Fitness makes life more colorful

Fitness makes life more colorful

In addition to being controlled by the brain, sexual desire is also closely related to endocrine.

The main cause of sexual desire is testosterone secreted by testicular mesenchymal cells.

It is understood that some men have suffered from certain diseases or suffered trauma, which impaired the function of the retinal pill, resulting in hypogonadism.

If it occurs before puberty, it may affect the development of sexual characteristics and sexual organs; if it occurs after adulthood, it can cause loss of sexual desire or even completely lose sexual desire.

  Just as estrogen affects female sexual desire and appearance, male hormones always point to every move of men.

If you think you’re too masculine, go to the gym-increase your male hormone production by building muscle.

Especially before dating, it is recommended that you do some weightlifting exercises, because male hormones in men’s body will peak within 48 hours after weightlifting.

  In addition to being controlled by the brain, sexual desire is also closely related to endocrine.
The main cause of sexual desire is testosterone secreted by testicular mesenchymal cells.

It is understood that some men have suffered from certain diseases or suffered trauma, which impaired the function of the retinal pill, resulting in hypogonadism.

If it occurs before puberty, it may affect the development of sexual characteristics and sexual organs; if it occurs after adulthood, it can cause loss of sexual desire or even completely lose sexual desire.
  Because muscle volume and strength are closely related to the secretion of retinal ketones, weight lifting that can increase muscle volume and strength becomes the best method.

Weightlifting mainly exercises shoulder, back and arm muscle strength. It is a kind of “high-load” muscle training, which has a good effect of activating and increasing male hormone receptor levels.

At the same time, weight lifting is also a good way to lose weight.

Losing weight can help “sex” and increase potential sexual performance.

  In addition to weightlifting, push-ups, squats, and running can also promote male hormone secretion and improve sexual performance.

More research has also shown that almost any aerobic exercise is good for things in bed, and sports such as running and walking can also make people sexually active.

3 Xiaohan Diet Therapy Supplements the Body to Treat Typhoid

3 Xiaohan Diet Therapy Supplements the Body to Treat Typhoid

It is often said that “cold in thirty-nine, hot in three volts,” and “three-nine days” is in Osamu’s solar term, so Osamu is most of the coldest solar terms.

Chinese medicine believes that cold is yin, and the coldest solar terms are also the period when yin is the most prosperous. From the perspective of diet and health, special attention should be paid to eating more warm food in the daily diet to supplement the body and prevent the cold weather from invading the human body.

The foods that are hot in daily food are mainly fish, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, etc .; the foods that are warm are glutinous rice, sorghum rice, sword beans, leeks, fennel, coriander, amaranth, asparagus, mustard, pumpkin, ginger,Onion, garlic, apricot, peach, jujube, longan, lychee, papaya, cherry, pomegranate, ume, citron, bergamot, chestnut, walnut kernel, almond, lamb, pork liver, pork belly, ham, dog meat, chicken, lambMilk, goose eggs, catfish, catfish, catfish, shrimp, sea cucumber, mussels, catfish, wine, etc.

In particular, Xiaohan is a good time to eat spicy hot pot and red mutton.

Here are some dietary recipes suitable for Xiaohan: Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, rice wine, and seasonings.

Wash the lamb, cut into pieces, add angelica, ginger, rice wine and seasoning, stew 1?
2 hours, eating meat and drinking soup.

It has the effects of warming the blood and relieving the cold and strengthening the body, and is suitable for people who are fatigued, pale, and cold and cold.

  Sheep kidney red ginseng porridge: 1 deer kidney (or sheep kidney), 3 grams of red ginseng, 100 grams of rice, seasoning instead.

Cut the sheep kidney, remove the white tendons inside, cut into minced pieces, beat red ginseng into minced pieces, wash the rice, add an appropriate amount of water and seasoning, and cook for 1 hour.

It is beneficial to qi and impotence, fills the essence and fills the marrow, and is suitable for people who are weak, weak in waist and knees, cold and cold, deafness, tinnitus, and hypofunction of kidney.

  Walnut kernel cake: 50 grams of walnut kernel (or walnut kernel), 250 grams of flour, a small amount of white sugar, beat the walnut kernels into powder, mix with flour, add water, stir well, and cook for pancakes.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney and cold, moistening intestines and laxative, and is suitable for people with kidney deficiency, low back pain, soft legs, chills and cold, dry stools, etc.

Facial massage improves contour shape

Facial massage improves contour shape

There are some beauty-friendly actions.

Improves posture or skin health, as well as contours, to create a glamorous and resilient body.

Helping health is the key!

  ** Smooth the facial skin[Massage the head]Tap the top of the head with the tips of two fingers.

This can refresh the brain and promote blood circulation.

Eliminates stress while making facial skin look better.

  [Rotation method]Rotate the tongue widely, and rub the palate and each part of the mouth with the tongue.

If saliva is produced, swallow it 3 times.

With excessive fatigue, turning the tongue can be tiring, and the face and the surroundings can become stiff.

At this time, do this repeatedly until the feeling disappears.

This is also recorded in the motion book as one of the secrets of healthy longevity.

It is said that saliva prevents the body from aging, helps digestion, and makes the skin more beautiful.

As the only secretion that can be generated at will by people’s will, saliva has a great effect in helping digestion and maintaining the vitality of the human body.

  ** Creating a thin face[Massage Temple]Use the thicker part under the palms of both hands to align the temples. The time is about 3?
5 seconds.

Use the same method to press the muscles between the upper metatarsal and the lower jawbone.

At this time, the mouth should be opened slightly, so that the muscles can be stimulated more strongly.

Use your fingertips to poke the area between the base of your ear and your chin.

This can shrink the skin and muscles, thereby reducing the contours of the face, while promoting blood circulation and making the skin look better.

  [Friction of ears]Clamp the two ears between the index and middle fingers and rub them up and down strongly until the ears feel a burning sensation.

The ears correspond to small kidneys and are connected to the internal organs.

Rubbing the ears can enhance kidney function, while alleviating fatigue, and it can initialize the effect of indirectly stimulating the whole body.

And because the ears are connected to facial muscles, stimulating the ears also helps to shape beautiful facial contours.

  Remove facial acne and wrinkles by doing the inverted upside down in yoga.

The main point is to lie on your back with your toes close together and raise your waist at the same time, so that your legs are sunken towards the ceiling.

At this time, the toes must be close together, and the upper body is raised so that the body and the floor are perpendicular to 90 degrees.

Improved handstand.

Can chin or just rely on dark colors.

Inverted blood that has always been deposited on the lower body usually returns blood, so that blood circulation becomes vigorous, and it can also promote blood circulation on the face, make the skin more beautiful, and eliminate wrinkles.

It can also promote bowel function, and the internal waste is smoothly discharged from the body, so it has a significant effect on preventing facial acne.

3 health games that are more conducive to health

3 health games that are more conducive to health

Core Tip: Many people always shirk that their work doesn’t have time to exercise, but in fact, there is no need for excuses for exercise, and exercise does not necessarily require too many venue restrictions. Exercise can be simple or fun, how to hurry.Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

  Rain in the line – negative oxygen ion absorption choice to walk in the rain is not for the pursuit of romance, but because of its special fitness effect.

Compared with the proportion of sunny days, when the rain is rainy, the air contains a lot of negative oxygen ions. They have the reputation of “air vitamins”, which makes them feel refreshed and comfortable, thus lowering blood pressure, relaxing nerves and eliminating depression.

In addition, the gentle massage of the skin on the skin can also enhance the body’s strain on the external environment, which can effectively prevent colds.

  Reminder: 1.

After warming up, enter the rain again.


The time in the rain should not be too long, usually about 10 minutes.


Immediately after the end, wipe the whole body with force, preferably take a hot bath and drink a cup of hot water.


Choose a day of light rain, as heavy rain is not considered.

  Running in the water – creating a perfect physiological curve The resistance of people in the water is more than 800 times in the air, and the heat dissipation of water is much greater than that of air, which is more than 28 times that of air.

If the same action is completed, the person will use more than 6 times the force in the water and the land, and the volume consumed is more than three times that on the land.

Therefore, running in the water can greatly promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of glycogen in the body, prevent slight excessive accumulation, and at the same time enhance appetite and promote digestion and absorption.

  Because running in the water can also regulate the function of the nervous system and reduce fatigue, it is also effective in preventing neurasthenia, improving blood circulation in the brain, and preventing arteriosclerosis.

In addition, the massage effect of the water stream can also reduce the sagging and aging of the skin, leaving the skin smooth and elastic.

Long-term adherence to running in the water can also adjust the posture of the person and the physiological curvature of the spine to create a perfect physiological curve.

  Reminder: 1.

After warming up, enter the water again.


Step by step, jogging in the water should control the heart rate no more than 110 per minute?
130 times and alternate with rest.

  Cold water bath – give your leukocyte proliferation Modern medical research has shown that the “chilling” shock of the cold water bath enables the cells to react immediately, releasing a large amount of electrical energy, so that the body temperature rises to 40 ° C in a short time.

Instant high temperature kills microbes and viruses, stimulates cell activity, prolongs cell viability, significantly increases white blood cell count, and improves human immunity.

Cold water bath can also strengthen the body’s blood circulation, improve blood quality, prevent thrombosis; enhance gastrointestinal motility; help increase the supply of nutrients in the subcutaneous tissue and secretion of sebaceous glands, making the skin healthy and elastic.

Another advantage of cold water baths is to reduce the incidence of colds and other diseases while exercising the body and enhancing cold resistance.

  Reminder: 1.

Warm up and start again.


It is better to alternate with the hot water bath.


Older, infirm, hypertensive patients should not try.

  Barefoot – Activate your “Second Heart” According to the theory of bio-holography, the sole is the reflex zone of many internal organs, called the “second heart” of human beings.

When walking barefoot, the ground and objects stimulate the soles of the feet to have a similar massage. The effect of massage can enhance the sensitivity of the nerve endings, quickly align the signals to the internal organs and cerebral cortex, and regulate the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system.

  In addition, often expose your feet in fresh air and sunlight, it is also conducive to the secretion and evaporation of foot sweat, increase peripheral blood circulation, improve resistance and cold tolerance, prevent cold or diarrhea.

Another effect of walking barefoot is to release a large amount of static electricity that people save too much.

For young children, the friction between the skin of the sole and the ground enhances the strength of the muscles and ligaments of the soles, which is conducive to the formation of the arch and avoids the occurrence of any foot.

Emotional chess and calligraphy

Emotional chess and calligraphy

The famous ancient painters Qi Baishi, Liu Haisu, calligrapher Su Zhouxian, etc., are mostly elderly people over 90 years old, and there are many centenarians.

Throughout the index of the modern age of the index painter, you can find excellent long calligraphy and painting, and many years of pen and cultivating, long and healthy longevity.

  Chinese calligraphy has a special artistic beauty. Mr. Lu Xun once said that there are three beautiful Chinese characters: Yimei is sensitive, and the sound is beautiful, and the beauty is beautiful.

When practicing calligraphy, you can observe the charm of the inscription, and you can learn aesthetic taste and aesthetic thoughts. At the same time, you can enjoy artistic enjoyment, cultivate temperament, and calmly cultivate.

  From the perspective of human physiology, practice calligraphy must have the correct posture, to make the head straight, the arms are flush, the chest is straight, and the feet are flat on the ground, so that the strength of the whole body can be lifted, so that the elbow is written.Exercise freely with your wrist.

This posture is similar to the Qigong movement, which keeps the whole body muscles comfortable and breathes naturally when writing, which promotes blood circulation.

If you write long characters, you must keep the book. In addition to the fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders, you must use your waist.

The waist is a key part of the whole body movement, so many old people with excellent long calligraphy write the big characters, just like playing a set of Tai Chi or practicing a set of five birds, which plays a role in fitness.

  Mr. Pan Boying, the late Chinese contemporary calligrapher, once said: “When the heart is ecstatic, writing can calm the mind; the heart is depressed, writing can make people forget the sorrow.

I thought that it would be a good idea to live longer.

“Calligrapher Su Shixian once said: “The writing should be focused and consistent, so that it can suppress the role of meditation.”

Flowers and birds, mountains and rivers, is a book and painter who draws on the beauty of nature, beautifies the society, and embellishes the beautiful creation of life.

For the average person, especially the elderly, practicing painting has the function of entertainment and deportation.

Painting must be “intention to the tip of the pen”, the heart is the same, the thoughts are like a flood when writing down; when the pen is in a row, the boat is on the sea, drifting in the water; when the pen is stopped, if the relatives say goodbye, people are doing their best.

With the whole process of artistic conception, imagination, and ink-image, the realm of self-denial is reached.

The emotional transfer during painting is an effective way to be good at unpleasant feelings, while the realm of forgetting is the development and deepening of emotional transfer.

The painter has great interest in visiting famous mountains and rivers, watching flowers and birds, and enjoying the pastoral scenery. This can not only increase the creative newness, but also strengthen the breathing, regulate the circulation of blood, relax the muscles, enhance the metabolism, and also mold.The sentiment, the exclusion of depression, is in an optimistic and super-easy state of mind.

Especially in the old age, between the paintings and calligraphy, I tirelessly explore the mystery of the art of painting and calligraphy, and discover that the artistic conception is so colorful and so vast, so that all personal desires will disappear without a trace.

  Older people often listen to music, which can make the spirit comfortable, blood circulation, and have a great substitute for health and longevity.

A melodious and fresh song, songs and songs, which lead people to indulge in the poetry of nature, feel relaxed and happy; when you listen to the majestic and excited songs, you will feel full of youthful vitality and aspire to the new life.However, life. life is inseparable from music, music has brought great pleasure to human beings, and at the same time, it also contributes to certain age-related diseases, leading to the role of longevity.

French female pianist Margaret?

At the age of 106, Prevot played impromptuly at the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bordeaux Medical School.

  In recent years, music treatment diseases have spread all over the world.

Japan uses music therapy for the treatment of senile pseudo-dementia, the cure rate is 70%; treatment of depression and rabies psychosis, there are also good results; let the hypertensive patients listen to a lyrical violin concerto, so that the patient’s blood pressure drops 10-20 mm HgColumn; a female patient with neurasthenia in Rome, Italy, feeling uneasy all day, depressed, went to the doctor, the doctor did not give him any drugs, and opened 3 music records, listening 3 times a day, playing twice each timeAfter a week, her illness was cured.

  Chess is a recipe for adjusting the spiritual life of the elderly.

Both sides of the game are competing, sometimes they are fiercely fighting, sometimes they are confident, and they exercise their minds and cultivate their sentiments.

It also makes people open-minded, reduces distractions, and gains a psychological balance.

According to Japanese experts using ultrasound measurements, it is found that the elderly who are diligent in thinking, the blood vessels are easily stretched, and the nerve cells of the brain are well maintained, which can delay the aging of the brain.

The brain is the central nervous system of the human body. The brain is not aging and can maintain the vitality of life.

The joy of the old man’s chess, the appropriateness of the music, a game of no more than 2 hours is appropriate.

Otherwise, sedentary motion can lead to insomnia, indigestion, and prone to tension headaches and cervical spondylosis.

Time, winning or losing, don’t care, you should take pleasure in it, enjoy the sex, and prolong life.

Less white head, try medicated therapy

Less white head, try medicated therapy

There are many factors that cause low whiteheads, such as the human body’s chronic lack of vitamins, folic acid, and trace elements such as copper, iron, and cobalt; or insufficient replacement of amino acids; endocrine disorders, such as decreased melanocyte stimulating hormone secreted by the pituitary; and severe nutritionPoor, excessive mental stress, and chronic wasting diseases can all cause “less whiteheads”, as well as genetic factors.

  The medicine of the motherland believes that “the kidney hides its essence, and its energy can be turned into blood.

This shows that hair growth is closely related to congenital kidney qi, liver and kidney essence and blood.

If a person’s essence and blood are strong, and his kidney qi is full, his hair will be ulcerated, and his spirits will tremble; on the other hand, if his kidney qi is insufficient, his liver and kidney will be deficient, and his hair will lose his support without brilliance or early whitening.

Chinese medicine uses drug therapy to nourish liver and kidney, promote blood circulation and nourish blood, while regulating emotions, ensuring adequate sleep, doing head health care such as scalp massage, often combing hair, and strengthening blood circulation in the head.

The following two medicinal treatments are recommended for patients’ discretion.

When taking porridge, pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eat more fish, lean meat, milk, eggs.


Double black porridge.

30 grams of black sesame, 30 grams of black beans, 30 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 6 pieces of red dates (denucleated), 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 50 grams of rice, rinse Liuwei with water to remove dust, put in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cookFor porridge, add brown sugar and mix well, then take it, 1 dose per day.

Served for 1 month.

It has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing liver, solid essence and kidney, and black hair.

Less whiteheads apply.


Nuclear black porridge.

20 grams of walnut meat, 30 grams of black sesame (dry product), 60 grams of previous rice, grind the walnut meat and black sesame, pan the previous rice together, put them into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, cook into a gruel, addBrown sugar can be taken once a day for 1 month.

It has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, and moistening the internal organs.

Suitable for those who are weak and have little white head.