this rigorous schedule.

  Tip 9-Develop a correct understanding of the bed. There is only one function of a bed, which is to sleep.

Many people like to read and work on the bed, or watch TV, or even eat. This will affect your subconscious mind and give you a wrong understanding of the function of the bed.Also, do not watch TV or read more than 30 minutes before sleeping.

If so, your spirit will continue to be agitated.

The best sleep state is to think about nothing.

  Tip # 10-There may be many reasons for insomnia to seek a doctor, physical or psychological, so it is difficult for individuals to see themselves clearly. At this time, it is wise to ask a doctor for help.

Your doctor’s prescription will help you with headaches and insomnia, but keep in mind that there are impurities in the use of medicines.

Baby blowing bubbles, beware of pneumonia

Baby blowing bubbles, beware of pneumonia

The newborn’s nervous system is underdeveloped and poorly tuned, and early pneumonia does not show cough or other typical symptoms.

It is understood that some children in the clinic will spit bubbles. This is because the trachea of the newborn is short and narrow and funnel-shaped. When exhaling, the gas in the lungs rushes out of the mouth through the constricted trachea.

  There are many causes of neonatal pneumonia. Children will have pneumonia when they are born. Generally, they are caused before birth and at birth.

The water before production lives in the amniotic fluid-filled uterus, when hypoxia occurs (such as the umbilical cord around the neck, fetal heart changes, abnormal fetal movements), respiratory movement will occur and aspiration of amniotic fluid will cause aspiration pneumonia; if the water is broken early, the labor process will be prolongedOr, during the delivery process, the absorption of bacterial contaminated amniotic fluid or secretions of the birth canal can easily cause bacterial pneumonia; if the amniotic fluid is contaminated with meconium, aspiration into the lungs will cause meconium aspiration pneumonia.

  The other is post-natal infectious pneumonia.

If the child comes in contact with a carrier (such as a cold), the child is easily infected with pneumonia; the newborn is infected with pneumonia through blood circulation due to sepsis or umbilitis, enteritis, and this infection can be caused by bacteria;In older babies, pneumonia can also be caused by viruses and other microorganisms.

  Atypical symptoms of neonatal pneumonia and older children’s pneumonia are not exactly the same, more atypical, a few have cough, and the temperature may not rise.

The main symptoms are purple around the mouth, foaming in the mouth, difficulty breathing, debilitating, crying less, not crying, and refusing milk.

Sometimes it’s a “cold” symptom, such as stuffy nose and diarrhea.

But if you look closely, you will find that the child’s breathing is fast (more than 45 times per minute, which is normally 40?
44 beats / min), and may even be accompanied by symptoms of dyspnea such as the upper sternum fossa, the intercostal space and the xiphoid depression when inhaled.

Parents can count the number of breaths, 1 minute, when the baby is quiet. Do not breathe immediately after breastfeeding, just after taking a bath, after having a bowel movement, and when crying.

  If the infection is controlled in time, it is easy to spread to the whole body. If the child has a typical manifestation of fever, cough, etc., the disease is more serious.

Therefore, newborns with the above manifestations should immediately see a doctor and engage in early diagnosis and treatment.

  High requirements for treatment. As the cough reflex of the newborn has matured, respiratory secretions cannot be coughed, and suffocation is likely to occur. Therefore, sputum must be sucked and nebulized frequently to keep the airway of the child unaffected. Generally, the child has a poor appetite during illnessIf you eat very little, you need intravenous drip infusion to supplement it. Newborns have very poor resistance and the condition changes rapidly. You must inject antibiotics intravenously. If pneumothorax or mediastinum emphysema occurs, surgical suction and drainage are needed in time.

Therefore, neonatal pneumonia should in principle be hospitalized.

  Mild pneumonia in stable condition can also be left without hospitalization, but it must be diagnosed by a doctor and treated under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, changes in the condition must be carefully observed.

  Prevention is very important to prevent neonatal pneumonia, and infectious diseases of pregnant women should be treated; sterilized during labor, to avoid contamination during delivery; suck the oral and nasal secretions before the newborn’s first breath.

  After the child is discharged from the hospital, guests should be rejected as much as possible, especially those with respiratory infections. Avoid entering the baby’s room. If the mother has a respiratory infection, she must wear a mask to approach the child.

Ventilate your baby’s room every day1?
2 times to keep the indoor air fresh.

To prevent children from getting cold, the room temperature should rise to 26 ℃ in winter?
28 ℃, water temperature 38 ℃?
At 40 ℃, it is advisable to cross the elbow to test the water temperature of the adult. After washing, wrap it with a dry towel towel prepared in advance and wipe it dry.

Divorced because I can’t have children-

Divorce because I can’t have children?

In ancient marriage there were “seven outings”.

“No queen” is the chief of a divorce.

  Does the offspring still have an important role in a marriage today?

  The answer is yes.

Children play a large role in maintaining a marriage.

  Most couples who tolerate a rotten marriage are mainly because of their children.

  Unless the husband and wife have a consensus, do not have children after marriage, and do not want to be restrained by the initialization, otherwise, having children is a matter that will happen after the two parties alternate marriage.

  Even if I was educated in the West and my mind was open, I would dream of a day full of children and grandchildren.

  So, is it important to have a boy?

  After my mother gave birth to a son, she gave birth to two daughters in a row.

  I often heard her talk about my dad being patriarchal and old-fashioned. Actually, men and women alike, and so on.

  When I was six years old, my mother was proud to have given birth to my brother.

  After my brother gave birth to a daughter, my mother hardly stopped complaining.

  Blame my brother for not having more children.

Of course there must be a boy.

  What I want to point out is that the same question will have different views from different angles.

  No one is wrong.

  Let me talk about a story that happened to me.

  Friend, Kim, is definitely not a good man in our eyes.

  His wife is not a lovely woman.

Not only does her husband think she is fierce, but we also don’t like her.

The first time I saw her, I already wondered how long her husband could tolerate.

  When their son was nine years old, Kim begged his wife to have another child.

  It didn’t take long for her to conceive successfully.

Almost at the same time, King caught another woman and became pregnant.

King had two more sons in the same year, and the two brothers were only two months behind.

  Let me admire it.

  The careless attitude towards marriage of these men can only be said.

  King’s wife didn’t recover herself, didn’t acknowledge her responsibility, and spent every day in complaints.

A group of our friends also decided to give up supporting her.

  King’s family, especially King’s mother, was happy to have two more grandchildren all at once, regardless of King’s wife’s second wife dispute.

The number of daughter-in-law is not her worry.

  What does it mean?

  Explain that the existence of children and sons are not the cause of divorce.

  Infertile women can be forced to divorce.

A woman with two sons can also be abandoned by her husband.

  Divorce is just a problem between the two.

  I found my wife infertile after marriage, and a man can immediately turn his face and propose a divorce. Imagine, is there love in this marriage? What exactly happened between the two people?

  For a man who doesn’t love you, is it worth the journey to death?

How to create a wide and thicker?

How to create a wide and thicker?

Q: I am 17 years old. The territory is thinner than other boys. How do you make the cross become thicker?

I can only do 10 push-ups a day, 10 dumbbells for 15 pounds, and 70 for a sit-up.

I am very thin, especially in front of it, the wrist is the most obvious, I am doing it from time to time, who can help me to develop a fattening fitness plan, let my vastness become thicker, do a few dumbbells a day, a fewPush-ups, a few sit-ups can exercise my muscles most effectively, making my wide and thicker.

Don’t take a long story, I only get 97 pounds.

Please help me, I am not satisfied with the guy who is stronger than me, because he has not practiced, why I have trained more than him, everyone must help me, thank you.

  A: Little brother, first tell you that push-ups can’t practice biceps. The biceps are the muscles that are all over the body. The chest and sacral triceps are pushed up and down. The triceps in the body are suffering from two heads.The lateral muscles of the muscles that are opposite to each other.

Sit-ups can only practice abdominal muscles, but don’t sit too fast, do sit-ups slowly and slowly, do 20 times enough.

  Only one correct dumbbell arm bends to practice one biceps.

At present, you are not suitable for high-intensity training, give you a replacement training program.

  Week 1, Week 3, Week 5 mainly practice chest muscles, abdominal biceps, abdominal triceps.

Push-ups: 15/group, do 3 groups, rest for 1 minute between each group.

Dumbbell bending arm curl: 15 / group, each group to do 3 groups, each group rests for 1 minute.

  Week 2, Week 4, Week 6 mainly practice hip muscles, abdominal muscles, and leg muscles.

  Pull-ups: 8/group for 3 groups and 1 minute for each group.

Sit-ups: 20/group for 3 groups and 1 minute for each group.

Hold the dumbbells in the deep squat and stand up again: 15/group for 3 groups and 1 minute for each group.

  Now you should know how to make the extension thicker.

Just follow this plan and you can do it. After you re-do it, you can increase your training intensity.

Be alert-often wearing high boots can lead to leather boots disease

Be alert: wearing high boots often leads to leather boots

The weather started to get colder, and the girls who were extra-beautiful put on all kinds of high boots.

However, wearing high boots for a long time may cause health problems.

While women are enjoying the beauty brought on by boots, some diseases have also come afterwards.

  After wearing high boots for a long time, some girls experienced mild swelling in the lower third of the calf and pain in the outer side of the lower leg, and even pain in the back of the foot. As a result, peri Achilles tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and beriberiWait.

  These representations are collectively referred to as “leather boots disease”.

  The main cause of leather boots disease is that the leather boots are too small, the boot waist is too tight, and the heel is too high, which makes the back of the foot and the blood vessels inserted at the joints squeezed and penetrates the nerves, causing the feet, constrictions and lower legs.Tissue blood circulation is poor.

At the same time, due to the poor breathability of high-top leather boots, the water emitted from the feet after walking cannot be dissipated in time, which creates a good growth and reproduction environment for anaerobic bacteria and molds, which is prone to tinea pedis and tinea pedis infection.

In addition, due to the high heels of high boots, women’s feet are unevenly stressed during wear, and long-term squeezing may also cause eye diseases such as corns.

  To avoid the harm caused by high boots, orthopedic experts believe that the height of the heel is preferably 3 cm, and the waist of high boots should not be too tight.

Underage girls should not wear high-heeled leather boots. If you must wear them, you should take off your leather boots and put on casual shoes in time to improve blood circulation in your feet.

In addition, it is not suitable to wear high boots when traveling. Washing feet with hot water before going to bed at night can eliminate foot fatigue.

Women who often wear boots or high heels, in the evening, put on light slippers, and soak their tired feet with hot water. If possible, put some angelica, safflower warming and meridian, can even soothe and relieve feetDepartment of fatigue, but also good for some gynecological diseases of women.

Usually, if you have time, you can do some simple foot massage yourself.

How a human character is formed

How a human character is formed

How does personality develop?

What factors will it be affected by?

Or has it changed?

These are an important aspect of psychology research, and also a concern for psychology enthusiasts.

The development, formation and change of personality are closely related to human genetics and environment.

  How do genetic factors affect a person’s personality?

This is a very complex and controversial issue.

It is generally believed that genetic factors affect a person’s personality through temperament and intelligence.

The temperament formed by the role of genetic factors, according to their own way of activity, makes the character have a unique color.

For example, it is also a personality trait that helps others. The bloody people are agile and helpful when they help people, while the slime people are calm and emotional, with emotions in their hearts.

Temperament is determined by the type of advanced neural activity of a person. Therefore, temperament affects the formation and development of personality at the beginning.

  The influence of genetic factors on intelligence has been proved by Jensen’s research.

Unless the child is raised by a biological parent or adoptive or foster family, there is always a significant correlation in intelligence between the child and the biological parent.

Jensen attributes this to the influence of heredity on intelligence.

In addition, intelligence and personality are affected by the characteristics and types of advanced neural activity, and intelligence has a role in the formation of human personality.

This effect is manifested during human development.

People use their ingenuity, master the corresponding knowledge and skills, calmly review the situation, and make their behavior consistent with objective laws. This will lead them to overcome difficulties and show consciousness, boldness, determination and perseverance in difficult obstacles.Character traits.

Therefore, ordinary politicians, inventors, writers, and artists, although they have different occupations in the military, all of them have highly developed intelligence, creativity, and excellent personality traits.

  Personality is not only affected by genetic factors, but more importantly, the environment is a decisive factor in the development of personality.

The role of the environment is mainly through families, schools, social circles, and work practices.

  Personality is relative, absolute maturity does not exist.

From the inconsistent changes in people’s environment and personality, there are certain changes in personality, but unless stimulated (such as broken love, accidents with important people, major failures or frustrations, etc.), once a person’s personality is formed, it is basically stablechange.

Adolescent mental health standards

Adolescent mental health standards

A good learning environment and social environment are important conditions for adolescents to maintain mental health.

But people in the same environment have different health conditions.

There is no universally accepted standard for adolescent mental health.

  From the perspective of most psychologists and medical scientists, adolescents’ mental health should have at least the following standards: physical health and normal intelligence.

  Physical health and normal intelligence are one of the most important standards of mental health and the basic conditions for normal life and work.

  Personality is good and conscious.

  Mental health adolescents are frank, consistent in words and deeds, behave like one another, love life widely, have a wide range of interests, have good self-awareness, respect self-love, respect others, and be good at regulating their own words and deeds, resulting in personality and emotions consistent with their age characteristics.

  Happy to communicate and good at making friends.

  Have good interpersonal relationships, good at making friends; heart friends, and friends can communicate with each other, get along well, deal with contradictions and differences properly, deal with them properly, and have a willingness and willingness to help others.

  Emotionally stable, optimistic and cheerful.

  Emotion is a thermometer of mental health; optimism can make people feel cheerful.

Maintaining a relatively optimistic and stable mood can be positive in good times, modest and prudent, tough in will and able to overcome difficulties in adversity.

  Pursue and be aggressive.

  Can establish the correct world outlook, outlook on life, value, have ideals, beliefs, pursuits, dare to face the reality, have the courage to take responsibility, be able to determine more realistic goals, and work hard for them.

Eight taboos for women to fall asleep

Eight taboos for women to fall asleep

The general principle of fall sleep is-go to bed early and get up early to cope with autumn weather.

After a relatively little sleep in the summer, autumn can pay attention to sleep well, just replace compensation gradually.

“Su Wen · Four Seasons Concerning Gods” said: “In autumn and March, this is called Rong Ping.

The weather is anxious, the atmosphere is bright, and the morning lies early and rises up with the chicken.

Make Zhi Zhi peaceful, in the shape of slow autumn, converge the spirit, make Qi Qi flat, nothing but its purpose, make the lungs clear.

This autumn Qi should also be the way to raise. ”

That is to say, in the three months of autumn, autumn is refreshing, everything is collected, and people’s living conditions should be adapted to the climate.

In addition to going to bed early and getting up early, autumn sleep should also pay attention to the following aspects.


Don’t be emotionally excited before going to bed, be angry, feel ups and downs, which will cause the distortion of qi and blood, which will not only directly lead to insomnia, but also hurt the body.

Therefore, you must control your emotions before going to bed, keep calm as much as possible, refrain from anger, sorrow, worry, and especially not be irritated.


Avoid excessive entertainment before bedtime Some people like night entertainment, especially young people, are all night cats!

I don’t care about time at night.

Excessive recreational activities tend to keep people’s nerves excited and think that it will affect sleep.

Therefore, if you want to have fun at night, don’t play too late.

After entertaining, you should calm down by going for a walk or sitting, and then go to bed.


Avoid sleeping when you open your mouth and close your mouth to maintain vitality.

If you open your mouth and breathe through your mouth, breathing cold air and dust can easily hurt your throat, lungs, and stomach.

So the bad habit of opening your mouth to sleep must be changed.


Avoid sleeping and eating. Sleeping and eating will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, which will not only affect falling asleep, but also easily cause indigestion.

If you sleep and eat for a long time, it will definitely harm your body.

Of course, you cannot go to bed hungry.

If you feel dry before going to bed, you can eat soft food appropriately, and you should rest after eating for a while.


Avoid drinking tea before going to bed. Coffee and caffeine in coffee can stimulate the central nervous system, cause excitement, and make it difficult to fall asleep.

In addition, too much tea or coffee causes frequent urination at night and is not conducive to sleep.


Avoid talking when going to bed. After lying in bed and talking more, it will also make people excited and not easy to fall asleep.

At the same time, lying down said more, easy to hurt lungs.

Therefore, there is actually someone in the room after you go to bed. You should not talk to others first. If others want to talk to you, don’t talk too long. You can politely explain to the other person that you are not in bed.


Avoid sleeping when covering your face When sleeping, if you cover your face with a blanket or quilt, it will affect breathing and cause hypoxia, which is extremely detrimental to your health.


Avoid being blown by the wind while sleeping. The human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes in the sleep state is reduced, and it is vulnerable to wind evils.

Therefore, when sleeping in the fall, do not sleep in the wind, the bedroom window should not be opened too large, especially when the wind is strong, we must be more vigilant.
  Regarding the fall sleep, in addition to the “two early” (early bed and early rise) and “eight taboos” (note the above), each person should also pay attention to their specific circumstances.
It is important to realize that although cool autumn is good for sleep, sleep will not “care” you unconditionally because of the fall.

To really achieve good sleep in the fall, it is still very particular about it.

Keeping in good health-four eyesight medicated diet

Keeping in good health-four eyesight medicated diet

The old Chinese medicine health regimen introduces you to four kinds of Yangmu Mingmu Medicinal Diet as follows:[Yangxue Mingmu Liquor]Recipe: 10 grams each of Shudi, Shouwu and Salvia miltiorrhiza, 250ml of low-grade liquor.
  Method: Soak the cooked ground, Shouwu and Danshen in low-alcohol liquor, cover the bottle cap and let it stand for 2 months.
  Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and kidney, nourishing blood and eyesight.
  Usage: 1 small cup daily, can be consumed often.
  [Prince Edward Ginseng Pork Liver]Formula: 10 grams of Green Ginseng, 10 grams of Prince Ginseng, 200 grams of pork liver.
  Method: First, slice the pork liver, put it in a casserole with ginseng, barley seed, ginger, cooking wine, salt, spring onion and boil, and then cook for 20 minutes, and season with green onion.
  Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, usage: clear liver and eyesight.
  [Lycium barbarum chrysanthemum porridge]recipe: 15 grams of wolfberry, 4 grams of white chrysanthemum, 150 grams of glutinous rice.
  Method: Chop up Chinese wolfberry and white chrysanthemum, add water with glutinous rice and leave for 30 minutes, then cook with low heat to make porridge.
  Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and clearing heat, nourishing liver and eyesight.
  To use: Divide morning and evening.
  [Fried wolfberry with wolfberry]recipe: 15 grams of wolfberry, 200 grams of pork liver.
  Method: Cut the pork liver into thin slices, pickle with cooking wine, spring onion, ginger juice and salt for 10 minutes, add wolfberry, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, raw flour and oil, mix well, put in a pan, and turn in a microwave oven at high power.4 minutes, stir twice on the way.
  Efficacy: Tonifying liver and kidney, nourishing eyesight.
  Usage: Serve with a meal.

Chuanbei stuffed pear

Chuanbei stuffed pear

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]12 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 6 Sydneys, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of winter melon sticks, 180 grams of rock sugar.

The glutinous rice was washed and steamed into rice; winter melon was cut into large soybean particles; Sichuan Fritillaria was broken; white staff members were dissolved into water.


After peeling 6 Sydney pears, cut a piece with a knife to cover them. Use a small knife to dig out the pear cores and immerse them in white staff water to prevent discoloration. Then burn the pears in boiling water.Scoop in cold water and rinse, then remove from the bowl. After mixing the glutinous rice, melon sticks, and a moderate amount of rock sugar urine, the Fritillaria chuanxiong is divided into six equal parts, and put into 6 Sydneys respectively.Put it in a bowl, then put it in a basket and steam it in boiling water for about 50 minutes.


Put 300 grams of water in the pot and boil over the fire, add the remaining sugar, melt it and collect the thick juice. When the pears are out of the cage, pour on the pears one by one.

  [Usage]When taking, take 1 Sydney each time, once in the morning and evening.

  [Effect]Run lungs and reduce phlegm, reduce fire and remove heat.

It is suitable for emphysema, cough, dry cough, and hemoptysis.