Frequent overtime work?

Beware of illness

Frequent overtime work?
Beware of illness

The double eleven express delivery has been handed over for many e-commerce white-collar workers. It’s cool to buy and buy people who are sour and cool. This group of people who work hard and work overtime has a double twelve and waiting for overtime is not easy.And add and cherish today, come and talk about how to work overtime and fatigue, how to do overtime fatigue, worry about illness, stunned, fainting, shortness of breath, occasionally staying up late, working overtime during the day, working long hours on the computer, will lead to slow blood flowIt makes people dizzy, sullen, short, and listless.

At this time, the resistance is temporarily reduced, and there may be symptoms such as mouth ulcers, colds, sore throats, etc., but rest in time can be restored.

2 The body sinks for several days to work overtime, on a business trip, or two or three weekends without rest, the body feels heavy, the movement is slow, the gait is heavy, and it is completely unstable.

At this time, the oxygen and blood glucose levels in the blood continue to drop, causing hypoxia in the body tissues and organs, “starving”, muscle spasm, cold hands and feet, congestion of the eyes, metabolic disorders, hair loss, depression and so on.

3 exhausted and said that the project at hand entered the sprint period, had to work overnight, physical and mental pressure.

In this case, people who can’t eat can’t sleep will be thin in a short time, and some people will get stressed by overeating, and then become fat; skin color becomes dull, even people get acne in middle age; waist is stiffAcute pain in the neck and shoulders; severe sleep problems, night-time impact and sleeplessness; emotional anxiety, irritability, and even hysteria.

4 small problems continue to overwork for six months to a year, the debts owed to the body began to slowly fail.

At this time, the neck and shoulders are more and more severe, and oral ulcers, periodontal disease, gastritis, constipation, etc. are difficult to heal, and even affect normal life and work.

There may be mild concerns in the spirit, depression, and sleep problems.

5 major illnesses, if you are overworked and mentally stressed for many years, the immune function will gradually weaken, the body’s self-repair ability will decline, the disease may come to the door, and sometimes suffer from multiple joint pain, migraine, myocarditis, glomerulonephritis, etc., but also suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors.

How to relieve overwork fatigue?

1 breakfast must be rich in breakfast, it is very meaningful for a day.

Breakfast is the source of energy for brain activity. If you don’t have breakfast, you can’t supply enough blood sugar for consumption. When you work overtime, you will feel tired, lazy, tired, unable to concentrate, lack of energy, and unresponsive.

If you do not eat breakfast, you will often eat at noon, which will increase the burden on your stomach and induce gastritis.

2 At noon, the high-intensity work will increase fatigue when working overtime, and it will take longer to eliminate fatigue.

If you wait until you are tired and take a break, the effect is often not obvious, so you should learn to take the initiative to rest.

It is a fact that there are many tasks, but rest is an important change that cannot be ignored. Because during sleep, the human cells can recover themselves and restore their physical strength.

Therefore, you can take a break at noon for 15 minutes to rest, so that the next work will be more efficient.

3 reduce the amount of traces, sugar and salt intake during the overtime period, in order to make the state of the gas is full and emotionally not too worried, the diet should be particularly reduced in trace amounts, salt and sugar intake.

These substances can cause people’s ability to withstand stress, and it is easy for the brain to slow down, so that overtime work becomes less efficient.

How to prevent excessive fatigue?

1 Turn the eyes and turn 14 times from left to right, then 14 times from right to left, then close for a while, then quickly open your eyes.

Perennial persistence, can make the eyes rotate flexibly, go to the cataract, and can correct the nearsightedness and farsightedness.

2 踮 踮 所以 所以 所以 所以 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在

When the person is cramping, due to the contraction and compression of the muscles of the lower leg, the blood flow of the lower limbs can be promoted, and the blood circulation can be accelerated, thereby alleviating the swelling of the lower limbs and preventing varicose veins and skin pigmentation of the lower limbs.

Specific practice: feet and feet together, forcefully lift the heel, keep 2?
3 seconds, can be repeated multiple times.

3 comb hair comb can stimulate the acupuncture points of the head, shorten the dredge of meridians, regulate nerve function, enhance secretion activities, improve blood circulation, and promote metabolism.

Rubbing your hair often can make your face look rosy and refreshed.

Can you comb your hair 3 times a day?
5 times, each time more than 3?
5 minutes, it is best to comb your hair before going to bed at night.

4 stretching and stretching can cause most of the muscles to contract, so that the accumulated blood is “rushed” back to the heart, which greatly increases blood flow and improves blood circulation.

Therefore, it is often stretched to promote muscle contraction and relaxation, increase the blood flow of the muscle itself, and even take away the metabolites in the muscles, relieve the effect of fatigue, make people feel full body stretch, refreshed.

5 Deep breathing Deep breathing can promote the discharge of turbidity in the lungs of the human body, increase the vital capacity of the lungs and the oxygen in the blood, and accelerate blood circulation.

What can be eaten to treat fatigue? 1 Banana banana is called “high-energy food”, contains residues that are easily absorbed by the body, and also supplements potassium.
Potassium can help maintain the normal function of muscles and nerves in the human body, but it can’t be stored in the body for a lot of time. After cardiovascular exercise, the body’s potassium will drop very low.

Studies have shown that too low potassium can cause muscle pain, arrhythmia, slow response, etc., while eating a few bananas can supplement potassium deficiency.

2 Strawberry Strawberry is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron and make cells nourished. Therefore, eating more strawberries can make people energetic.
3 Tuna In high-protein fish, tuna is rich in tyrosine. In the human body, tyrosine can help produce the brain’s neurotransmitters, so that people can concentrate and think quickly.

4 Oatmeal has been found that if the fiber content in the breakfast is high, there will be no feeling of pregnancy and intestinal cramps.

Nutritionists have explained that fiber slows the rate of digestion and continuously supplies attachments to the blood vessels, allowing the body to continuously gain energy.

Oatmeal is a highly fibrous food. The release of energy is slow and balanced, which keeps the blood sugar level at a high level, so it does not feel aging and full of energy.

5 Beans Iron is the main medium for generating human energy, and it is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to human organs and muscles.

Therefore, if the body lacks iron, it will lead to anemia, making people feel dizzy and weak.

Although pig liver and lean meat are the best sources of iron, eating some red beans, black beans or soybeans can also supplement the iron supplement and effectively improve the fatigue and weakness.

6 Spinach spinach contains mineral magnesium that is more easily deficient in women.

If the magnesium intake of women is 280 mg per day, people will feel tired and boring.

The role of magnesium in the human body is to convert the retina in the muscle into usable energy.