Exercise Techniques for a First Class Office Illness

Exercise Techniques for a First Class Office Illness

People who are sedentary in the office for a long time can easily cause dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, abdominal distension, constipation and other diseases, so it is necessary to strengthen fitness.

  Comb the hair with your fingers instead of the comb, comb backwards from the forehead to the pillow, and then arc over the ears and behind the ears.

It can improve the blood supply to the brain, refresh the brain, and lower blood pressure.

  On the chair of the brain, press the two ears of the palms of your hands, and use your index, middle, and ring fingers to bounce the back of your brain gently. You can hear the snoring sound.

Playing 10 to 20 times a day can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, and treat tinnitus.

  Pull your ears around the top of your head with your left hand, hold your right ear tip with your finger, and pull up 14 times, then go around your head with your right hand, hold your left tip with your finger, and pull up 14 times with your finger, you can reach Qinghuo puzzle, relievedSmooth, sweet sleep effect.

  When the eyes are working in the army’s eyesight, every half an hour, you should look out of the window for one minute, and then rest for a few times by blinking your eyes several times. You can also do eye movements.

This will help relax the eye muscles and promote blood circulation in the eyes.

Lin Zhiling’s Coarse Salt Beauty Recipe


Lin Zhiling’s Coarse Salt Beauty Recipe

Taiwanese supermodel Lin Zhiling, who became a late bloomer, became popular across the Taiwan Straits, with her outstanding looks and proud figure.

So, what is Lin Zhiling ‘s beauty recipe for coarse salt?

In fact, the secret recipe is not complicated. The beautiful Lin Zhiling has used her unique coarse salt beauty method to create a skin that fascinates everyone.


hzh {display: none; }  关于林志玲的粗盐美容秘方,她说有时美容可以是件不昂贵的事情,它的成本可能降到最低,就比如我们平时吃的普通细盐。  Coarse salt beauty recipe 1, Lin Zhiling cleans salt with salt.

The first is the beauty of salt in cleansing.

After washing your face, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand, then add 3-5 drops of water, mix the salt and water with your fingers, then dip the salt water with your fingers and apply from top to bottom, while paintingCapillary massage.

Wait a few minutes, and when the salt water of the shells is dry and granular, wash them with warm water.

Once a day, morning and evening, you can remove the stains on the skin, wash away the quiet oil, and prevent the generation of acne.

  However, in terms of personal experience, this method of salt beauty is not commonly used, especially for sensitive skin MM.

Because of the cracks in the salt particles, sometimes it has the effect of exfoliating, and it may make the skin thinner and thinner and make it more sensitive.

Therefore, I think that MM for sensitive skin can be used twice a week.

  Message from the editor: If you want to know more about skin care, beauty care, body shaping, please pay attention to Dongfanghong Medical Beauty Network.

  Coarse salt beauty recipe 2, salt can not only beautify the skin, but also have a certain effect.

After cleaning her face last night, Zhiling also leaked that she would use half a basin of warm water and sprinkle salt to make salt water for eyesight.

The specific method is to soak the face in the salt water, open the eyes in the water, and move the eyeballs up, down, left and right to achieve the effect of cleaning the eyeballs.

If you persist for two to three weeks, you will find that your eyes become brighter and brighter. A pair of beautiful eyes will naturally add to the temperament of the whole person.

But I want to remind everyone that salt water should never get into the eyes, because after all, salt water is irritating and may damage the eye conjunctiva.

  Coarse salt beauty recipe 3, using salt to remove acne for many years with makeup, so Lin Zhiling’s skin will inevitably produce acne and other annoying problems, but she can also use salt to solve this problem that many MMs are very worried about.

After the acne is formed, take a piece of cotton pad, soak it, and then sprinkle some salt in the center of the cotton pad, and put it on the acne area.

Remove the cotton pad when it is dry.

Because the generation of acne is due to the secretion of excess oil, applying salt to the place where the acne grows can eliminate the effects of inflammation, sterilization and oil removal, which will fundamentally treat the acne.

  Coarse salt beauty recipe 4, using salt to control Lin Zhiling is also a typical oily skin, but she has a unique salt beauty method to deal with excess and excess oil.

For example, in the T area where oil secretion is relatively strong, Lin Zhiling chose to apply fine salt to a wholesaler who realized moisturization, then gently massage for three minutes, and then squeeze the middle digits from the bottom to the top of the pores on the sides of the wingPressure massage.

If you persist in this way, the amount of oil in this area will be greatly reduced, completely changing the embarrassment of oily nose.

Comprehensive treatment of insomnia with traditional Chinese medicine

Comprehensive treatment of insomnia with traditional Chinese medicine

Sleep is a necessary process of life.

According to research, a person can persist for up to a month if they do not eat food, but they cannot survive 10-14 days without sleep.

Many diseases are caused by poor sleep.

Sleep is also related to human life.

Therefore, maintaining scientific sleep is very important.

Generally speaking, adolescents need to sleep for 8-9 hours a day, 8 hours for middle-aged people and 7 hours for seniors.

However, with the acceleration of the pace of life and the intensification of social competition, the incidence of insomnia has been increasing, and it has spread from the elderly to the young.

  Insomnia is also known as “inappropriateness”.

The lightest ones are difficult to enter, and they can easily wake up if they have worries. Sometimes they can’t wake up again when they wake up. Sometimes they can’t wake up all night.

It is often accompanied by headache, dizziness, palpitations, forgetfulness, and dreaminess.

Insomnia is mostly caused by inadequate chemical sources and loss of mind; yin deficiency and fire, but yin does not converge yang; guilty conscience, unease or phlegm, real fire, and disturbance of mind.

This card is more common in diseases such as neurasthenia, neurosis and anemia in western medicine.

  The mechanism and role of acupuncture in treating insomnia: It has been recorded in ancient times by using acupuncture to treat insomnia. The mechanism and effect of acupuncture in treating insomnia are to coordinate yin and yang, recuperate and eliminate evils, and dredge meridians to achieve the purpose of improving sleep.

  (1) Harmonizing Yin and Yang: The article “Lingshu · Root Knot” states: “The essence of using the needle lies in knowing how to adjust yin and yang, tune yang and yin, essence is light, and is shaped in qi, so that God is hidden.

“Improved the role of acupuncture in treating yin and yang.

The human body maintains a relatively balanced state of yin and yang under normal sleep conditions.

If there are causes that cause insomnia, such as deficiency of heart and spleen, yin deficiency and fire, timidity, timidity, and discomfort in the stomach, etc., it will lead to insomnia due to yin and yang.

The key to acupuncture treatment of insomnia is to adjust the predominance of yin and yang according to the attributes of the syndrome, so that the body is classified as “yin and yang secret” and restore its normal physiological functions.

Such as Yang Qi Sheng, Yin Qi Deficiency can cause insomnia.

Conversely, yin and qi deficiency can cause drowsiness.

Both of them can be treated by taking photos of Zhaohai and Shenmai of the penis, but insomnia should be complemented by yin and yang, and lethargy should be supplemented by yang and yin.

  (2) Righteousness and Evilization: Righteousness is to help the disease resistance ability; Evilization is to eliminate the pathogenic factors.

The occurrence and development of insomnia is also a process in which the righteousness and the evil are fighting each other in some cases. Acupuncture can correct the evils, so it can receive the effect of improving sleep.

For example, insomnia due to stomach qi, flaming heart, internal disturbance of phlegm and heat, and inflammation due to liver stagnation and fire syndrome are all caused by evil facts, which hurt the righteousness for a long time, making insomnia more lingering and difficult to heal.

At this time, acupuncture and moxibustion are used to correct the evil, and both acupuncture and moxibustion have a righting effect; acupuncture and diarrhea and bloodletting have the effect of relieving the evil, but in the specific application, it must be considered in conjunction with the special characteristics of acupoints.

  (3) Unblocking the meridians: The meridians of the human body are “internal organs belong to the internal organs, external to the limb joints”, the distribution of the twelve meridians, the yang meridian on the table of the four limbs, and the six meridians;The connection of Wuluo, the communication surface, forms the path of qi and blood circulation, maintaining normal physiological functions.

There is a close relationship between meridians and qi and blood and organs. The occurrence of insomnia can be related to qi and blood disorders and viscera and disorders. These pathological characteristics can be reflected on the meridians and the acupuncture can adjust the balance between meridians and organs.So as to achieve the purpose of improving sleep.
  Acupuncture treatment of insomnia:[Moxibustion]Acupoints: Sanyinjiao, Shenmen, Xinyu, Baihui, Neiguan, Zusanli Operation: (1), Ginger moxibustion: Soybean moxa moxibustion can be used for each point 5-10Zhuang, once a night, 5 times for a course of treatment.

  (2) Mild moxibustion: each point can be moxibusted for 10-15 minutes, once a night, 7 times as a course of treatment.

  (3) Ai Zhu moxibustion with celery root: take fresh celery root and cut into 0.

Place a 2 cm slice on the acupoint and place 3-5 moxa moxibustion once a night.

  (4) Pearl layer powder treatment: take pearl layer powder, salvia powder, sulfur powder, borneol and other equal amounts, and fill the umbilical fossa for treatment once a night, 7 times for a course of treatment.

  (5) Cinnabar dressing: take the feet of Yongquan Point, grind 3-5 grams of Cinnabar into fine noodles, use a clean white cloth, apply paste instead, fill cinnabar evenly, and then apply Yongquan Point externally.Fix the tape, wash your feet with hot water before use, and apply before bed.

  [Skin Acupuncture]Acupoints: Common points: 1?
7 double-sided, thoracic spine 5?

12 ends.

  Spare points: forehead, head, eyebrow arch, Shenmen, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: Take all the above parts, focus on using skin acupuncture to puncture the common points, with mild or moderate techniques.
Start with the cervical spine and pierce twice from top to bottom.

Then in the thoracic spine 5?
Twelve thorns, three stitches per traverse.
0 on the acupoint surface.


Thorn 20?
50 times.

The forehead was beaten horizontally with three lines, and the head was beaten with a mesh.

Same as before.

Local skin flushing or slight bleeding is appropriate.

Once a day or every other day, 12 times is a course of treatment, and the course is separated by one week.

  Note: (1) This method is used for patients with neurosis, mainly insomnia.

And the short course of disease is better, the long course of disease is less effective.

  (2) The technique of skin acupuncture should be practiced, and this law should be implemented by professionals.

  (3) Acupuncture treatment of insomnia should be combined with self-psychological adjustment, maintaining a regular lifestyle and appropriately reducing work stress.

  [Auricular Point Pressing Pills]Acupoints: Common points: Heart, Fate, Shenmen.

  Spare points: kidney, subcortex, liver, endocrine, spleen.

  Operation: Generally, only the common points are taken, and when the effect is not obvious, additional 1-2 points are selected.

The sticking material can be Wang Buliuxingzi, mung bean or borneol (prepared into large rice grains) and sticking on the through hole.

Then acupuncture each point for 1 minute to make the pinna congestive and fever.

Have the patient self-anesthetize the auricular point 3 daily?
5 times, must press once before going to bed, the time is about 1?
2 minutes.

Change the patch once every other day, and alternately apply the acupuncture points on both sides.

10 sessions is a course of treatment, with the interval of 4 days.

  Note: (1) This method is mostly used for newly acquired or mild insomnia, and has a certain preventive effect.

  (2) According to the author’s experience, the key is half an hour before bedtime. If you can soak your feet with warm water for 10-15 minutes or massage your feet for 3-5 minutes, the effect is better.

  (3) After the acupuncture point is determined by the doctor of this law hospital, the prescription family members apply pressure on their own.

  [Ear acupuncture needles]Acupoints: Common points: heart, kidney, middle, Shenmen, under the leather.

  Spare points: stomach, liver, pillow, spleen.

  Operation: Take commonly used points. When the effect is not obvious, add spare points as appropriate.

After strictly disinfecting the auricular points, the nail-shaped intradermal needles are buried and fixed with adhesive tape, so that the patients can intervene daily by themselves?
4 times, it is better to feel slight pain, swelling and fever.

Twice the ears at a time, alternating between the ears.

The needle was changed once every 5 days, and twice as a course of treatment.

The treatment interval is 5 days.

  Note: (1) This method is used for patients with severe insomnia.

  (2) Strict disinfection must be observed in compliance with this law. It should not be used in summer to prevent infection.
  (3) If the second course of treatment is not effective, it should be used instead.

  [Prick blood]Acupoints commonly used: Ashi points.

  Spare point: Nei Zhongkui.

  Operation: First, use an ear point detector or a detection stick to carefully measure the sensitive points at the base of the ear and make a mark.

After routine disinfection, use a sterile spring needle or triangular needle to puncture quickly, and the bleeding is as large as mung beans.

The onset of thorns only occurs once a day or once every other day with alternating ears.

If the effect is not obvious, you can puncture the Zhongkui point on the other side.

5?7 times for a course of treatment.

  Precautions: (1) It is better to observe the treatment time in the morning or afternoon, and the effect is worse at night.
  (2) The key to this method is to accurately find Ashi points (sensitive points).

Neizhongkui points are usually acupunctured at the midpoint of the horizontal stripes of the lateral finger joints.

  (3) Pay attention to strict disinfection.

  [Body Needle Plus Application]Acupoints: Common points: Baihui, Sishencong.

  Spare point: Yongquan.

  Operation: Take all the points.

Acupuncture is commonly used for acupoints.

Needle 100 sessions first, cross 1 inch forward, apply quick and even twisting to the left and right, for 2 minutes, with an interval of 10 minutes, and then perform the anterior method. Repeat 3 times to make the patient take the needle for 48 hours.

After the Baihui acupuncture, following the acupuncture of the four Shensongs, they all moved 1 inch forward. The lifting method was light, fast, and the needles were evenly distributed for 2 minutes, with an interval of 10 minutes.With needle for 24 hours.

After the needle is ejected, a hundred stitches will continue as before.

So, take 9 days as a course of treatment, and the interval between treatments is 3 days.

  Spare points apply.

Take pearl powder, cinnabar powder, rhubarb powder, and Schisandra powder and mix well.

Take 3g each time, use fresh bamboo to make a paste, divide it into two, and apply it on a 5cm × 5cm medical tape.

Each night before bedtime, it is posted on the left and right Yongquan points for 9 consecutive days as a course of treatment and the interval between treatments is 3 days.

  Note: (1) The common acupuncture points in this method adopt the repeated needle retention method. Care should be taken to sterilize the points in the acupoint area closely. The needle should be sterilized once to prevent needle breakage.

Do not wash your hair during needle retention.

  (2) This method is used for severe insomnia.

How should I adjust my body after an abortion?

How should I adjust my body after an abortion?

After abortion, pay attention to dietary supplementation, which has a great impact on women’s physical health.

Because abortion has certain damage to the body, a certain amount of blood is completely lost, and the psychological pressure and physical pain during the abortion process make the body weaker after abortion, and some people will have anemia value.

Therefore, proper nourishment is absolutely necessary, and the degree and duration of nourishment should be based on the constitution and blood loss of the abortion. It should be comprehensive and appropriate.

First of all, we must ensure the supply of high-quality protein, excess vitamins and inorganic salts, and in particular, sufficient iron should be added to prevent the occurrence of anemia.

Food choices need to be both nutritious and easy to digest.

Can supply fresh fish, tender chicken, eggs, animal liver, animal blood, lean meat, soy products, dairy, jujube, lotus seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not eat or eat greasy cold foods, it is not suitable to eat radish, hawthorn, bitter gourd, oranges and other rational, blood, cold food.

Eat more easily digestible food.

The time for supplementation is half a month. Those who are usually weak, have poor constitution, and have a lot of blood loss can extend the period of supplementation as appropriate.

(1) 2 eggs and jujube soup, 10 jujubes, and brown sugar.

Put the water in the pot to boil, then pour the eggs into the boil, and then boil the red dates and brown sugar in the water. Boil for 20 minutes.

With Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing blood.

It is suitable for the treatment of anemia and postpartum qi and blood deficiency.

(2) Litchi jujube soup, dried litchi, 7 dried jujubes each.

Add decoction, 1 dose daily.

With blood tonic effect.

Applicable to women’s anemia, physical rehabilitation after abortion.

(3) 2 bowls of soy milk rice porridge, 50 grams of rice, sugar.

Wash the rice, boil the rice with soy milk for porridge, add sugar and serve after cooking.

Take it daily on an empty stomach.

It has the effect of reconciling the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moistening.

It is suitable for the maintenance of physical weakness after the flow of people.

(4) 1 young pigeon of Chinese wolfberry soup, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, salt concentration.

Remove the hair and viscera of the young pigeons, wash them, put them in the pot, add water and simmer with wolfberry, add salt when cooked.

Eat meat and soup 2 times a day.

It has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, and regulating deficiency.

It is suitable for the symptoms such as physical weakness after illness and qi deficiency after illness, fatigue, fatigue, and spontaneous sweating.

(5) Candied dried red dates, 50 grams of dried dates, 100 grams of peanuts, and 50 grams of brown sugar.

Wash the dried red dates and soak them in warm water. Cook the peanuts slightly and peel them for future use.

Jujube and peanut skin are put into a small aluminum pan together, add the water of the peanut rice, add the right amount of water, cook for 30 minutes with low heat, remove the peanut rice skin, add brown sugar, and wait until the brown sugar melts to obtain the juice.

It has the function of nourishing blood and regulating deficiency.

Applicable to anemia or hypoglycemia after abortion.

Bizarre fruits keep women youthful

Bizarre fruits keep women youthful

In today’s era, fruits, vegetables and various other plants are increasingly changing the traditional beauty methods.

They are becoming an important ingredient in special skincare products, blocking our skin from environmental toxins, fighting bacterial infections, and reducing the signs of age.

  For the skin, more and more discoveries, more and more advanced technology, and your careful care will undoubtedly extend the youthful life of our skin.

Today, naked makeup is not afraid from the age of thirty!

  Cherries have been beauty fruits since ancient times.

Cherry juice can help facial skin become white and rosy, remove wrinkles and clear spots, and is the favorite of too many whitening products.

Cherry except vitamin C, and it is extremely rich in iron, 13 times that of hawthorn and 20 times that of apple.

In addition to high iron content, it also contains vitamin A that balances the secretion of the cortex and delays aging, helping to activate cells and beautify the skin.

  Pomegranate’s delicate red pomegranate has been proven to have a strong antioxidant effect.

It contains a component called medicinal flower acid, which can protect cells from environmental pollution, UV rays, nourish cells, and slow the aging of the body.

Studies have shown that sulfuric acid is more “powerful” in terms of radiation protection than the polyphenols contained in red wine and green tea.

  Carrots are known as “skin foods” and can moisturize the skin.

Carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury, so that harmful components in the human body can be transferred, and the skin looks more delicate and rosy.

It contains beta-carotene, which can prevent oxidation and whiten the skin, prevent the precipitation of melanin, and remove excess keratin from the skin.

It also contains Vitamin E, which is essential for antioxidants.

  Olives As early as the ancient Greek era, olive trees were a symbol of life and health. In addition to being used as healthy food, they have already highlighted beauty effects.

From leaves to fruits, the olive tree can be used to extract skin care essence.

Olive leaf extract helps skin cells fight pollution, UV rays and stress-induced oxidation; while olive fruit contains another powerful antioxidant phenol compound, which combines with oleuropein to provide dual antioxidant repair.
  Cucumber has a delicious taste, crisp and tender fragrance, and is highly admired by slimmers.

And it is a variety of sugars and amino acids necessary for human growth and life activities, as well as rich vitamins, provides sufficient nutrients for the skin and muscles, can effectively combat skin aging and reduce the generation of wrinkles.

The rich fruit acid can clean and whiten skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, and relieve skin allergies.

  Grape contains a lot of grape polyphenols, has antioxidant function, can eliminate the proliferation of free genes, and effectively delay aging; it also contains tannic acid, citric acid, which has a strong astringent effect and soft moisturizing effect.

In addition, grape pulp contains vitamin B3 and rich minerals, which can deeply moisturize, anti-aging and promote skin cell regeneration.

  Lemon Lemon contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other nutrients.

In addition, it is also rich in organic acids and citric acid, which has a strong antioxidant effect. It is very effective in promoting skin metabolism, delaying aging and inhibiting pigmentation.

  Apricot not only has a bright appearance, but also contains sugars, fruit acids, alternative fibers, flavonoids, vitamin C and iron, phosphorus, zinc and other mineral elements, especially rich in vitamin B17.

Almonds also contain protein, trace amounts, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Rich minerals and plant-based unsaturated oils with good softening and nourishing effects.

  Grapefruit, orange, and tangerine A 2005 study conducted by a research institution confirmed that the smell of grapefruit makes women look 6 years younger on average than men.

Now, a citric acid contained in grapefruit has been universally supplemented in the skin care field.

This ingredient helps metabolize and excrete dead skin cells, thereby smoothing the skin and regaining its radiance.

Ginger can effectively prevent summer air conditioning disease

Ginger can effectively prevent summer “air conditioning disease”

In the hot summer, many homes and offices are air-conditioned. People enjoy the breeze and coolness, and they are also prone to “air-conditioning”.
Often manifested as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, colds, cold shoulder pain and other symptoms.
Chinese medicine believes that ginger has three major effects: sweating and relieving the skin, warming the stomach and vomiting, and detoxifying.
People in an air-conditioned environment often drink ginger soup, which can effectively prevent “air-conditioning disease.”
  Abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea: The navel is the weakest part of the human body’s resistance to the outside world. In addition, in summer, the secretion of gastric acid and digestive juice is reduced, the ability to resist bacteria is weakened, and the gastrointestinal function is easily affected by hot and cold stimulation in air-conditioned placesDisorders, leading to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.
Eating ginger or drinking ginger soup appropriately can play a role in prevention and treatment.
Scientists have discovered that ginger can play a role in certain antibiotics, especially against Salmonella.
  Colds and colds: often in an air-conditioned environment, because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, it is easy to feel cold outside.
If you can eat a few slices of ginger or drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup in time, it will help dispel the cold and relieve the table, or you can get good results by soaking your feet with ginger soup (with salt and vinegar).
  Editor’s recommendation: Waist and shoulder pain: Midsummer hot summer, staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, shoulders and lower back are vulnerable to diseases such as wind, cold and dampness, especially the elderly are prone to cause shoulder shoulder inflammation.To make some hot ginger soup, first add a little salt and vinegar to the hot ginger soup, then drench with a towel, drench it, and apply it to the affected area several times.
This method can make muscles relax from tension, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, which can greatly relieve pain.

5 kinds of people who carefully destroy love

5 kinds of people who carefully destroy love

The long-term generation must please the destruction index: ★★★★★ Because of parents’ opposition, there are countless examples of love dying. This is always the favorite bridge of soap operas, and it is also the love tragedy often staged in real life.

Regardless of your own parents or the parents of each other, as long as there is a Democratic Party among any of these four elders, your love guarantees a bleak future.

  When in love, you must treat each other ‘s parents more importantly than your own parents. Doing everything to please them is a must, your mouth is sweet, your face is laughing, your head is smart, and in front of the other person, put away your new human eyes.Temper and personality, loving him / her will soften your posture.

  Of course, you must make your parents think that the person you are interacting with is one of the best choices. It is a rare good object. If you have nothing to do, you should sympathize with each other’s behavior and conduct on your parents to create a good impression.When love comes, no elders will hinder them.

  The character-students absolutely must express the destruction index: ★★★ The most common reason for jealousy in school romance is that the boyfriend takes care of the cute schoolgirl too much, or the girlfriend’s senior takes special care of her. These campus flying vinegars have a good tasteBecause I really saw too many boyfriends taking care of school girls and caring for lovers, or the tragic loss of his girlfriend being taken away by the senior.

  In the face of the nasty ghosts of the scholars, the most important thing is to “state your position” so that everyone on campus knows clearly that you are the lover of a certain person, regardless of seniors, school sisters, school sisters, school brothers.One leg.
Remember, it ‘s your responsibility to take good care of your lover. You should pick up and drop off from class, accompany you to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and night. You should stare at work, and do it yourself. Do n’t let others have the opportunity to deal with it.The nasty ghosts of the literate generation are foolproof.

  The seniors must definitely monitor the damage index: ★★★★ Jufan brother, sister, brother, sister, this kind of person who is obviously not related, but can approach your lover by the name of brothers and sisters, really makes peopleI’m angry when I think of it, but I ca n’t even publish it, but I can only secretly breathe in my heart, and say sourly, “Why are you doing so good to you?”

Or “You seem to be closer to your sister than to me!”

“In the face of these ambiguous word generations, you can only monitor them comprehensively.

Want to party?

Go along!

Want to celebrate?

Go along!
Going dancing and drinking?

No more words to follow!

Remember, you need to be polite, do n’t lose your temper, and be jealous, so that your lover thinks it ‘s very face-to-face to take you together, so as to achieve the effect of comprehensive monitoring.

  If you think they are too close, you should also tell your lover how you feel, and hope that he has a good sense, so as not to hurt your heart.

If he loves you, he will take care of your feelings; but in case he feels that you have too much control, and even think that they are more important than you, you have to think that your relationship may not be as good as you think.

The former generation must definitely prevent the destruction index: ★★★★★ The ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend are the most lethal nasty ghosts in history. Although their relationship with your lover is in the past, it is inevitable that you have to worry about whether there is any love left.In case there is a broken wire.

“We are just friends now”, yeah, your lover thinks he is now a friend, but does the other person think so?

Haven’t heard the phrase “I only know how to cherish”?

Too many ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends just broke up and realized that the last lover was the best, so they turned around and tangled.

The lethality of the current love is not small, because they are familiar with each other, and tacit understanding may be better than you; they know each other’s small secrets, and you may not know it; they may have feelings for each other, too muchCaused great anxiety.

Therefore, never allow your lover to have any chance to contact the old lover, and you must also prevent them from meeting. In many cases, the old lover can hardly meet each other. In the event of a thunderstorm, “Sorry!

I think I still love him!

“As soon as this sentence is spoken, your love is over.

  Friends of the word generation must definitely warn of the destruction index: ★★★ Everyone will say the phrase “friend wife, don’t bully”, but will you really not start?

Jun did not see a bunch of grieving women sorrowfully robbed her husband by his best friend, or someone took a long time to take care of his girlfriend before the death party, and then took care of the lovers of the adult family.


It is difficult to say whether it is an enemy or a friend. When love comes, friendship disappears.

Therefore, it is not impossible to introduce a lover to meet with a friend. The important thing is that you must warn a group of people in advance to wait “only from a distance and inviolable play”.

At the same time, we must also pay attention not to let friends and their lovers go too far away, let alone when they travel on business, ask friends to take care of them, causing no reason to send sheep into the tiger’s mouth, find their own way, and blame.

Do you know the meaning of your baby’s birthmark

Do you know the meaning of your baby’s birthmark

Many babies have red or blue spots on their skin when they are born.

This is a pigmentation spot formed by the accumulation of deep pigment cells in the skin, also known as a newborn birthmark, also called a child spot.

  Do you know the meaning of a baby’s birthmark? Birthmarks are more common in newborns’ breasts, hips and palate tails, and are mostly blue-green in size.

As you get older, by the age of 2 or so, these special pigment cells decrease, and your birthmark gradually disappears without leaving any marks on your skin.

Common newborn birthmarks include pink plaques, strawberry plaques, permanent erythema, and Mongolian plaques in addition to blue-green plaques. Each has a different meaning and is also an expression of the baby’s physical condition. Newborn parents should be like thisPay special attention.

Pink spot is a pink spot, usually lighter in color, will turn white after compression, and will fade quickly.

It is common in the eyelids and occipital bones of light brown newborns, and usually disappears around 1 year old.

  Strawberry spots, also known as vascular nevus, are a type of swelling that protrudes from the surface of the skin with clear boundaries, bright red or dark red.

It can be seen at birth or in the first two months. After restructuring, the size of the retina will be fixed at about 8 months, usually disappearing before the age of 10 years, and those who do not disappear need to be given a frozen and diffuse application.treatment.

Permanent erythema, a wine-like crime, is also called a firework mole. Its surface is bright red and clearly separated from the surrounding skin. It is usually observed at birth.

Obvious plaques are fractured. They cannot be discolored when pressed hard, nor will they disappear naturally. Generally, the trigeminal nerve is distributed, which may be related to retinal or intracranial disease.

Mongolian spots are mostly distributed in the clearly defined pigmentation areas such as the back, waist, and buttocks, which are usually blue bands. This birthmark has no special meaning, usually 1?
Disappeared at the age of five.

How to be decent when wearing a suit?

How to be decent when wearing a suit?

A suit is an international garment.

A suit of suits can make the wearer casual, smart, and personable.

People often say, “A suit is made of seven points, and a suit of three points is worn.” So how to wear a suit to be considered decent?


Pay attention to specifications.

Suits come in two-piece suits and three-piece suits. Formal occasions should wear dark-colored wool suits of the same quality and color.

Two-piece suits can’t be taken off on formal occasions.

According to custom, no fur vest or sweater can be added to the suit.

In summer, you can only add a “V” collar sweater at most, otherwise it may be very bloated, which destroys the beauty of the line of the suit.


Put on your shirt.

The shirt is monochrome and the collar must be stiff and free of dirt and oil.

The hem of the shirt should be placed in the waist of the pants, and the collar and cuff links should be fastened.

Shirt sleeves are slightly longer than suit sleeves.

1 cm, the collar should be higher than the collar of the suit 1?

5 cm to show the level of clothing.


Tie a tie and wear a tie clip.

The “V” area between the collars of the suit is the most prominent. The tie should be in the center of this part. The tie of the tie should be full. The tie should match the neckline of the shirt.The upper end is the most standard.

Tie clips are usually clamped between the third and fourth buttons on the shirt.

After the suit button is fastened, the tie clip cannot be exposed.


Use your clothes.

The pockets on both sides of the suit jacket are for decoration only. Do not store items, otherwise the suit jacket will be deformed.

Only the handkerchief can be placed in the lower left pocket of the suit jacket.

Some items, such as ticket holders, and business card boxes can be placed in the pockets of the tops, and the trousers pockets can not be filled with items, in order to fit the hips and look beautiful.


Fasten the buttons.

Double-breasted suits must be fully buttoned to show solemnity.

There are two buttons in a single row, only one button on the top, and three buttons on the middle, which can be unlocked when sitting.

Single-breasted suits can also be left unbuttoned.


Wear leather shoes.

You must wear leather shoes in a suit, and your pants should cover the upper of the shoes.

Do not wear tourist shoes, walking shoes or cloth shoes, open-toed sandals, nor white socks and colorful flower socks.

Men should wear medium-knit socks with dark threads. Never wear translucent nylon or polyester stockings.

4 principles for baby diapers

4 principles for baby diapers

4 Principles for Choosing Diapers for Babies Diapers are baby’s personal products. For mothers who love babies, they must want to choose the best diapers.

There are many brands of diapers on the market, how do you choose?

In fact, as long as you follow the following principles when choosing a diaper, you can choose a diaper that is most suitable for your child.

  1. Try out diapers: Before you decide on the right diaper for your baby, it is best to choose a small package to try it out, and evaluate it from comfort, breathability, water absorption, side leakage, and size.
  2. It is also economical to use diapers: although it would be better to be expensive, it is not necessary to completely use the price as the standard.

In fact, diapers are also good. Once you take care of them properly, it will cost you a lot of snacks, and there will be no diaper rash.

  3, the timeliness of diapers: First, choose the size according to the growth of the baby, tighten the appropriate diapers, do not store too much of the same model.

The second is to make appropriate adjustments according to different seasons. In some summers, you should choose soft, thin, and breathable. You can use pull-out pants when going out.

  4. Individualized diapers: The physical development of each baby is different, and the mother should adjust it in due time according to the specific situation of her child.

Those who have thick thighs, it is best to choose a diaper with a size larger; lively, you should choose a raised waist, elastic waist and diapers with side edges, especially pay attention to the crotch can not be too wide;For babies, you can choose a diaper with a gap in the navel or a hole in the navel.