Demystifying the ancient in the room

Demystifying the ancient “in the room”

Nowadays, there are many misunderstandings in the “house in the art of surgery”: Some people take the theory of “one drop of essence and ten drops of blood” and “exhaustion of essence” as the criterion of sexual life. They also believe that dog whip and tiger whip can impotence; there arePeople regard it as a fallacy of heresy, completely disregarding the traditional concept of sexual health.
  It is ridiculous to respect Fang Zhongshu, but it is not right to kill it with a stick.
房中术是一个关系到健康长寿的严肃课题,至今仍有不少内容值得现代人学习:  提倡男性节欲  千百年来,作为中医学的一个分支,房中术最大的特点在于医学家通过Observing the phenomenon of “salvation hurts one’s body,” put forward the idea of “abstinence to keep fit”, that is, while enjoying sexual pleasure, both sexes should also control their sexual life, taking into account both health and longevity.
For men, this view of “abstinence theory” is even more prominent.
  The promotion of male abstinence has two meanings: First, it is to acknowledge that sexual life is an important part of the way of husband and wife, but to be “happy and happy”, that is, the sex of men and women conforms to the laws of change in yin and yang in the world, but the frequency must be limited to achieve longevity.
  The second level refers to controlling the amount of ejaculation during the intercourse, or even refraining from ejaculating. When it is transmitted to the people, there is a saying of “one drop of sperm and ten drops of blood”.
It must be emphasized that this statement is not correct.
Because sexual intercourse is mostly a physical exhaustion, and a small amount of protein, sugar and water loss, as long as the normal frequency is maintained, it is not harmful to health at all.
Excessive pursuit of forbearance and seizures may instead cause congestion in the posterior urethra and bladder of men, trigger frequent urination after intercourse, and easily cause men’s mental burden and affect their normal sexual desire.
  More attention is paid to women’s sexual satisfaction. For sexual satisfaction, the ancient house surgery emphasized women’s feelings. It is believed that only when women have an orgasm can they be beneficial to both men and women, especially men’s bodies.
Therefore, most of the sexual skills in room surgery are aimed at stimulating women’s pleasure.
  Specifically, the most important thing about Fangzhongshu is that there must be foreplay during sexual life to sexually arouse the woman; the sex time is moderate, and the woman must wait for the orgasm to end.
This theory coincides with the theory in modern sexology that emphasizes full foreplay and controlling sexual time.
  In addition, many theories on intercourse have emphasized the technique of “nine shallows and one deep” during sex, that is, the penis should not be inserted deep into the vagina during sexual intercourse, and it should be slowly and balanced when twitching.And can avoid damage to the blood vessels.
This theory is similar to the understanding of female G-spot theory and female sexually sensitive areas in modern sexology, that is, there are only tactile nerve endings in the outer vagina of a woman’s vagina. Effective stimulation of this part can maximize helpWomen get sexual pleasure.
  Seven types of abnormal men should pay attention to the taboos on sexual life in ancient Chinese house surgery. The general principle is that both men and women should not have sex in harsh climate, environment and mood.
It should be said that this formulation is in line with sexual health and sexual hygiene, which not only can bring good sexual quality, but also help couples to have better births and better care.
  In terms of details, Fangzhongshu pays more attention to men, and seven reminders are in line with modern medicine: the absence of ejaculation during sexual life, or severe pain in the penis during intercourse, are abnormal reactions, which should be avoided at this time.Sexual life; semen is not only dripping during sexual intercourse, but it is also an abnormal phenomenon, and it is necessary to condition the body; sexual intercourse has no restraint, leading to exhaustion of essential gas, which is very harmful to health;He has shortness of breath, madness, and anger. He should stop sex and adjust his mind. Reluctantly going to the house when there is no desire is also bad for men’s health. Men also need moderate sexual arousal during sex.Theme, which is very bad for their health.
  Promote regular sexual health: In order to enhance sexual health, Fangzhongshu also advocates regular sexual health exercises.
For example, in the ancient medical book Bamboo Slips from the Ancient Bamboo Slips unearthed in Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan Province in 1973, it is mentioned that every morning after getting up, you should sit in bed, straighten your back, relax your hips, and do anal exercises.
  During intercourse, men should wait until the penis is fully erected before entering the house. The movement should be as slow as possible, relax the back, and converge the anus.
When ejaculating, you should bend your back, keep your limbs still, and inhale deeply. Wait quietly for a while before ejaculating.
  After the intercourse, you should sprinkle all the extra essence, withdraw while the penis is not yet weak, and clean the genitals after the intercourse is completed.

Itchy skin in winter

Itchy skin in winter

The cold winter, in addition to bringing people the drowsiness of the winter, and becoming difficult to get up in the morning, will be accompanied by the same, that is, itchy skin.

We all know that itchy skin in winter is a very common condition. This may be because the clothes in winter skin are relatively heavy. If you do n’t change it often, the skin will change and it will be prone to itching.

Especially for older friends, the itchy part is most obvious with the calf, thigh, and multiple parts.

So what is itching in winter?

How to say NO to itchy winter skin?

  Winter skin itch causes sebum and sweat secreted by dry human skin to form a thin film on the skin to reduce skin moisture evaporation.

Dry weather in winter, coupled with the shrinkage of skin and blood vessels in winter, the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands are significantly reduced, which can easily cause itching of the skin.

And the sebaceous glands that moisturize the skin decrease with age, so it is prone to itching, and itching is more obvious in the elderly in winter.

  Doctors warn people who have less secretion of skin oils that bath water is higher than body temperature for 3 months, that is, the water temperature can be controlled at about 40 seconds. Do not take too long a bath time, and do not use a summer bathing bath to rub, try to use weakAlkaline or neutral soaps, shower gels, etc., apply body lotion after bath.

Usually drink plenty of water, wear cotton underwear, do not greedy spicy food, drink less alcohol.

If the retinal itching gets worse, the above measures are not effective, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to see a dermatologist.

Otherwise, severe cases not only affect the rest, but even moss-like or eczema-like changes, resulting in thicker and rougher skin, which can cause skin infections after scratching.

  Tips for coping with itchy skin in winter It is recommended that when the skin is itchy, some people can’t control the scratching, and it is helpful to use itching for the flexible ones.

In fact, this is covered by the pain caused by scratching.

Others take a hot bath while itching, and they are comfortable ironing.

This is also a wrong approach. Because of the use of alkaline shower gels, soaps, etc., the microfilm of the epidermis is lost, and the moisture cannot be maintained, resulting in more itching.

  Reduce skin itching, care for the skin in autumn and winter.

Here are a few suggestions for living: 1. Maintain personal hygiene. The temperature of the water should not be excessive during bathing. It is advisable to use 35-37 degrees. It is best to replace cotton with loose underwear., Eat more fruits and add moisture.

Do not eat irritating foods such as onion, ginger, garlic, and pepper; 3, when the skin is itchy, you can use the antipruritic ointment containing mint to stop itching.

Usually you can use products such as glycerin, white vaseline, clam oil and other emollient ingredients; 4, at the same time, pay attention to proper exercise to enhance physical fitness.

Keep a good mood and develop a good lifestyle.

  In the final analysis, although we wear heavy clothing during the winter, we must also pay attention to personal hygiene to avoid some physical health problems.

There is also the need to choose the right way to deal with itching.

Dry eyes in autumn can help liver and protect the eyes

Dry eyes in autumn can help liver and protect the eyes

The autumn is high, and we do feel cool, but the dry climate always makes people feel dry and moisture.

Some people may think that the dry eyes are due to the long-term relationship with the computer, but it is not exactly.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the main eyes, and the eyes are dry enough to nourish the liver.

The following editors recommend a few supplementary medicines for nourishing and protecting the liver to teach you how to treat the eyes with food therapy.

  In the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, Jin Kemu (gram means inhibition, follow, and control) means lung Jin Kegan wood.

  In the autumn, the lungs are hyperactive, which inhibits the liver tree, and the Yin and Jin of the liver tree is the source of supporting the eyes. When it is inhibited, the secretion of Yin and Jin is reduced, so that the eyes will feel dry without support.Dry eyes are of course worse.

  Usually, in autumn, because of the dry climate, we often feel that our eyes are dry. Generally speaking, this is because in a dry environment, the water evaporates faster, and the water in the human body is equally easy to consume.

  Therefore, people easily feel dry mouth, tight lips and dry eyes in autumn.

  Many people only notice the effects of the climate on the eyes. In fact, the liver also has a significant effect on the eyes.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine that the relationship between the liver and its eyes is called “the liver opens its eyes to the eye”.

The blood provided by the liver and its yin-jin nourishes the eyes. It can be said that the liver is the source of purpose.

If the liver is not good, it will be suppressed, and the secreted blood and yin-jin will be reduced, which will naturally make the eyes nourish and feel dry.

  And in the fall, the eyes are easy to dry. Without the nourishment provided by the liver, the eyes are more dry.

Long-term vision can also hurt the liver.

  Liver through the eyes, excessive use of the eye can also cause damage to the liver.

If you often face the computer and often feel you can’t see things clearly, it’s best to think about it at this time, while protecting your eyes and your liver.

  Here are a few simple and easy-to-operate eye-care and eye-protection medicinal teas and medicated diets. Everyone can usually try them.

  Medicinal tea chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum, mix in boiling water.

Chrysanthemum vitamin A is an important substance to protect the health of the eyes, and it is also a good medicine for treating various eye diseases.

Chrysanthemum tea helps people to be sober-minded, their eyes are bright, and it is very hot to the liver. The dryness of the eyes caused by excessive eyes has a better effect.

People who often feel dry eyes, especially those who use computers, can drink more chrysanthemum tea.

  Chinese wolfberry tea The right amount of Chinese wolfberry, stir with boiling water.

Lycium barbarum is good for keeping eyesight, supplementing carotene (provitamin A), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and calcium, iron, etc.

  Goji chrysanthemum tea goji berries, chrysanthemum amount, boiling water and stir.

In addition to seductive eyes, it is also suitable for dry eye patients with blood deficiency and liver heat.

  Cassia chrysanthemum and hawthorn tea (slightly mashed) 10 grams, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of hawthorn, or the above three flavors are brewed in boiling water in the same proportion and covered with simmering for about 30 minutes.

It is used for patients with dry eyes who have hepatogastric fever and a bad diet.

  Medicated wolfberry porridge 20 grams of wolfberry, 60 grams of rice and rice with the same porridge to eat.

Very suitable for those who often suffer from dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, waist and knee weakness and so on.

  Chinese wolfberry pig liver soup The right amount of Chinese wolfberry, the right amount of pork liver, the same soup.

Pork liver is rich in vitamin A, and the two are matched with nourishing eyesight.

  Chinese wolfberry mulberry porridge 5 grams of medlar, 5 grams of mulberry seeds, 5 grams of yam, 5 jujubes, 100 grams of rice previously eaten with porridge.

Lycium barbarum, mulberry nourishing blood eyesight, yam, red dates to nourish lungs and kidneys, nourishing qi and spleen.

If the visually fatigued person can take two meals every morning and evening, and take it for a long time, it can clear the symptoms of dry eye fatigue and enhance physical fitness.

  Pork liver and mung bean porridge 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG each amount.

First cook the mung bean and rice together. After the eighth is mature, put the sliced or stripped pork liver into the pot and cook it together. After cooking, add the seasoning.

Nourishing the liver and nourishing blood, clearing heat and eyesight, and beauty and emollient, can make people look radiant, very suitable for those who have dry eyes and discomfort, yellowing, vision loss, vague vision.

Lidong health care to supplement the preferred lamb stew radish

Lidong health care to supplement the preferred lamb stew radish

From the perspective of TCM health, this is indeed a good season for tonic.

Because after entering the winter, the body’s metabolism is slowed down and the consumption is relatively reduced.

Winter tonic can store the energy of nutrient conversion in the body, thus strengthening the body and enhancing the resistance.

  Tonic: Take the food supplement as the “Nei Jing” has the saying “autumn and winter nourishment”, while the northern winter climate is dry and often has windy weather. Therefore, the benefits of Yin Yin is an important part of winter health, it is best to eat more cabbage, white fungus, fungus, oysters, pears, kiwi and other foods that replenish yin liquid; spicy and thick taste, barbecue fried foods are less delicious, usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, so as not to get angry.

Diet should be based on warmth, such as eating glutinous rice, dog meat, lamb, jujube, longan, sesame, leeks, etc., eat cold drinks, seafood and other cold foods.

You can eat more nutty foods such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, etc.

Boiled porridge soup can add some sand ginseng, jaundice, Ophiopogon, but the amount does not need a lot, because after all, it is a food supplement and not a medicine.

  Dishes: The mutton stewed radish is preferred. It is soft on the waist and knees, sleepy and weak, kidney deficiency and impotence, and spleen and stomach deficiency is more suitable.

In fact, it is fried double mushroom (champignon and mushroom), it can replenish the stomach, dispelling phlegm and dispelling cold, can enhance the body’s immune function, and is more convenient for patients with hyperlipidemia.

  The wind in winter is often northerly, and it is cold.

At the same time, “cold” is also the most important feature of winter climate change.

Chinese medicine believes that cold is one of the six sinister evils, so winter should be warm and cold, especially for the elderly.

People should sleep early and get up late, so that they can sleep longer. It is best to wait until the sun comes out and get up again, and don’t do posture exercises.

Proper ventilation in the bedroom, and pay attention to maintain a certain degree of humidity to prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

  Make up the winter: To be scientific, when people are still enjoying the warmth of the autumn, the time has come to November quickly, and the winter is coming.

Lidong, as the first solar term in winter, around the 8th of each year, the arrival of the winter festival is the fading of the grass, the locusts stagnate, the activities of all things tend to stop, hibernate, recharge the batteries, and make the spring come alive.Prepare.

Although humans do not have the idea of hibernation, the folks have the custom of wintering and wintering.

In the best period of this tonic, people make up for food and supplement the coldness against the winter.

On this day, people in the South and the North supplemented the wild game in different ways, so that in the cold winter, people can resist the invasion of the cold.

  In winter, people should eat less and eat cold. Most people can eat some higher and higher foods, especially in the north. They can eat some beef and mutton, but also pay attention to excessive supplements. Eat more fresh vegetables and vitamins.Easy to digest food.

In short, during the winter solstice, there is a custom of wintering in the folk, and in real life, the winter should pay attention to the ways and methods of nourishing the body.

Developing children’s music to plan

Developing children’s music to plan

Musical Intelligence (Musical Intelligence): Sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, melody, and timbre.

This includes the ability to perceive, discern, express, appreciate and create.

The most intelligent musical representative: Mozart, Michael?


  To develop children’s musical intelligence, the sooner the better, but “early” does not mean that children must learn to play the piano and vocal music from the beginning.

Because the development of musical intelligence is a subtle process, any quick action is not desirable. According to this, it is more important to create a musical environment for children.

  Pregnancy: This is the first opportunity to develop your baby’s music intelligence. Don’t miss a good opportunity to give your baby prenatal education.

Dorald, former Honorary Professor of Eastman School of Music?

Schettler did a famous prenatal experiment.

This experiment lasted for 14 years, and the final result was that the children of the music prenatal education group had more musical talents and learned better than the children without the music prenatal education group.Cognitive development has a significant impact.

2 years old: This stage is mainly to cultivate your baby’s perception and understanding of music.

In particular, let the child listen more and listen to all beautiful music, and you can observe whether he has a musical talent or whether he is interested in music.

  Musically gifted children at this stage mainly show sensitivity to music and are easily attracted to music.

For example, when he heard a beautiful piece of music when he was crying and crying, he would suddenly stop crying, and his attention would shift to the aspect of music.

If your baby has this kind of interest in music, then congratulations, your baby may have a strong musical intelligence waiting to be developed!

3 years old: This stage is actually an extension and consolidation of the previous stage. At this time, the baby may involuntarily penetrate the music and dance.

At this time, you should especially cultivate your child’s sense of rhythm. The music you listen to can be more rhythmic, which can arouse your baby’s interest in music more.

  At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the baby can accurately dance to the rhythm of music.

4 years old: Allow the child to practice from simple rhythm to melody with excessive pitch, and allow him to contact the score with the music.

Learning the keyboard is a good choice for this period, because the keyboard plays a great role in rhythm, melody, intonation, and developing children’s musical interests.

  In short, for children under 4 years old, it is best to let them play some music-related games.

When the child is playing a game, you can also put some soft background music, which will make the child focus more, and even optimize the child’s rhythm without knowing it.

6 years old: This stage is the most important opportunity to develop children’s musical intelligence, because now you can let your baby learn some practical musical skills, such as playing piano, violin, dulcimer, guzheng, erhu and other instruments.

And learning musical instruments, because of the need for hand-eye coordination of labor and cooperation, is a good training for children in all aspects of intelligence.

  For example, learning to play the piano, it turns out that children who have begun to learn from this period must be more accomplished than those who have grown up and then started learning, because this period is the golden period for learning piano, and it is a pity to miss it.

  Maybe not every music-learning child can become Beethoven or Mozart in the future, but as a parent, you should not give up music training for your child, because a child who has loved music since childhood and has received music training, grows upIt is bound to love life.

How to meet the pleasant feeling of a baby tearing a book?

How to meet the “pleasant feeling” of a baby tearing a book?

The mother bought a lot of beautiful books for the baby, hoping that the baby can gain knowledge and happiness from the book. No matter how much you want the baby to appreciate, just tear it up when you see the book.
Is the baby a “destroyer”?
of course not.
The baby is still young and he doesn’t realize the consequences of this move, he just feels fun.
That “sigh” could bring him endless fun.
  The “pleasantness” of a baby tearing a book Fun 1: The sound baby’s small ears are smart.
Capture thoughtful sounds everywhere.
The words of adults, the wonderful music, the sounds of nature . countless.
Suddenly one day, the baby accidentally tore the pages in half.
It ‘s just wonderful to hear “Sizzle”, never heard a sound.
  Fun two: The power to grasp the baby’s little hand is getting stronger, which is the best time for the development of fine movements.
Grasp the corner of the book, open the pages, and tear it hard, and your little hand will feel very satisfied.
The pinch of the fingers allows the baby to touch the texture of various books, which is really a “big hand”.
  Fun three: The shape of the book is a random act, and the shape of the tear is also different, large, small, trapezoidal, polygonal . various shapes make the baby dazzled.
Every new book always brings a different surprise. No wonder the baby is always happy.
  You can “tear” books, advertisement papers, and various kinds of advertisement leaflets in your life.
These papers are thin in paper, rich in color, have no value for repeated reading, and do not require money to buy.
Try to tear up these advertisements for your baby.
  Outdated magazines. Some magazines have limited effectiveness.
It is also a good choice for babies to tear books.
Especially some are beautifully made.
Colorful magazines not only give the baby a visual impact, but also the thick paper pages will increase the difficulty of “tearing” and give the baby a small challenge.
  Books that can’t be torn apart Not all the books will be shattered after a sigh, and some babies should not be torn, such as cloth books, so that the baby has a different experience.
Why can’t these books be torn?
Through practice, the baby will distinguish the difference between various books.
  TIPS: 1. Parents should divide books into two categories: reading books and playing books.
For reading books, parents must cherish and give the baby a good start.
Parents do n’t want to slap the book, and let him tear it freely.
Don’t be afraid of mess.
The book tearing is only a short process. After this stage, the baby will naturally not tear the book again.
  2. You can participate in the baby’s “tearing book” process and share the happiness brought by the torn book.
Your baby will be very happy with your company.
  3. As the baby grows older, parents also need to inculcate the baby’s love of books.

College graduates should adjust job search psychology

College graduates should adjust job search psychology

A few days ago, at the “New Year’s Large-scale Comprehensive Talent Recruitment Fair” at the antiques of Hongkou Football Stadium, job seekers held resumes and waited to be discussed.

On the same day, the first round of job fairs in the Year of the Ox started at the Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Stadium, Hongkou Football Stadium, Shanghai Talent Service Center and other venues at the same time.

  As universities continue to open, the recruitment activities of employers for universities will gradually change.

In the past few days, the reporter interviewed several psychologists from universities and educational research institutions, asking them to treat some of the alternative psychological phenomena of graduates in job applications as decomposition. I hope their views can be inspiring to everyone.

  Don’t just live in the eyes of others. Case 1: Xiao Zhao, who is facing employment in rural Fujian, is a graduate student at a key university in Fujian. He told reporters that in his professional direction, education and research institutions are most suitable.

However, such a unit was close to saturation in the first two years; to teach in a middle school, but did not compete with a graduate student who was a professional counterpart; if they were to compete for civil servants or college student counselors, they were crowded by wooden bridges, and the probability of success was very low.

It really doesn’t work, only to find a small company to work.

But the general principle is: don’t leave the provincial capital!

The reporter asked Xiao Zhao: “Based on the academic qualifications and research directions of your key university graduate students, if you are willing to be a teacher at county No. 1 Middle School, you will definitely be heavily regarded.

Over the next few years, it is entirely possible that it will become the backbone of local teaching, regardless of the economic aggregate or the local society. Why not consider this road?

“Xiao Zhao said,” I was admitted to graduate school that year, and the whole village invited me to dinner. The whole village sent me to the village entrance.

Now go back again, not only the family, but also the family’s face.

“Zheng Xiaoqi (Professor, Institute of Higher Education, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Nagoya University, Japan): Xiao Zhao and his classmates with similar problems, using psychological terms to evaluate, is” lack of self-identity. ”

A person should be able to answer “Who am I?”

“That is, I have a clearer understanding of my own growth history, personality characteristics, interpersonal relationships, and future development direction.

Children in some countries are inferior to us in terms of knowledge and learning, but they mature significantly earlier than our children because of their earlier self-recognition.

Because they have many opportunities to choose from kindergarten. What kind of school do they choose?

After graduating from high school, it is still my choice to go to work after entering high school. This kind of education lasts until the age of seventeen or eighteen, and I will naturally know my strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

And our children’s category questions are almost always decided by parents or teachers. There is a unified standard answer for teaching content, and children have very few opportunities to choose.

Many students are looking for work when they graduate. They don’t know what they like and what they are good for.

They are accustomed to what others say is good; what parents think is good, it is good.

The people in the village think that as long as they are in the provincial capital, there is nothing wrong with it; but you have been a graduate student and have seen people in the world. As a result, the cognitive level and value judgment ability on this issue are exactly the same as those in the village. Is n’t it sad
  Song Jingjing (Deputy Director of Psychological Education Center, China Agricultural University): Generally speaking, the children who are “managed” are others who say that they are good, then they will feel good and have a low sense of self-worth.

“Little Zhaos” should seriously think about what they are suitable for, and what are their strengths and resources?

Where is the future development space?

Don’t just want to satisfy others’ evaluations, just live in the eyes of others; think about how your life will be easier.

The opinions of others can be consulted, but don’t follow blindly.

  Li Qingan (Professor, Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University): Psychology believes that wrong beliefs lead to wrong behavior.

Xiao Zhao’s belief was wrong because he thought that if he went back to teach, everything would end there.

And life is not static.

Most of the students who graduated from Yunnan University for Nationalities with me in 1986 returned to the county. Twenty years later, some of them were the principals of the county, some were the county party secretary, the county governor, and the vice governor.

If Xiao Zhao still wants to learn, after teaching for a few years, he has both the background of graduate students in key universities and education and practical experience.

As long as you work hard, these paths are feasible, and employment need not be in one step.

Of course, if you do not have the spirit and ability to fight, then even if you stay in the provincial capital to work, there may not be a decent way out in the future.

  Accepted standards, you will not get horny. Case 2: Liu Xing suddenly suffered from pain in the right lower abdomen, cold sweats in his hands and feet, and looked like appendicitis at the job interview examination room.

However, after being diagnosed by the hospital, Liu Xing got “psychic appendicitis”, which was caused by a high level of mental stress or emotional distress.

The pain of psychic appendicitis is not inflammatory pain, or irritating pain.

The reporter learned that Liu Xing was so nervous because the students who had participated in the interview signed contracts one after another in the past two weeks. He thought that he was better than them in school, but he lost many battles, so he was very worried.  Zheng Xiaoqi: The manifestation of physical deformity caused by tension is the instinct of self-protection.

When the mental pain cannot be tolerated, the body will mobilize the physiological mechanism to transfer the pain to other places to temporarily relieve the mental stress.

But to really solve the problem, we still have to find the source of mental pain.

  If everyone did not sign the contract, Liu Xing would not have so much pressure. What Liu Xing couldn’t stand was not as good as those of his classmates.

It should be pointed out that Liu Xing’s evaluation standards are for schools. Good students in schools are generally more competitive in employment, but the skills, personality, temperament, and strengths required by some employment departments are sometimes school evaluation standards.Not necessarily reflected.

You have to think that the school thinks that I’m good, and I must be better at employment than others, and I can’t think of it; if I recognize the large number of standards, I will be relieved from great mental pressure.

  Li Qingan: Extreme worry is caused by one-sided comparison.

In fact, whether to sign a contract, in addition to its own conditions, also has many factors such as fate, so there is no need to be too sharp.

Your conditions may not meet the needs of these units, but they may not be favored by other units; the first 99 times are rejected, not the 100th time, they must be rejected.

Of course, we must conscientiously sum up experience and treat the process of applying for jobs as a process of learning from the society, and our mindset will be peaceful.

Sometimes the setbacks ahead will give birth to important opportunities.

At that time, my college entrance examination did not perform well. A few of my classmates who were equivalent to me were directly admitted to the undergraduate course, and I only had a college preparatory course.

But it was in the preparatory class that my English teacher discovered my ability to learn foreign languages. When I was undergraduate, I was able to transfer from the Department of Mathematics to the Department of Foreign Languages.

This change has played a vital role for me in my postgraduate entrance examinations, my PhD studies, and my participation in international conferences abroad after I stayed on campus.

  Accept the imperfect one’s own case with ordinary mind 3: Ph.D. student Li Yi has been reading “Master” all the way from master to master, but suddenly found himself in a situation where he had nowhere to go!

It turned out that he felt more and more uninterested in his research direction, and his flaws were getting higher and higher, almost incompetent.

I want to ask the mentor, but I am afraid that asking too much will cause the mentor to doubt his ability. How can such a day be spent?

What worries him even more is how will he be employed in this state in the future?

Before coming to the counseling center, serious concerns kept him awake for two weeks.

  Zheng Xiaoqi: In China, junior children are generally more obedient, but at the doctoral level, obedience is not enough.

Master’s thesis does not require innovation, but doctoral dissertation must be innovative.

If it is reluctant to pass the test, the tutor will help a few more, and the students who have read the postgraduate and postgraduate programs will have the best academic results.

  First of all, let him speak out of his distress, “speak out”, the easiest way is to talk to a counselor.

Li Yi’s ability to do this has broken a major psychological defense line: I’m not that good!

Li Yi can also go to some communities outside the academic circle, or go online to communicate with netizens who do not understand their background. In an environment without an “excellent” aperture, they are accustomed to let others treat themselves as ordinary people and let themselves returnBe truthful, relax your body and mind, and then promote your mentor’s understanding, acknowledge your deficiencies, acknowledge your need for help, and ask your mentor not to expect too much of yourself.

Only by returning to reality will you relieve yourself of stress.

At this stage, whether you can transfer to a major, you must carefully evaluate the price you need to bear.

Supplementing this lesson while reading a Ph.D. is crucial to Li Yi’s future career!

  Li Qingan: As a doctoral student, you must not only reach the level of a doctoral student in cognitive skills, but also social communication skills and self-emotional management skills must require a high level of self.

Otherwise, there will be problems in employment in the future.

  Song Jingjing: Li Yi’s status is pre-determined among job-hunting graduates: study leaders, student cadres, recipients of various rewards . Everyone else thinks he will have no problems, and should not have problems: “He is depressed?

We still can’t live!

So he thought, “I can’t have problems, how can I have problems?”

“What to do once there is a problem?


Pretend it’s okay; carry it yourself, really tired, can’t afford to lose!

If you ca n’t carry it, some people will collapse-so some students often do n’t have an accident or have a big event.

Our advice to them is: Do n’t treat yourself as a saint, you must admit that I ‘m like others, and it ‘s normal to have problems. Learn to accept your imperfect self with your normal heart, and then think about it realistically.Carry your own ideal?

Do your best to do what you can, and calmly accept the reality that you can’t do.

  Li Qingan: The problem of this class of students often comes with a concept of “I must”: since I am an excellent student, and since I am a student cadre, I must be better than others, understand better than others, others have distress and trouble,我不可以也这样……心理治疗中有一种技术:问他们“你那个‘必须’有什么根据?Which school rules or other regulations stipulate that student cadres must “must” be like God?

Can’t talk to others, ask for advice?

“If there is no basis, your idea cannot be established, you must face yourself and face reality with the attitude of” face it, accept it, deal with it, and let it go. ”

  Weaknesses are relative. It is important to choose the appropriate target. Case Four: The reporter learned that among the students, job seekers were divided into four categories: first-class males with Beijing Hukou, second-class males with foreign hukou, third-classThey are girls from Beijing Hukou, and fourth-class girls from overseas hukou.

Female students, graduates with family financial difficulties, poor academic performance and other issues constitute a vulnerable group in school employment.

  Zheng Xiaoqi: In the face of these unfavorable factors, we must first analyze it. Among them, I have no ability to change, and there is still room for effort.

In the face of inability to change, we must adjust our employment strategy; for those who can work hard, we must formulate detailed thinking.

When handled properly, bad things can change for the better.

For example, if families have financial difficulties, choosing a career can’t be as easy as that of a good student.

But it also prevents you from losing the opportunity you shouldn’t lose by being too selective.

At the same time, family difficulties can be successful, and it is easy to leave a hard-working, hard-working impression.

Another example is that the results are not satisfactory. In fact, most employers know that those who study well in school are not necessarily smart, and those who are not satisfactory are not necessarily poor.

Honestly admit your deficiencies. Those who really need good grades may not want you, but some units may treat you differently because of your honesty or other ability.

  Li Qingan: Disadvantages are relative, and if you change time and place, you may show a strong side; a person cannot be all weak. To discover your own strength, confidently show your strong side in the job search process, or according to yourselfType of intelligence, change a train of thought, and try your best in entrepreneurship.

People in their 20s still have a long way to go, so it is possible to make a variety of attempts to enrich their life experiences.

It is also important to point out that if it is because you did not work hard enough in college to make employment difficult today, you must be brave enough to bear the consequences of your past mistakes and learn from your gradual journey in life.

  Song Jingjing: In the face of difficulties, you need to be strong, but simply asking for “toughness” is not enough. You must accept yourself calmly, not blame the heavens and others, but also analyze your conditions rationally and choose appropriate goals.

(Initial pseudonym of graduate name in the text) Li Qing’an: Weaknesses are relative. If you change time and place, you may show a strong side; one cannot be all weak. You must find your own strength and confidently show it during the job search processYour strong side, or according to your type of intelligence, change your mind and try your best in entrepreneurship.
People in their 20s still have a long way to go, so it is possible to make a variety of attempts to enrich their life experiences.

It is also important to point out that if it is because you did not work hard enough in college to make employment difficult today, you must be brave enough to bear the consequences of your past mistakes and learn from your gradual journey in life.

  Song Jingjing: In the face of difficulties, you need to be strong, but simply asking for “toughness” is not enough. You must accept yourself calmly, not blame the heavens and others, and analyze your conditions rationally and choose appropriate goals.

(Name change of graduates in the text)

How do Ants face psychological distress?

How do Ants face psychological distress?

Recently, there is a word that vividly reflects the difficult living conditions of post-80s college graduates, which is “ant family”.

This group of people has the characteristics of “high intelligence, weak, social group”. Although they have received higher education, their income is very small.

The reason why this group of college graduate low-income people are called “ant tribe” is that although their individuals are “weak” like ants, they have a lot of strength.

A significant number of them were involved in online mass incidents, certain online signatures, online controversy, human flesh searches, etc.

This article will analyze the cause of the formation of the “ant family”, the possible psychological problems and the coping methods.

  The roots of the formation of the “ant family” started in 1999. From a social perspective, the formation of the ant family began in 2003 when the first batch of college students expanded.

A huge employment peak was formed at that time, and the number of graduates has increased sharply since then.

According to the “Social Blue Book” of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the number of college graduates in 2009 increased by about 500,000 from the 5.99 million in 2008, resulting in an oversupply of the talent market.

  In the corner of the ant snail house, eight people lived in one house.

  The disconnection of university specialty setting and market demand is another important reason for the formation of the “ant family”.

To be precise, some people with vocational education find it easier to find good jobs than college students.

A large part of the “ant family” group’s military marketing jobs, although there is no professional requirement and school discrimination, but the competition is fierce, resulting in thin competition, and they have to live in a village.

Obviously, the attractiveness of big cities has also exacerbated the growth of settlement villages.

According to the survey, nearly half of the college graduates who live in it choose to stay because they believe that Beijing has many job opportunities and an excellent urban environment.

  The “ant tribe” is prone to certain psychological problems. For a long time, the “ant tribe” is a group of people ignored by society. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 in Beijing.

Lian Si, an associate professor at the Peking University Law School, lasted 2 years and went to Tangjialing and other places. After a large number of case studies and data analysis, he wrote a monograph entitled “Anthropology-A Record of the Villages of University Graduates”.

In the past two years, the research team assigned 563 questionnaires to seven “resorts” in the townships of Haidian District, Changping District, Dongbeiwang, Xibeiwang, Erlizhuang Xiaoyuehe, Shahe Town, and Xiaojiahe.”” Basic analysis of work, study, marriage, amateur life, online behavior, etc.

The final investigation evidence triggered was that poor living conditions of low-income graduates, lack of social security, great changes in thoughts and emotions, mainly rely on the Internet to vent.

  Experts say that college students who have just graduated are not positioned correctly enough, and they are likely to encounter setbacks in the process of adapting to society, and may cause psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and hostility.

The survey showed that there were as high as 74.

The 8% growth rate is most dissatisfied with their economic income, and the most satisfied is their interpersonal relationships.

Persistent “ant families” have higher average scores than normal adults in the evaluation of factors such as compulsion, depression, hostility, sensitive interpersonal relationships, worry, and paranoia.

  The “ant tribe” ‘s psychological distortion should be debugged. Most of the “ant tribe” have their own dreams, some kind of hope that there will be a car in three years, a house in five years.

Although these dreams are their greatest spiritual support, according to the current situation, those who can realize their dreams and move away from the village are rare.

Persistent “ant families”, a large number of people participated in network mass incidents, certain network signatures, online controversy, human flesh search, etc.

This means that if there is no reasonable way of venting, the “ant tribe” may promote the outbreak of sexual events in groups through the interaction of the virtual environment and the real environment, which will affect itself and society.

  For the post-80s generation, the age they lived in was just in the period of social transformation, some common social contradictions, the unemployment rate rose, urbanization was relatively equal, and their growth experience was transitioned.

When the difference between ideal and reality makes people feel cruel, it is also normal to have corresponding negative emotions, and it may also become one of the variable factors of society.

This may be the first reason that this group has attracted widespread media attention.

In addition to the self-regulating ability to be moved closer, the relevant departments of the settlements should pay attention to the changing trend of this group.

For young people with psychological problems, timely counselling and treatment should be given to find a place for them to express their emotional appeals.

Regarding the psychological problems such as compulsiveness, depression, sensitive interpersonal relationships, anxiety, and paranoia that may occur in the ant family mentioned above, if you want to find the best adjustment method, please consult your psychologist.

Ballet can also work out

Ballet can also work out

Many forward-thinking fitness professionals look for other forms of exercise that can perform coaxial movements to practice abdominal muscles.

This set of exercises is selected from the Pilates movements.

“Piraz” is a way for ballerinas to strengthen their strength.

  It specializes in physical unity.

Practitioners need to focus on muscle sensation rather than just a few times.

Here are six exercises.

  1. “Hammock”-Spread a large bath towel on the mat and lie on your back.

Grasp the two corners of the towel with both hands, and wrap your head.

Bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground.

Inhale, lift your abdomen and lift your head and neck until your shoulders are off the ground.

Keep in this position and inhale while slowly stepping one leg straight, keeping your heel on the ground.

Exhale and retract your legs to the knees bent.

Switch to the other leg.

Note that the breathing sequence is correct, and the abdominal muscles are tightened inward each time you exhale.

  2. “Rotating Bird”-Lie on your back and bend your body.

Put your hands behind your head and close your abdomen.

Exhale while raising your head and shoulders, keeping your neck natural.

Inhale the tibia of the legs and separate them up and down into scissors.

The left leg is at 75 degrees to the ground and the right leg is at 45 degrees to the ground.

Keep this position, exhale in a half circle in the air to exchange up and down positions.

Inhale, retract your legs, repeat, and swap your left and right legs.

  3, supine leg flexion and extension-supine, knees body.

Arms stretched out to the side of the body to form a “ten”.

Close your abdomen and keep your shoulders touching the ground.

Inhale and close your knees to your chest.

Exhale, lift your legs forward and upward, while raising your head and shoulders, and try your best to extend your right hand toward the leg.

Inhale, bend your knees, exhale, and tighten your abdomen.

Change to the opposite side, 10 times on each side.

  4, the dancers turn around-the preparatory position is to support the ground with the right hand, sitting on the ground with his right leg bent on his knees.

The left leg flexed her knees with the fracture pointing upwards.

Lift your left side.

At the beginning of the movement, the legs are straightened, the feet are back and forth to support the ground, the abdominal muscles are forced off the chest, and the left arm is held high.

Stomach abdomen, turn left, support left arm on the ground.

Look up.

Hold your hips when exhaling and lower your body when inhaling.

Return to the ready position and repeat on the other side.

  5. Turn your fingertips sideways-prone, with your toes and palms touching the ground.

The gluteal muscles are contracted, the abdomen is tightened, and the back muscles are forced (the scapula is leaning toward the middle). Stand up until the chest leaves the ground, and the fingers still touch the ground to maintain balance.Inhale and stretch your right arm to the back of your right thigh.

Turn your head and upper body to the right at the same time.

Return to the starting position when exhaling.

Do the other side after repeating.
  6. Roll the rowing boat-sit up and close your belly.

Legs extended forward with feet apart wider than shoulders.

Hold a rolled towel in front of the body with both hands, palms down.

Bare chest, gluteal muscle contraction.

Exhale, slowly fall backwards, and relax the psoas muscles until they reach the maximum angle you can control.

Hold for 1 second and pull the towel roll towards your chest while inhaling.

Exhale again and lift the towel over your head.

Inhale to reduce and repeat.

These exercises should be done 3-5 times a week in sequence.

The first two actions are to warm up, and the last three actions are seriously exacerbated.

Do 10 reps per group (5 reps per side) as required by the action.

If it starts to feel too difficult, start with 4-6 times.

Practice the highest ideal in a dance studio with mirrors.

  To develop a beautiful abdomen, in addition to performing abdominal muscle exercises for diabetes, long-term aerobic exercise and a reasonable diet are required.

The combination of the three will achieve the best results.

Five possibilities after divorce between men and women

Five possibilities after divorce between men and women

Five possible divorce relations between men and women are presented in 1 and it is not her original intention to hate and possibly break up. Therefore, after having to accept this reality, she took the man with hatred towards the marriage and complained to all her friends.His bad and unfaithful and unruly, spreading the breath of hatred in every possible space . no one can point him at her. This topic is definitely a time bomb, and if he is not careful, he may be hacked.whole body.

  ● Narration is not necessary to bring personal privacy to the surrounding environment, and no one is obligated to share it for you.

The feeling of hatred due to divorce is normal in the short term, but if it persists, it will not be half beneficial to your future health and life.

  Especially if you have children, you must also consider the affordability of children who are still unreasonable. Hatred will only allow children to grow up without a sense of trust and security.

  2. In fact, ordinary friends cannot easily erase all their pasts. They cannot be husbands and wives, do not need to be enemies, and do not want to be entangled. Then be ordinary friends.

Being an ordinary friend, if you are away, if you are not, you should be the best state of EX.

His life is no longer related to you, and so is yours, but occasional care and greetings are not ruled out. Of course, it is not necessary to prepare gifts for him on his birthday or Valentine’s Day, but when you need help, you and himIt is not impossible to appear in front of each other.

  ● Voiceover It takes a little bit of mind and manner to be friends.

In fact, there are still good examples. Xie Xian and Deborah divorced for decades. When they met at the party, they still smiled and took pictures in front of the media. They even issued a consistent foreign declaration on the growth of a pair of children.

Why can’t I come to see you again after being divorced?

The better fact is that you can’t be a husband and wife at the same time, it is entirely possible to be a confidant, or no one knows you better than him. In case of trouble, maybe he will provide you with the most practical advice.

  3. Supporting type Because he has been his wife, he must bear the responsibility of support, and she also automatically has the right to be supported, especially with a child. She will talk to her ex-husband for decoration for three days and two days.Problems like class, travel, vacation.

  She rarely thinks about her own life. She moves between her and her ex-husband under the banner of maintenance. She enjoys it, and may even cause her ex-husband’s new girlfriend to give pointers.Go to your ex-husband’s house and ask her to comment.

  ● Narrator The typical ex-wife has not yet fully accepted the status quo, the typical life and emotional dependence, and her heart is not without emotional depression, but not strong, because the ex-husband took full responsibility for maintenance, so shePsychologically, she still feels that her ex-husband has reason to share all the details of her life as before.

At first, I was biased. I think that it is impossible to continue the relationship with my ex-husband!

From now on, learning how to get your own life is the best policy.

  4. Since the chic passers-by broke up, it means that there is a real reason for not being able to live with him. In this case, why bother pretending to be a friend?

Don’t even have hatred, embarrassment, nostalgia, and concern, just think you have never known this person, or treat him as someone you once knew.

Since then, her life is no longer related to him, including pain and happiness, old and sick.

  ● Narrators Independent urban women can certainly do it. Changing a house, a company, and a mobile phone number can create an event of human evaporation.

But these are deliberate. Besides, in order to sever the connection with the ex-husband, do you want to stop the former friends?

The most chic thing is that you have no heart in your eyes. You don’t need to delete the information about him in MSN and mobile phone book. When you think of it, you just know it lightly: this person was once important, but not now!

  5. On the weekends, a family child makes everything more complicated. No matter who the child is assigned to guardianship after divorce, you have no right to prevent the child from growing up without the love of either party.

Everything is based on your child’s growth needs, which will make your relationship more natural and happy.

Because of having a child, you and your ex-husband may never really “break up”. There are too many problems that you need to face together. With indifference and relative indifference, it is better to create a warm scene for family members on weekends, especially parent-child activities in school., You and he had better participate together.

  ● Narrators will meet with them on weekends or holidays. If possible, do not refuse to let him participate; if the child is under your supervision, you can also arrange some play plans in time, discuss with your ex-husband first, and then invite the child to come in—The advantage is that it will minimize the damage to the child caused by divorce, and it will also prevent you from fighting alone on your child’s education. This is of great significance to single mothers.