Report: Creating a favorable interest rate environment for fiscal policy expansion through interest rate cuts

Report: Creating a favorable interest rate environment for fiscal policy expansion through interest rate cuts

Original title: Renmin University report proposes interest rate cuts to create a favorable interest rate environment for fiscal policy expansion. CSI (Reporter Zhao Baizhinan) “China Macroeconomic Forum” hosted by the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China on the 21st released monthly macroeconomic data”Analysis Report (October 2019)”.

The report said that in the first three quarters of 2019, it was faced with unfavorable factors such as internal structural adjustments and the release of contradictions, the decline in the external world economy and trade, and the increase in uncertainty in the international trade environment, which led to a huge increase in the economic gap. The main macroeconomic indicators remained atReasonable interval.
Facing the downward pressure of the macro economy in the future, we need to actively respond.

  The report recommends that the first is to increase the adjustment of counter-cyclical macroeconomic policies, and to reduce the interest rate of monetary policy to cope with the easing monetary policy competition that has occurred internationally, and to create a favorable interest rate environment for the further expansion of fiscal policy.Synergies are formed between policies, structural adjustment policies, and policies to further deepen reforms and expand openness.

In a more lenient interest rate environment, fiscal policies and structural adjustment policies are used to guide and cultivate effective investment and demand that are oriented towards improving people’s livelihood, and form a continuously strengthening positive interaction between domestic demand growth, investment growth, and effective supplementation.
  The second is to deepen the high-level economic and trade cooperation with Japan, ASEAN, the European Union, Russia, and the countries along the Belt and Road in the context of the overall 佛山桑拿网 downturn in the world economy and international trade.

Actively carry out preliminary, regional and sub-multilateral level cooperation and policy coordination to create favorable conditions for gradually responding to the uncertainty of external trade.

  The third is to actively participate in and effectively promote the improvement and development of the rules-based international trade and investment system, adopt more flexible and pragmatic negotiation strategies under the WTO framework, promote the improvement and development of the multilateral trade and investment system, and fundamentally promote the international trade environmentImprovement.

A pragmatic “China plan” on competition policy, copyright protection, government subsidies, government procurement, investment policies, digitization, fintech and inclusive 南京桑拿网 growth.

Liugang Iron & Steel (601003) Semi-annual Report Comment: The company’s Q2 profit has improved significantly and its location advantage is significant

Liugang Iron & Steel (601003) Semi-annual Report Comment: The company’s Q2 profit has improved significantly and its location advantage is significant

I. Overview of the event The company released the semi-annual report for 2018, reporting that the two companies achieved operating income of 228.

78 ppm, an increase of ten years.

30%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

65 trillion, down 38 a year.


Cash flow from operating activities27.

340,000 yuan, an increase of 1771 in ten years.

64%, basic profit returns 0.

49 yuan / share.

Second, analysis and judgment in the first half of the year the raw materials squeezed the company’s profits to a certain extent. In the first half of the year, without the proliferation of new production capacity, the main products have achieved increased production and gradually produced iron 610.

18 cobalt, steel 649.

55 cobalt, 390 steel.

73 At least, rising by 2 each year.

61%, 1.

98%, 4.


Supply-side growth supports the company’s narrow revenue growth, and the substantial decline in net profit attributable to mothers is mainly due to high raw fuel prices in the first half of the year.

Compared with the same period of the previous year, the prices of domestic ore have increased by more than 30% and 50% respectively. The prices of coking coal, metallurgical coke, and scrap steel have also risen at the same time.The increase has squeezed the benefits of the enterprise.

The industry benefited from both supply and demand, and the company’s Q2 single-quarter profit improved significantly. The company’s single-quarter operating income in the second quarter was 126.

170,000 yuan, an increase of 12 in the second quarter of last year.

32%, an increase of 22 from the first quarter.


Single quarter return to mother’s net profit 8.

820,000 yuan, a slight decrease of 11 in the second quarter of last year.

37%, a significant rebound of 129 from the first quarter of this year.


The company’s rebound in the second quarter’s earnings performance was mainly due to the strong downstream demand since March and April and the high elasticity of the industry’s supply. With the output far exceeding the historical period, steel stocks have continued to decline.

The company reported a gross profit margin of 10.

26%, a decrease of 2 compared with the same period last year.

87 points, mainly due to higher raw material prices in the first half of the year, reported a quarter-on-quarter rebound of 3.

45pct, reflecting the supplementary demand in the second quarter of the industrial chain.

In mid-June, Guangxi Autonomous Region announced the second batch of major project plans for 2019, which involved 46 infrastructure projects with a total investment of 395.

8.7 billion.

As a leading steel company in Guangxi, and Guangxi is a net steel inflow region, the company will greatly benefit from the growth of future infrastructure needs.

In addition, the company plans to relocate to the coastal port area to build a high-quality steel base in the coastal area of Guangxi, which will support regional demand. At the same time, the actual reduction in raw materials will increase the profit of steel products.

The existence of 6.5 billion tons of electric furnace capacity will cause electric furnace production to reduce when demand 重庆耍耍网 is reduced, which will help stabilize steel prices and ensure profitability. Weak steel prices may occur in the second half of the year, but the profits are slightly expanded.

Third, the profit forecast and investment recommendations predict that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 459.

31 ppm, 468.49 ppm and 482.

5.5 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mothers was 25.

6.6 billion, 28.

02 ppm and 29.

3.5 billion, with EPS of 1.

00 yuan, 1.

09 yuan, 1.

15 yuan, the corresponding PE is 4 respectively.

7X, 4.

3X, 4.


It is estimated to be at a historical low and there is room for improvement.

Maintain recommended level.

4. Risk warning: The demand for steel products has fallen sharply, and the prices of raw fuels have fluctuated sharply.

How to buy yoga clothes elastic breathability

How to buy yoga clothes elastic breathability

Yoga clothing is a common yoga article, and it is also an object we must use in the process of practicing yoga.

A suitable set of yoga clothes will bring a lot of convenience to our yoga practice. How to choose yoga clothes?

Let ‘s first understand how to choose yoga clothes.

  First of all, yoga wear is an indispensable yoga product for yoga practice. We should focus on functionality. Therefore, it is not recommended to only look at fashion, and style is the first purchase principle!

  As an ancient fitness exercise, yoga is becoming more and more popular in modern society. From the beginning of the practice of several people, it was still considered by many people as an alien at that time, but now it has been at the forefront of fashion. Many fashionable men and womenWill choose to practice yoga.

  Then the question comes, so many people like to practice yoga, so how to choose and wear yoga clothes when practicing yoga?

  Procurement recommendations The selection of yoga clothes must be directed to the fabric, which is an important factor in determining whether a yoga suit is suitable for us.

Many friends will choose to buy yoga clothes in casual or sports brand stores, this is also possible.

  If you choose cheap, you can solve it by yourself. Generally speaking, the loose trousers we used before can be used as yoga pants with a little stretch, knitted, cotton, linen.

  Once again, go to some fashion brand stores that are more casual. We know that the best yoga clothes, pants are best with drawstrings, the length can be freely adjusted according to needs, and such pants in many brands of clothingCan be found.

  There are also tops, which generally have no particular requirements, as long as they suit you.

In addition, in some underwear brand stores, we can also see the figure of yoga clothes.

Of course, we can buy it from professional sports shops, and there are standard yoga clothes in the gym for you to choose from.

  Yoga clothing requires elasticity, breathability, and sweat-absorbing yoga poses. There are many complex yoga poses that place high demands on our yoga clothes.

Therefore, a yoga suit must meet the three requirements of elasticity, breathability and sweat absorption.

  Because yoga has many large-scale radial movements, and not only a few angles of movement, if you wear loose and comfortable clothing made of cotton and linen, although it is very airy and comfortable, but sometimes it will be because the fabric is not elastic, there areThe sense of the door with hands and feet.

  In addition, because in our movements, there may be standing shoulders, standing on the head and feet, and if the clothes are too loose, there will be obstacles to the top, leaving the abdomen or legs exposed.

  Moisture wicking fabric. Although this material is not a pure natural material, it has an advantage. After sweating, its sweat wicking is better than cotton and linen, and it will not stick to the body because of the wet clothes.Eczema may develop and become more uncomfortable.

  Therefore, choosing a yoga clothing that is good for sweating is very helpful for our practice.

This fabric does not have to be pure natural, but it must absorb sweat.

  It is better not to show the belly button because the rapid growth of yoga population, there are more international manufacturers to invest in the production and sales of so-called yoga clothes.

  Some friends will ask, what is the difference between yoga clothes and normal rhythm clothes?

In fact, the two materials are almost the same, and their styles are similar. It is really difficult to distinguish what is the real yoga clothing.

  However, I think the biggest difference between the so-called yoga clothes and the rhythm clothes is that the navel tries not to be exposed.

  At present, many manufacturers design yoga clothes in order to be fashionable and beautiful, and the pants will be designed as low-waisted styles. Whether the top is worn by sports underwear short tops or vest-type long tops, the navel will be exposed.

  Although this is visually beautiful, it is not very good for yoga people.

  Have you seen anyone who practices Tai Chi, Qigong or traditional yoga who exposes Dan Tian (navel)?

Because we pay attention to tightening the abdomen at any time, tightening it, so that the organs and magnetic fields in the abdominal cavity continue to operate. If the door such as the navel is exposed to blow air (even the natural wind), for those who emphasize health,not good.

  Therefore, I recommend everyone to cover your belly unless you wear a longer jacket or a higher trousers.

  Don’t wear too tight to protect the belly button. I find that most yoga practitioners have one thing in common. They don’t like too many accessories on clothes and clothes, and clothes are too tight.

  In particular, if the elastic band of the underwear is too tight, it will not only feel uncomfortable when tied to the body, but also affect the movement of the lungs and the expansion of the lungs when breathing.

In addition, if there is an accessory such as a ring buckle on the abdomen, it will be more laborious to perform bow-like movements and crack worm-like movements on the ground, isn’t it?

  Although most of us wear elastic fabrics, in order to show the curve, wearing smaller size underwear will also let ourselves move Kaka.

This is also the difference between yoga clothes and rhythm clothes: yoga clothes do not necessarily show beautiful breasts or waists, and you can even wear comfortable energy to do movements.

  That’s all for Yoga.

Practicing yoga is a very pleasant thing, and a good yoga product can accompany us throughout the yoga practice process.

Today, we have shared with you a lot of suggestions on choosing yoga clothes, and hope that everyone will be helpful.

Lidong health care to supplement the preferred lamb stew radish

Lidong health care to supplement the preferred lamb stew radish

From the perspective of TCM health, this is indeed a good season for tonic.

Because after entering the winter, the body’s metabolism is slowed down and the consumption is relatively reduced.

Winter tonic can store the energy of nutrient conversion in the body, thus strengthening the body and enhancing the resistance.

  Tonic: Take the food supplement as the “Nei Jing” has the saying “autumn and winter nourishment”, while the northern winter climate is dry and often has windy weather. Therefore, the benefits of Yin Yin is an important part of winter health, it is best to eat more cabbage, white fungus, fungus, oysters, pears, kiwi and other foods that replenish yin liquid; spicy and thick taste, barbecue fried foods are less delicious, usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, so as not to get angry.

Diet should be based on warmth, such as eating glutinous rice, dog meat, lamb, jujube, longan, sesame, leeks, etc., eat cold drinks, seafood and other cold foods.

You can eat more nutty foods such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, etc.

Boiled porridge soup can add some sand ginseng, jaundice, Ophiopogon, but the amount does not need a lot, because after all, it is a food supplement and not a medicine.

  Dishes: The mutton stewed radish is preferred. It is soft on the waist and knees, sleepy and weak, kidney deficiency and impotence, and spleen and stomach deficiency is more suitable.

In fact, it is fried double mushroom (champignon and mushroom), it can replenish the stomach, dispelling phlegm and dispelling cold, can enhance the body’s immune function, and is more convenient for patients with hyperlipidemia.

  The wind in winter is often northerly, and it is cold.

At the same time, “cold” is also the most important feature of winter climate change.

Chinese medicine believes that cold is one of the six sinister evils, so winter should be warm and cold, especially for the elderly.

People should sleep early and get up late, so that they can sleep longer. It is best to wait until the sun comes out and get up again, and don’t do posture exercises.

Proper ventilation in the bedroom, and pay attention to maintain a certain degree of humidity to prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

  Make up the winter: To be scientific, when people are still enjoying the warmth of the autumn, the time has come to November quickly, and the winter is coming.

Lidong, as the first solar term in winter, around the 8th of each year, the arrival of the winter festival is the fading of the grass, the locusts stagnate, the activities of all things tend to stop, hibernate, recharge the batteries, and make the spring come alive.Prepare.

Although humans do not have the idea of hibernation, the folks have the custom of wintering and wintering.

In the best period of this tonic, people make up for food and supplement the coldness against the winter.

On this day, people in the South and the North supplemented the wild game in different ways, so that in the cold winter, people can resist the invasion of the cold.

  In winter, people should eat less and eat cold. Most people can eat some higher and higher foods, especially in the north. They can eat some beef and mutton, but also pay attention to excessive supplements. Eat more fresh vegetables and vitamins.Easy to digest food.

In short, during the winter solstice, there is a custom of wintering in the folk, and in real life, the winter should pay attention to the ways and methods of nourishing the body.

Five vegetables suitable for summer salad

Five vegetables suitable for summer salad

“Vegetables can be eaten raw as much as possible, so that the nutrients in the dish can be preserved to the greatest extent.

“” The more natural the salad, the better.

“Vitamins are carbides. Vegetables are prone to loss of vitamins as soon as they are simmered.

  1. Cucumber Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B family and many trace minerals. It contains rich nutrients and is crisp and refreshing when eaten raw.

From a nutritional point of view, cucumber peels are rich in nutrients and appropriately kept raw.

  But in order to prevent pesticide residues from harming the human body, cucumbers should be soaked in salt water for 15-20 minutes before washing raw food.

When pickling cucumbers with salt water, do not scratch your head and take roots. Keep the cucumbers intact to prevent nutrients from being lost from the cut surface during the soaking process.

In addition, cold dishes should be cooked and eaten now, and should not be added and placed, as this will also lead to vitamin loss.

  2. Tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for vision protection and skin repair after sun exposure.

Cold tomatoes are better without sugar, otherwise sweetness may affect appetite.

Obese, diabetic, and hypertensive patients should not eat sweetened cold tomatoes called “Xueman Flame Mountain”.

  3, bell pepper or chili pepper is the most vitamin C rich food in all vegetables.

Vitamin C can improve the body’s immunity and help fight against various diseases.

In summer, people are prone to hot colds, and often go out, have more exposure to the external environment, and increase the chance of infection with the virus, so they need to improve their immunity.

  4, celery celery can have crude fiber, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin PP (also known as nicotinic acid) and other ingredients.

People tend to get angry, causing dry stools.

At the same time, people lose more water during hot days, which can easily cause an imbalance of sodium and potassium.

Celery can help people laxatively and regulate sodium and potassium balance.

  Vitamin PP affects human skin, nervous system and appetite. If the body lacks vitamin B2, it will easily cause fatigue and fatigue and oral ulcers.

Celery leaves contain more nutrients than stems. It is a pity to discard them.

  5, Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage is high in fiber and vitamin A supplements. In summer when the sun is dazzling, eating more Chinese cabbage is good for eye protection and beauty.

8 foods to lose weight and detoxify

8 foods to lose weight and detoxify

Introduction: July is here, and the weather is entering the hottest summer heat of the year.

The hot sun will even make you “lost” and even your appetite will plummet.

Frozen thirsty but easy to hurt the stomach, ice cream cool and degeneration is not small . So, is there any food that is both nutritious and relieves heat?

Of course there is!

The following 8 kinds of food, you may wish to eat more.

  The best condiment-vinegar is essential in cooking, and adding vinegar to summer dishes is even more beneficial.

Bacteria multiply in summer and internal infectious diseases increase. At this time, vinegar can have alternative killing effects on various germs.

  Best Vegetable-Bitter Taste As the saying goes: hot food is “bitter”, better than tonic.

Bitter food contains amino acids, bitterin, alkaloids, etc., and has a variety of effects such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and heatstroke, refreshing, and eliminating fatigue.

  Best Meat Food-Duck meat Duck meat is sweet, salty, and cold. From the principle of curing “Heat to the Cold” in Chinese medicine, it is especially suitable for people with heat in the body, such as low fever, weakness, less food, dry stoolsProbability.

  Best Drink-Hot Tea Tea contains potassium to quench thirst and fatigue.

A study in the United States states that drinking green tea can also reduce sunburn, sagging and rough skin caused by sun exposure.

According to tests by British experts, the cooling ability of hot tea is much better than cold drinks, and it is an outstanding leader in summer drinks.

  Best Fruit-Watermelon Watermelon tastes sweet and cold, and is also called “cold melon” in folk, which is the first choice for melon to quench thirst in the summer.

There is a narrative of “half a melon a day, what can the heat be?”

In the summer, heatstroke, fever, upset, thirst or other acute fever should be treated with watermelon.

  Best Porridge-Mung Bean Porridge Eating more porridge foods in summer is a traditional health care method that is great for the body.

Drinking porridge is best to drink mung bean porridge. Mung bean is cool and has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

Porridge used for heatstroke prevention include lotus leaf porridge, fresh coriander porridge and raw reed root porridge.

  The best anti-fatigue food-Fruit and vegetable juices. Drinking more fruit and vegetable juices is a good choice when your limbs are tired in summer.

Because fresh fruit and vegetable juice can effectively supplement the human body with vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, it can enhance cell vitality and gastrointestinal function, promote digestive juice secretion and eliminate fatigue.

  Best Sunscreen Foods-Tomatoes Studies by German and Dutch scientists have shown that eating more tomatoes will protect you from the sun.

If you eat 40 grams of tomato sauce a day, your risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%.

Scientists believe that this may be the main role played by lycopene.

How to be decent when wearing a suit?

How to be decent when wearing a suit?

A suit is an international garment.

A suit of suits can make the wearer casual, smart, and personable.

People often say, “A suit is made of seven points, and a suit of three points is worn.” So how to wear a suit to be considered decent?


Pay attention to specifications.

Suits come in two-piece suits and three-piece suits. Formal occasions should wear dark-colored wool suits of the same quality and color.

Two-piece suits can’t be taken off on formal occasions.

According to custom, no fur vest or sweater can be added to the suit.

In summer, you can only add a “V” collar sweater at most, otherwise it may be very bloated, which destroys the beauty of the line of the suit.


Put on your shirt.

The shirt is monochrome and the collar must be stiff and free of dirt and oil.

The hem of the shirt should be placed in the waist of the pants, and the collar and cuff links should be fastened.

Shirt sleeves are slightly longer than suit sleeves.

1 cm, the collar should be higher than the collar of the suit 1?

5 cm to show the level of clothing.


Tie a tie and wear a tie clip.

The “V” area between the collars of the suit is the most prominent. The tie should be in the center of this part. The tie of the tie should be full. The tie should match the neckline of the shirt.The upper end is the most standard.

Tie clips are usually clamped between the third and fourth buttons on the shirt.

After the suit button is fastened, the tie clip cannot be exposed.


Use your clothes.

The pockets on both sides of the suit jacket are for decoration only. Do not store items, otherwise the suit jacket will be deformed.

Only the handkerchief can be placed in the lower left pocket of the suit jacket.

Some items, such as ticket holders, and business card boxes can be placed in the pockets of the tops, and the trousers pockets can not be filled with items, in order to fit the hips and look beautiful.


Fasten the buttons.

Double-breasted suits must be fully buttoned to show solemnity.

There are two buttons in a single row, only one button on the top, and three buttons on the middle, which can be unlocked when sitting.

Single-breasted suits can also be left unbuttoned.


Wear leather shoes.

You must wear leather shoes in a suit, and your pants should cover the upper of the shoes.

Do not wear tourist shoes, walking shoes or cloth shoes, open-toed sandals, nor white socks and colorful flower socks.

Men should wear medium-knit socks with dark threads. Never wear translucent nylon or polyester stockings.

After 20 years, will you feel happier?


After 20 years, will you feel happier?

Human nature may be like frustration, as if life is surprisingly dissatisfied.

But in the future, there will be magical perfection, I am sure.

Now is the most beautiful, happiness is in the moment!

銆€銆€I remember when I was young, I grew up.

Because I feel that when I grow up, my parents can no longer control me.

You can drink cold water if you want to drink cold water. If you don’t sleep when you want to sleep at noon, you must be very happy.

銆€銆€When I really grew up, my parents couldn’t control it, but the happiness that I thought was not coming.

Because, although no one will control me to drink cold water, I found that the ideal was too insignificant.

Moreover, while gaining this insignificant freedom, there is a new scale of freedom.

For example, go to work at eight, even if it is 5 minutes late, the leader should look at his face.

And that face is more verbose than the parents when she was a child.

銆€銆€So, instead, I began to miss the carefree life of a child, and felt that it seemed to be happiness.

At the same time, it started a new trick: when you can implement flexible work, you must be very happy. You can sleep a few times and sleep a few times. You don’t have to be awakened by the alarm, you don’t have to wash your face.I forgot to wear it and went to the office.

銆€銆€A few years later, the flexible working system was finally realized.

In this case, become a veteran of your own mix, you can think of a few work to go to work, even if you are at home, no one said you.

However, I found that the happiness I expected at the beginning was gone without a trace.

Because, through the age of growth, there is no alarm, and there is no blessing in the morning.

Even when the sky is not bright, I wake up and do nothing to win the dawn.

Although no one asks you again, it is a habit to go to work on time, and there is nothing to do with flexible work and happiness!

銆€銆€Recalling decades of work experience, I also found that every unit will have a feeling of awkward leadership, will find me trouble.

Therefore, I always hope that this leader will be transferred, and stubbornly believe that as long as this person is transferred, the work will be very happy.

There is a part, he does not leave me, there is no grandfather here, he has his own place.

However, every time I find out, no matter where I go, the various colors, and the leadership I am doing are in the same shape.

Then he began to swear: When the day, the wife and the wife became a woman, and I can say the finale, no need to be led by the leadership, it must be very happy.

銆€銆€A few years later, I finally got out of my head: I became a leader, and I was able to show my face and let others see my face.

But I found that the happiness that I longed for did not come.

Because, although no one will make irresponsible remarks to you, but what responsibility should be responsible for me, big things, I have to make a decision, how is my heart so tired?

Moreover, the people around them have become so hypocritical, they put a fart, others will say incense.

銆€銆€So, every day, meeting, socializing, listening to reports, arranging work, busy like a gyro, I started a new one: I can live a leisurely life, I don’t have to worry about it, I want to fish, I want to fish.Playing cards and playing cards, you don’t have to look at so many false faces, listen to those nasty words, look at those boring documents, that is happiness.

銆€銆€Time flies, and I retired. I really don’t want anyone to take any responsibility. The phone that was annoying at the beginning was no longer called. The door was really cold to the pommel horse. All the time belongs to myself. I found that I was eager.Where happiness is happiness, it is simply the coldness and endless loneliness of people walking away from tea.

銆€銆€So, sitting alone under the sun, began to think about life: my life, from small to big, from big to old, I feel that if I do, tomorrow will be happy, but after the realization of one wish, happiness is still notCome?

At this time, it is only after I have truly understood a word that I have not been able to gain in my heart.

Everything is actually in the moment.

銆€銆€If you feel that you are not happy now, you always feel that change is happiness, or that you have been happy in the past, then I am afraid that it will be difficult to have true happiness in my life!


The future has not come yet, and the past has passed.

If every moment we don’t grasp, don’t take it seriously, always think about the invisible tomorrow or the yesterday that we have already gone, we will live in tension and loss forever.

As life sneaked away, there were only three words left in the end: empty and sad.銆€銆€So, if you want to know if you will be happy after 20 years, in terms of your personal attitude, you can know the current state: If you are happy now, you should be happy after 20 years; if you have too many things to sendTomorrow, 20 years later, these wishes, whether realized or not, may not feel real happiness.

銆€銆€The reason is simple. Desire is never the source of happiness, but the root of all suffering.

When a desire is satisfied, it will immediately produce new ones, just like me, satisfying the desire to drink cold water casually, and will have a desire to sleep late, and it will be endless and endless.

銆€銆€So, keep these lessons in mind, happiness is in the present, every day, even every moment in your hands, and there is no past or future.

How to know if it is possible to tell you a few small details of dementia


How to know if it is possible to tell you a few small details of dementia

There is no plan to do things. When I was young, I used to do things. The old people who have been working in the past have often done things unreasonably. There is no plan in everything. They all think of one out and one out, often doing whatever they want.

At this point, we must consider whether it is because of recent concerns or may be about our own body, children’s problems, etc. If it is not the above problem, it is not easy to detect, then it may be Alzheimer’s disease.

The expression of speech is unclear. Suddenly, I can talk about it. When I see old friends, I can talk about the old man all day. Recently, I have said clearly. I often say that I don’t speak the language in the first place.

At this time, it may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

I often can’t remember the time. If the old man often asks you today is the day of the week?

What time is it?

Or always ask you several times, you must pay attention, he may not remember what he asked, or is moved by time, this confusion is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

I often go wrong or misplaced a few things. The old road that has been going for decades can actually get lost. He can’t remember the remote control that has been placed there.

These small details reflect that he has forgotten the familiar scenes or memories, and the memory of the conditioned reflexes has been forgotten. This situation should be alert to the children.

Often talking to himself, the reaction is very old, people have recently become fond of natural self-speaking, behavior and reaction are very abnormal, asked him he said that there is no abnormal behavior or what is not being said.

At this point, I should take her to the doctor immediately, because it is very likely that I am already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

More exercise, more exercise, more active, have a strong body, the mind will naturally not use the brain more, think more, the more the head is using the spirit, rather than the more stupid, the brain becomes activeIt can effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, pay attention to diet, maintain an optimistic attitude, eat more foods that eat protein, such as milk, walnuts, etc., and some soy products are also eaten.

The mentality must be optimistic. The memory loss of the elderly is a very common problem. Don’t be suspicious and think that you have got sick.

Celebrity Health: Demystifying Five Actresses Magical Efficient Weight Loss Method


Celebrity Health: Demystifying Five Actresses Magical Efficient Weight Loss Method

In the entertainment industry, it is not necessary to have strength. It is indispensable to have a good body, especially female stars. Many stars have made their bodies more perfect through the efforts of the day after tomorrow.

So how did they get it out?

Now Xiaobian will reveal the five ways to lose weight for everyone, teach you to quickly have a star-like figure, and take a look at the roots!

銆€銆€Five stars to lose weight coups Yang Mi: walking can be thin for Yang Mi, she just gave birth to a child, the most favorite is to walk to lose weight.

The principle she insists on is to walk every day, and to walk, try not to do stairs.

This is also the most effective way to lose weight. She must have been convincing enough to prove that she is telling the truth.

銆€銆€If you can walk 10,000 steps a day, then the weight will be reduced evenly. This is a big amount of exercise, but as long as you can stick to it, you can definitely squat and lean back!

銆€銆€Gao Yuanyuan: Use calories to fight extreme rounds and rounds. But the nutrition experts in the circle keep the calories of food intake at a value instead of high-calorie yolk or meat, so you must neutralize the low-calorie vegetables.

Of course, this requires her to know the calorie value of the food, so that the weight-loss coffee is too powerful!

銆€銆€Such a way to lose weight has to be said to be very reliable, but this type of weight loss method requires too much nutrition knowledge.

People who need to lose weight understand the calories of things and the amount they eat, so they control their weight through scientific measurements.

In addition, she consumes no less than five kinds of food a day to keep her calories balanced.

銆€銆€Liya: Slowly eat slowly and sultry, and when I eat, the food is chewed no less than 20 times, and the eating speed is quite slow, giving the stomach enough space and time to digest.The body is beautiful and the body is great.

銆€銆€Accompanied by this is the weight loss method, it is better to say that this is the living habits that everyone should have. The food is fully chewed and then absorbed into the body, which can absorb nutrients, but does not cause adults to exceed the standard.

銆€銆€Victoria Beckham: Dried fruit is the staple food to lose weight. Bellow does not hesitate to pay for it. In a long waste, she uses only dried fruit as a staple food. It can replace 900 calories per day, but it is always shielded and occasionally supported.Replace green vegetables.


Stick to it!

銆€銆€For a normal person, we need to absorb about 2,000 calories per day. Even if we lose weight, the calorie absorbed per day should not be less than 1200 calories.

For the dried fruit diet mentioned above, its nutrition is relatively simple, if used as a staple food?

Be careful of malnutrition!

銆€銆€Julia Roberts: Slimming a bicycle with a big mouth and a sweet mouth is a leisurely person. She is offset with bicycles every day, about 40 minutes.

She will find a section of road that is rich in road conditions, sometimes sprinting, and sometimes slowly uphill, and sometimes dive downhill, so that the whole body can be exercised.

銆€銆€40 minutes of riding time consumption has a degeneration of 400?
500 kcal, the team leader is twice the 40-minute jog time.

However, if you are too cautious, uphill, downhill, turning, then the arm and leg muscles will become very strong, and you unfortunately reduced the content to become a female version of the Popeye.