Longan and Longan dry medicinal value

Longan and Longan dry medicinal value

Longan plays a role in the golden autumn season, and longan is listed on the market.

Fresh longan meat is tender, white and milky, full of juice, sweet and sweet, and is a favorite fresh fruit.

After the flesh is dried, the color is dark brown, the meat is flexible, and the sweetness is stronger. It is edible and often used as medicine.

Its round shape looks like “dragon” eyes, so it has a beautiful Chinese medicine called longan.

  As early as the Han Dynasty, longan was used as a medicine.

In the famous books of traditional Chinese medicine such as “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, longan has a sweet taste and is warm in nature.

So far, longan is still an important medicine for replenishing blood and soothe the nerves.

  Longan contains sugar, protein and various vitamins and other nutrients, especially high sugar content, and glucose that can be directly absorbed by the human body. It is weak and anaemic, old and debilitated, prolonged illness and weakness, often eatenSome longans are very tonic; postpartum women are also an important tonic.

It can be taken by decoction, can also be made into fruit, and can also be taken together with white sugar to form a paste.

For folk use, 9 grams of longan meat and 15 grams of peanut rice decoction; or 2 grams of 6 grams of longan, 15 grams of lotus seeds, and 30 grams of glutinous rice, boil congee in the morning and evening to fully benefit the effect.

  Due to over-consideration, causing insomnia and more dreams, forgetfulness, palpitation, heartbeat, dizziness, fatigue, poor appetite and other symptoms, Chinese medicine believes that both heart and spleen are deficient, and blood is insufficient.

The method of treatment is to nourish the heart and spleen. Longan has exactly this effect. The famous recipe for treating heart and spleen deficiency is Guijiu Jiu, of which Longan’s flesh is good.

30 grams of decoction of longan meat is effective in treating neuropathic palpitations.

9 grams of folk dragon-limiting meat, 9 grams of jujube kernels, 15 grams of decoction of osmium fruit, taken before bedtime, used to treat insomnia, have better results.

  Longan dried effect Longan meat (dried): It is the aril of longan, a saponite plant, also known as longan meat. It is currently distributed in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Taiwan and other places. It is harvested in summer and the meat is dried for use.

  [Sexual taste]Sweet and flat.

  [Functional Indications]Nourish the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves, astringent sweat, and relieve diarrhea.

For dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, anemia, forgetfulness, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, postpartum edema.

  [临床应用]  1、治贫血、心悸怔忡、自汗盗汗、神经衰弱:龙眼肉15克,莲子、芡实各20克,同煮汤食用。1-2 times a day.

  2. Those with deficiency of qi and yin after liver cancer surgery: 50 grams of longan meat, 250 grams of pork spine and meat with spinal cord, 500 grams of turtle, salt, and cold water.

First clean the longan meat, chop the pig’s spine, cut the intestines and cut into pieces after the turtle kills.

Put the three in a pot, add water and simmer until the meat is rotten, season with salt, and cure.

  3. Treatment of brain tumor anemia and low fever: 30 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of American ginseng, and honey content.

Put the longan meat, American ginseng, and honey into the cup, drain it with cold water, and steam in a boiling water pot for 40-50 minutes.

Take it daily in the morning and evening.

Longan meat and American ginseng can be eaten.

  4. Treating Qi and blood deficiency, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue: 30 grams of longan meat, 750 grams of lamb leg meat, 15 grams of Codonopsis, 10 red dates, 4 slices of ginger, 20 ml of rice wine.

Wash the lamb, cut into pieces, fry in oil, and sauté with ginger and rice wine.

Wash the longan meat, codonopsis, red dates (denucleated), put them in the pot together with the mutton, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with huohuo, and cook for 3 hours in a simmering pot to taste and serve.

  5. Treatment of pregnancy edema: 30 grams of longan dry, 5 slices of ginger, 15 jujubes, decoction, 1-2 times a day.

  6, treatment of juvenile red blood cell anemia: 15 grams of longan meat, 30 grams of mulberry seeds, plus honey stew, 1 dose per day, unlimited course of treatment.

[Usage and Dosage]Raw food, decoction or stewed cooked food.

10-30 grams each time.

[Should be avoided]Those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not take more.

[成分与药用] 本品含葡萄糖、蔗糖、酒石酸、维生素(A、B)。In order to nourish the blood and benefit the heart, the spleen and wisdom are the medicine.