Lixun Precision (002475) Commentary Report: High Performance and Optimistic about the New Ecology of the Company’s Business Model

Lixun Precision (002475) Commentary Report: High Performance and Optimistic about the New Ecology of the Company’s Business Model
Event: On April 15, 2019, the company announced its 2018 performance.The company’s operating income in 2018 was 358.50 ppm, a 57-year increase of 57.06%; net profit attributable to mother 27.23 ppm, an increase of 61 in ten years.05%; gross sales margin 21.05%, a year to increase by 1.05pct; net sales margin 7.85%, a year to raise 0.19 points; net cash flow from operating activities.42 trillion, an increase of 1761 in ten years.14%. Comments: The profitability has clearly reversed and strengthened. Consumer electronics, automotive and communications high-speed growth companies continued to have high revenue growth in 2018. The gross profit margin and net sales margin decreased, and the number of employees increased by 43.In 39% of cases, per capita income and per capita profit increased by 9 respectively.55%, 12.30%, profitability significantly reversed and strengthened.In view of different industries, the revenue growth of the consumer electronics, automotive and communications sectors in 2018 was 76.50%, 52.81% and 30.04%.Under the situation that the overall smartphone is saturated, the company’s consumer electronics business performance is still outstanding, indicating that the company’s business expansion around customer A has been substantially smooth.The combined company ‘s net profit attributable to mothers in the first quarter increased by 70% -90%, which is higher than the net profit attributable to mothers in the second quarter of the past three years, indicating that the company ‘s automotive and communications businesses have entered the fast track of growth. The operating capacity has continued to increase, and high R & D investment is optimistic about the company’s new business development. The company’s operating cycle in 2018 was 143.In 64 days, the turnover rate of inventory and accounts receivable was 6, respectively.90, 3.94, which has continued to improve over the past three years, indicating that the company’s operating capabilities have continued to increase.At the same time, the company’s R & D expenditure was 25%.1.5 billion, an annual increase of 63.10%, combined with the company’s high-precision system integration experience and learning ability, we are optimistic about the company’s Airpods and the diversified business development status of SPK / RCV, antennas, wireless charging and so on.In the 5G era, three key technologies such as ultra-dense networking, massive MIMO, and millimeter wave communication are evenly distributed in the mobile phone and substrate-side antenna architecture and material development. We believe that the company currently has a large number of technology reserves to seize this industry opportunity. Efficient mergers and acquisitions to create a positive feedback system of “components → modules → terminals” product model. The company has extensive market segmentation and R & D technical experience in consumer electronics connectors, and gradually uses it as the basis for expanding to other businesses such as connectors, speakers and antennas.With advanced precision system integration experience and learning capabilities, the company first expanded product categories around customers, and then expanded to other major customers at home and abroad.We believe that the company will focus on large customers and use efficient mergers and acquisitions as a means to transform its product model into “components → modules → terminals”. At the same time, it will expand from the consumer electronics side to the communications and automotive side, and gradually form a positive feedback ecosystem.This positive feedback system effectively reduces the company’s operating and technological transformation risks while giving the company room for growth. Profit forecast and estimation: We estimate the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 499/643/7武汉夜网论坛44 trillion, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 38.63/50.19/60.30,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.72/0.94/1.12 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE for 2018-2020 is 34, 26 and 22 times respectively.And in 18 and 19 years, the company’s new business cut into A customer, we give 35 times PE for 20 years, the corresponding target price is 32.9 yuan, a reasonable estimate of 26.20%, given a “strong recommendation” rating. Risk warning: AirPods sales and C-type penetration are lower than expected, and major customers’ technical solutions change.

China Torch Hi-Tech (600872): The net profit growth rate exceeds the expected performance and attempts to rebound

China Torch Hi-Tech (600872): The net profit growth rate exceeds the expected performance and attempts to rebound

Guide to this report: The performance exceeded market expectations, and the main business condiment maintained steady growth.

New incentive and evaluation schemes have been implemented, and the proportion of revenue assessment has been expanded. Gradient incentives can boost the motivation of employees, and the growth rate of H2 net profit is expected to gradually pick up.

Investment points: Investment advice: Maintain 2019 EPS forecast of 0.

93, 1.

11, 1.

33 yuan, due to the estimated upward movement of the center, with reference to comparable companies giving the main business 46 times 2019PE (corresponding to US $ 34.3 billion), the actual US $ 3.5 billion valuation, the target price is raised to 49 yuan (previous 39).

77 yuan), increase holdings.

Performance was lower than market expectations.

2019H1 revenue 23.

900 million, an increase of 10%; net profit attributable to the mother before and after deduction3.

7, 3.

500 million, an increase of 8%, an increase of 5.


Q2 single quarter revenue 11.

600 million, an increase of 13.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

800 million, 4.


Among them, 2019H1 delicious fresh revenue22.

600 million, net profit attributable to mother 3.

600 million, an increase of 15.

3%, 20.


Q2 single season delicious fresh income10.

9.5 billion, an increase of 15.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

800 million, an increase of 8%.

The sharp increase in Q2 net profit growth was mainly due to the higher base in Q2 2018, and the net interest rate in the single quarter of 19Q2 decreased by 1.

4pct, in which the gross profit margin dropped slightly to 0.

9 points to 40.

3%, a slight change from Q1, mainly due to the increase in the cost of raw materials and packaging materials; the sales expense ratio fell slightly to 0.

1 point to 10.

4%, management and R & D expense ratio rose by 1.

7 points.

The main business condiment maintained steady growth.

2019H1 delicious 北京桑拿洗浴保健 fresh revenue maintained a growth of 15%, of which soy sauce, chicken powder, edible oil, oyster sauce, sauces increased by 10%, 19%, 27%, 61%, 12%, revenue accounted for relatively large business growth and steady growth.

Real estate business revenue was 60.94 million yuan, an increase of 52.

8%, auto parts revenue of 41.56 million yuan, down 0.98%.

Channels continued to refine, with the number of dealers increasing from 111 to 975, and 15 additional blank prefecture-level markets added.

Net profit growth is expected to pick up.

The new incentive and assessment plan was implemented, the proportion of revenue assessment was expanded, and the company moved toward the double-hundred-year goal of five years. The incentives were tilted towards middle-level employees to improve the execution of strategy. Gradient incentives 淡水桑拿网 boosted the enthusiasm of employees, and the growth rate of H2 net profit gradually gradually recovered.

Core risks: increased competition in the industry, food safety risks

Frequent overtime work?

Beware of illness

Frequent overtime work?
Beware of illness

The double eleven express delivery has been handed over for many e-commerce white-collar workers. It’s cool to buy and buy people who are sour and cool. This group of people who work hard and work overtime has a double twelve and waiting for overtime is not easy.And add and cherish today, come and talk about how to work overtime and fatigue, how to do overtime fatigue, worry about illness, stunned, fainting, shortness of breath, occasionally staying up late, working overtime during the day, working long hours on the computer, will lead to slow blood flowIt makes people dizzy, sullen, short, and listless.

At this time, the resistance is temporarily reduced, and there may be symptoms such as mouth ulcers, colds, sore throats, etc., but rest in time can be restored.

2 The body sinks for several days to work overtime, on a business trip, or two or three weekends without rest, the body feels heavy, the movement is slow, the gait is heavy, and it is completely unstable.

At this time, the oxygen and blood glucose levels in the blood continue to drop, causing hypoxia in the body tissues and organs, “starving”, muscle spasm, cold hands and feet, congestion of the eyes, metabolic disorders, hair loss, depression and so on.

3 exhausted and said that the project at hand entered the sprint period, had to work overnight, physical and mental pressure.

In this case, people who can’t eat can’t sleep will be thin in a short time, and some people will get stressed by overeating, and then become fat; skin color becomes dull, even people get acne in middle age; waist is stiffAcute pain in the neck and shoulders; severe sleep problems, night-time impact and sleeplessness; emotional anxiety, irritability, and even hysteria.

4 small problems continue to overwork for six months to a year, the debts owed to the body began to slowly fail.

At this time, the neck and shoulders are more and more severe, and oral ulcers, periodontal disease, gastritis, constipation, etc. are difficult to heal, and even affect normal life and work.

There may be mild concerns in the spirit, depression, and sleep problems.

5 major illnesses, if you are overworked and mentally stressed for many years, the immune function will gradually weaken, the body’s self-repair ability will decline, the disease may come to the door, and sometimes suffer from multiple joint pain, migraine, myocarditis, glomerulonephritis, etc., but also suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors.

How to relieve overwork fatigue?

1 breakfast must be rich in breakfast, it is very meaningful for a day.

Breakfast is the source of energy for brain activity. If you don’t have breakfast, you can’t supply enough blood sugar for consumption. When you work overtime, you will feel tired, lazy, tired, unable to concentrate, lack of energy, and unresponsive.

If you do not eat breakfast, you will often eat at noon, which will increase the burden on your stomach and induce gastritis.

2 At noon, the high-intensity work will increase fatigue when working overtime, and it will take longer to eliminate fatigue.

If you wait until you are tired and take a break, the effect is often not obvious, so you should learn to take the initiative to rest.

It is a fact that there are many tasks, but rest is an important change that cannot be ignored. Because during sleep, the human cells can recover themselves and restore their physical strength.

Therefore, you can take a break at noon for 15 minutes to rest, so that the next work will be more efficient.

3 reduce the amount of traces, sugar and salt intake during the overtime period, in order to make the state of the gas is full and emotionally not too worried, the diet should be particularly reduced in trace amounts, salt and sugar intake.

These substances can cause people’s ability to withstand stress, and it is easy for the brain to slow down, so that overtime work becomes less efficient.

How to prevent excessive fatigue?

1 Turn the eyes and turn 14 times from left to right, then 14 times from right to left, then close for a while, then quickly open your eyes.

Perennial persistence, can make the eyes rotate flexibly, go to the cataract, and can correct the nearsightedness and farsightedness.

2 踮 踮 所以 所以 所以 所以 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 常 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在

When the person is cramping, due to the contraction and compression of the muscles of the lower leg, the blood flow of the lower limbs can be promoted, and the blood circulation can be accelerated, thereby alleviating the swelling of the lower limbs and preventing varicose veins and skin pigmentation of the lower limbs.

Specific practice: feet and feet together, forcefully lift the heel, keep 2?
3 seconds, can be repeated multiple times.

3 comb hair comb can stimulate the acupuncture points of the head, shorten the dredge of meridians, regulate nerve function, enhance secretion activities, improve blood circulation, and promote metabolism.

Rubbing your hair often can make your face look rosy and refreshed.

Can you comb your hair 3 times a day?
5 times, each time more than 3?
5 minutes, it is best to comb your hair before going to bed at night.

4 stretching and stretching can cause most of the muscles to contract, so that the accumulated blood is “rushed” back to the heart, which greatly increases blood flow and improves blood circulation.

Therefore, it is often stretched to promote muscle contraction and relaxation, increase the blood flow of the muscle itself, and even take away the metabolites in the muscles, relieve the effect of fatigue, make people feel full body stretch, refreshed.

5 Deep breathing Deep breathing can promote the discharge of turbidity in the lungs of the human body, increase the vital capacity of the lungs and the oxygen in the blood, and accelerate blood circulation.

What can be eaten to treat fatigue? 1 Banana banana is called “high-energy food”, contains residues that are easily absorbed by the body, and also supplements potassium.
Potassium can help maintain the normal function of muscles and nerves in the human body, but it can’t be stored in the body for a lot of time. After cardiovascular exercise, the body’s potassium will drop very low.

Studies have shown that too low potassium can cause muscle pain, arrhythmia, slow response, etc., while eating a few bananas can supplement potassium deficiency.

2 Strawberry Strawberry is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron and make cells nourished. Therefore, eating more strawberries can make people energetic.
3 Tuna In high-protein fish, tuna is rich in tyrosine. In the human body, tyrosine can help produce the brain’s neurotransmitters, so that people can concentrate and think quickly.

4 Oatmeal has been found that if the fiber content in the breakfast is high, there will be no feeling of pregnancy and intestinal cramps.

Nutritionists have explained that fiber slows the rate of digestion and continuously supplies attachments to the blood vessels, allowing the body to continuously gain energy.

Oatmeal is a highly fibrous food. The release of energy is slow and balanced, which keeps the blood sugar level at a high level, so it does not feel aging and full of energy.

5 Beans Iron is the main medium for generating human energy, and it is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to human organs and muscles.

Therefore, if the body lacks iron, it will lead to anemia, making people feel dizzy and weak.

Although pig liver and lean meat are the best sources of iron, eating some red beans, black beans or soybeans can also supplement the iron supplement and effectively improve the fatigue and weakness.

6 Spinach spinach contains mineral magnesium that is more easily deficient in women.

If the magnesium intake of women is 280 mg per day, people will feel tired and boring.

The role of magnesium in the human body is to convert the retina in the muscle into usable energy.

Emotional chess and calligraphy

Emotional chess and calligraphy

The famous ancient painters Qi Baishi, Liu Haisu, calligrapher Su Zhouxian, etc., are mostly elderly people over 90 years old, and there are many centenarians.

Throughout the index of the modern age of the index painter, you can find excellent long calligraphy and painting, and many years of pen and cultivating, long and healthy longevity.

  Chinese calligraphy has a special artistic beauty. Mr. Lu Xun once said that there are three beautiful Chinese characters: Yimei is sensitive, and the sound is beautiful, and the beauty is beautiful.

When practicing calligraphy, you can observe the charm of the inscription, and you can learn aesthetic taste and aesthetic thoughts. At the same time, you can enjoy artistic enjoyment, cultivate temperament, and calmly cultivate.

  From the perspective of human physiology, practice calligraphy must have the correct posture, to make the head straight, the arms are flush, the chest is straight, and the feet are flat on the ground, so that the strength of the whole body can be lifted, so that the elbow is written.Exercise freely with your wrist.

This posture is similar to the Qigong movement, which keeps the whole body muscles comfortable and breathes naturally when writing, which promotes blood circulation.

If you write long characters, you must keep the book. In addition to the fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders, you must use your waist.

The waist is a key part of the whole body movement, so many old people with excellent long calligraphy write the big characters, just like playing a set of Tai Chi or practicing a set of five birds, which plays a role in fitness.

  Mr. Pan Boying, the late Chinese contemporary calligrapher, once said: “When the heart is ecstatic, writing can calm the mind; the heart is depressed, writing can make people forget the sorrow.

I thought that it would be a good idea to live longer.

“Calligrapher Su Shixian once said: “The writing should be focused and consistent, so that it can suppress the role of meditation.”

Flowers and birds, mountains and rivers, is a book and painter who draws on the beauty of nature, beautifies the society, and embellishes the beautiful creation of life.

For the average person, especially the elderly, practicing painting has the function of entertainment and deportation.

Painting must be “intention to the tip of the pen”, the heart is the same, the thoughts are like a flood when writing down; when the pen is in a row, the boat is on the sea, drifting in the water; when the pen is stopped, if the relatives say goodbye, people are doing their best.

With the whole process of artistic conception, imagination, and ink-image, the realm of self-denial is reached.

The emotional transfer during painting is an effective way to be good at unpleasant feelings, while the realm of forgetting is the development and deepening of emotional transfer.

The painter has great interest in visiting famous mountains and rivers, watching flowers and birds, and enjoying the pastoral scenery. This can not only increase the creative newness, but also strengthen the breathing, regulate the circulation of blood, relax the muscles, enhance the metabolism, and also mold.The sentiment, the exclusion of depression, is in an optimistic and super-easy state of mind.

Especially in the old age, between the paintings and calligraphy, I tirelessly explore the mystery of the art of painting and calligraphy, and discover that the artistic conception is so colorful and so vast, so that all personal desires will disappear without a trace.

  Older people often listen to music, which can make the spirit comfortable, blood circulation, and have a great substitute for health and longevity.

A melodious and fresh song, songs and songs, which lead people to indulge in the poetry of nature, feel relaxed and happy; when you listen to the majestic and excited songs, you will feel full of youthful vitality and aspire to the new life.However, life. life is inseparable from music, music has brought great pleasure to human beings, and at the same time, it also contributes to certain age-related diseases, leading to the role of longevity.

French female pianist Margaret?

At the age of 106, Prevot played impromptuly at the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bordeaux Medical School.

  In recent years, music treatment diseases have spread all over the world.

Japan uses music therapy for the treatment of senile pseudo-dementia, the cure rate is 70%; treatment of depression and rabies psychosis, there are also good results; let the hypertensive patients listen to a lyrical violin concerto, so that the patient’s blood pressure drops 10-20 mm HgColumn; a female patient with neurasthenia in Rome, Italy, feeling uneasy all day, depressed, went to the doctor, the doctor did not give him any drugs, and opened 3 music records, listening 3 times a day, playing twice each timeAfter a week, her illness was cured.

  Chess is a recipe for adjusting the spiritual life of the elderly.

Both sides of the game are competing, sometimes they are fiercely fighting, sometimes they are confident, and they exercise their minds and cultivate their sentiments.

It also makes people open-minded, reduces distractions, and gains a psychological balance.

According to Japanese experts using ultrasound measurements, it is found that the elderly who are diligent in thinking, the blood vessels are easily stretched, and the nerve cells of the brain are well maintained, which can delay the aging of the brain.

The brain is the central nervous system of the human body. The brain is not aging and can maintain the vitality of life.

The joy of the old man’s chess, the appropriateness of the music, a game of no more than 2 hours is appropriate.

Otherwise, sedentary motion can lead to insomnia, indigestion, and prone to tension headaches and cervical spondylosis.

Time, winning or losing, don’t care, you should take pleasure in it, enjoy the sex, and prolong life.

Five possibilities after divorce between men and women

Five possibilities after divorce between men and women

Five possible divorce relations between men and women are presented in 1 and it is not her original intention to hate and possibly break up. Therefore, after having to accept this reality, she took the man with hatred towards the marriage and complained to all her friends.His bad and unfaithful and unruly, spreading the breath of hatred in every possible space . no one can point him at her. This topic is definitely a time bomb, and if he is not careful, he may be hacked.whole body.

  ● Narration is not necessary to bring personal privacy to the surrounding environment, and no one is obligated to share it for you.

The feeling of hatred due to divorce is normal in the short term, but if it persists, it will not be half beneficial to your future health and life.

  Especially if you have children, you must also consider the affordability of children who are still unreasonable. Hatred will only allow children to grow up without a sense of trust and security.

  2. In fact, ordinary friends cannot easily erase all their pasts. They cannot be husbands and wives, do not need to be enemies, and do not want to be entangled. Then be ordinary friends.

Being an ordinary friend, if you are away, if you are not, you should be the best state of EX.

His life is no longer related to you, and so is yours, but occasional care and greetings are not ruled out. Of course, it is not necessary to prepare gifts for him on his birthday or Valentine’s Day, but when you need help, you and himIt is not impossible to appear in front of each other.

  ● Voiceover It takes a little bit of mind and manner to be friends.

In fact, there are still good examples. Xie Xian and Deborah divorced for decades. When they met at the party, they still smiled and took pictures in front of the media. They even issued a consistent foreign declaration on the growth of a pair of children.

Why can’t I come to see you again after being divorced?

The better fact is that you can’t be a husband and wife at the same time, it is entirely possible to be a confidant, or no one knows you better than him. In case of trouble, maybe he will provide you with the most practical advice.

  3. Supporting type Because he has been his wife, he must bear the responsibility of support, and she also automatically has the right to be supported, especially with a child. She will talk to her ex-husband for decoration for three days and two days.Problems like class, travel, vacation.

  She rarely thinks about her own life. She moves between her and her ex-husband under the banner of maintenance. She enjoys it, and may even cause her ex-husband’s new girlfriend to give pointers.Go to your ex-husband’s house and ask her to comment.

  ● Narrator The typical ex-wife has not yet fully accepted the status quo, the typical life and emotional dependence, and her heart is not without emotional depression, but not strong, because the ex-husband took full responsibility for maintenance, so shePsychologically, she still feels that her ex-husband has reason to share all the details of her life as before.

At first, I was biased. I think that it is impossible to continue the relationship with my ex-husband!

From now on, learning how to get your own life is the best policy.

  4. Since the chic passers-by broke up, it means that there is a real reason for not being able to live with him. In this case, why bother pretending to be a friend?

Don’t even have hatred, embarrassment, nostalgia, and concern, just think you have never known this person, or treat him as someone you once knew.

Since then, her life is no longer related to him, including pain and happiness, old and sick.

  ● Narrators Independent urban women can certainly do it. Changing a house, a company, and a mobile phone number can create an event of human evaporation.

But these are deliberate. Besides, in order to sever the connection with the ex-husband, do you want to stop the former friends?

The most chic thing is that you have no heart in your eyes. You don’t need to delete the information about him in MSN and mobile phone book. When you think of it, you just know it lightly: this person was once important, but not now!

  5. On the weekends, a family child makes everything more complicated. No matter who the child is assigned to guardianship after divorce, you have no right to prevent the child from growing up without the love of either party.

Everything is based on your child’s growth needs, which will make your relationship more natural and happy.

Because of having a child, you and your ex-husband may never really “break up”. There are too many problems that you need to face together. With indifference and relative indifference, it is better to create a warm scene for family members on weekends, especially parent-child activities in school., You and he had better participate together.

  ● Narrators will meet with them on weekends or holidays. If possible, do not refuse to let him participate; if the child is under your supervision, you can also arrange some play plans in time, discuss with your ex-husband first, and then invite the child to come in—The advantage is that it will minimize the damage to the child caused by divorce, and it will also prevent you from fighting alone on your child’s education. This is of great significance to single mothers.

Bladder acne should pay attention to certain matters-

Bladder acne should pay attention to certain matters?

It is actually annoying to say that acne is not terrible. “Youth has left me, but acne is still stuck in long sleeves.” Many young beauty people may also have some acne on their face due to factors such as eating habits.What should I do if I have acne on my face and avoid other taboos?

1. Do not wash your face often. Washing your face twice a day is a rule you must follow.

Often washing your face will stimulate the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, because once the oil on the surface of the skin is washed, the sebaceous glands must work “overtime” to perform its natural protection function. As a result, the sebaceous glands will become more and more frizzy.More and more lively.

2. Do not use scrubs and astringent water. Scrubs and astringent water will over-irritate the epidermis and gradually become inflamed skin conditions. At the same time, it will also stimulate the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, making the situation worse.

In addition, the astringent water can shrink the pores and make the pore openings that have been inserted smaller.

3. Do not smoke. Nicotine in cigarettes will shrink the microvascular tube wall, cause toxin accumulation in blood and lymph, and reduce the reoxygenation rate of skin cells, which will weaken the skin’s healing ability and form cross-infection of skin wounds.

4. Do n’t pull, squeeze, pick acne. If you correct or use tools to squeeze, it will not help, but will cause secondary infection due to the bacteria on your hand, or cause subcutaneous bruising due to the force of the squeeze.Residual marks must be left for 4-6 weeks to disappear.

In addition, the wounds caused by squeezing are repeatedly irritated, resulting in skin hyperplasia and the formation of raised scars.

5, eat less spicy, fried, high-conversion foods Although these foods will not directly cause the condition of acne, but they will “deteriorate” the condition of acne, because these foods will increase the load capacity of the heart, leading to bloodThe quality of vitamin K decreases, which indirectly induces the formation of acne.

Chuanbei stuffed pear

Chuanbei stuffed pear

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]12 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 6 Sydneys, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of winter melon sticks, 180 grams of rock sugar.

The glutinous rice was washed and steamed into rice; winter melon was cut into large soybean particles; Sichuan Fritillaria was broken; white staff members were dissolved into water.


After peeling 6 Sydney pears, cut a piece with a knife to cover them. Use a small knife to dig out the pear cores and immerse them in white staff water to prevent discoloration. Then burn the pears in boiling water.Scoop in cold water and rinse, then remove from the bowl. After mixing the glutinous rice, melon sticks, and a moderate amount of rock sugar urine, the Fritillaria chuanxiong is divided into six equal parts, and put into 6 Sydneys respectively.Put it in a bowl, then put it in a basket and steam it in boiling water for about 50 minutes.


Put 300 grams of water in the pot and boil over the fire, add the remaining sugar, melt it and collect the thick juice. When the pears are out of the cage, pour on the pears one by one.

  [Usage]When taking, take 1 Sydney each time, once in the morning and evening.

  [Effect]Run lungs and reduce phlegm, reduce fire and remove heat.

It is suitable for emphysema, cough, dry cough, and hemoptysis.

Ginger can effectively prevent summer air conditioning disease

Ginger can effectively prevent summer “air conditioning disease”

In the hot summer, many homes and offices are air-conditioned. People enjoy the breeze and coolness, and they are also prone to “air-conditioning”.
Often manifested as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, colds, cold shoulder pain and other symptoms.
Chinese medicine believes that ginger has three major effects: sweating and relieving the skin, warming the stomach and vomiting, and detoxifying.
People in an air-conditioned environment often drink ginger soup, which can effectively prevent “air-conditioning disease.”
  Abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea: The navel is the weakest part of the human body’s resistance to the outside world. In addition, in summer, the secretion of gastric acid and digestive juice is reduced, the ability to resist bacteria is weakened, and the gastrointestinal function is easily affected by hot and cold stimulation in air-conditioned placesDisorders, leading to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.
Eating ginger or drinking ginger soup appropriately can play a role in prevention and treatment.
Scientists have discovered that ginger can play a role in certain antibiotics, especially against Salmonella.
  Colds and colds: often in an air-conditioned environment, because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, it is easy to feel cold outside.
If you can eat a few slices of ginger or drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup in time, it will help dispel the cold and relieve the table, or you can get good results by soaking your feet with ginger soup (with salt and vinegar).
  Editor’s recommendation: Waist and shoulder pain: Midsummer hot summer, staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, shoulders and lower back are vulnerable to diseases such as wind, cold and dampness, especially the elderly are prone to cause shoulder shoulder inflammation.To make some hot ginger soup, first add a little salt and vinegar to the hot ginger soup, then drench with a towel, drench it, and apply it to the affected area several times.
This method can make muscles relax from tension, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, which can greatly relieve pain.

Why is it easy to have a toothache in winter?


Why is it easy to have a toothache in winter?

In fact, the main oral diseases that cause toothache are dental caries, acute pulpitis, periodontitis, acute and chronic apical periodontitis, and so on.

Patients with caries have cavities in their teeth. When they experience cold, heat, acid, sweetness and other stimuli (including food caulking and cavities), they will feel toothache. After eliminating the irritating factors, the toothache stops immediately.

The most common toothache is mostly caused by acute pulpitis. The toothache is characterized by spontaneous, paroxysmal, and the pain is aggravated by hot and cold stimulation or nighttime sleep.

Other causes of toothache, although the mechanism is different, but one thing is common: cold, thermal stimulation will aggravate toothache.

Winter weather is cold, and people often have to touch cold air when they breathe air.

Especially in the winter, after the nasal congestion caused by a cold, the teeth and the cold air are “direct collision”, and naturally it is easy to cause toothache.

Of course, indoor high temperatures are high, and people eat more and are 鈥渉ot鈥? but thermal stimulation can also cause toothache, especially when the cold and heat alternate, the incidence of toothache will be greatly improved.

In addition to temperature, other meteorological elements in winter (such as humidity, wind, and sunshine) can cause toothache directly or indirectly.

In winter, the air is relatively dry, and it is the off-season of vegetables. People tend to 鈥済et angry鈥? which causes throat and mouth diseases, including toothache.

Modern meteorological health research has also confirmed that when cold front transit or under the control of cold air mass, periodontitis is easy to cause, and dental bleeding is also prone to occur.

In the wind (especially the northerly wind), periodontitis is also easy to trigger.

In addition, the occurrence of dental caries also has a certain substitution, in which the incidence of winter and early spring is high, and the incidence rate is low in summer. This is mainly because in winter and early spring, sunshine and ultraviolet radiation are obviously weak, and vitamin D and phosphorus in human blood.The content is also significantly lower, which is prone to dental caries.

To alleviate toothache, there are many folk methods, such as “using a pepper, rubbing on the molars, the pain can be alleviated; another example, “salting with salt water or wine several times can also relieve toothache.”

However, in the case of stubborn toothache, it is best to take painkillers.

But pain relief is not equal to prevention, and it is not equal to treatment.

In normal times, you should pay attention to oral hygiene. In winter, you should pay attention to the weather changes, avoid colds, and reset the teeth to be less “cold stimulation”.

When the dental disease is heavy and difficult to relieve pain, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

How to identify senile dementia


How to identify senile dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is also known as Alzheimer’s disease.

The disease is a insidious onset, and the patient gets sick without knowing it. It is unclear when it started.

It is a kind of continuous intelligent decline. In fact, the intelligence is falling straight, and the situation is getting worse. There is no relief in the meantime. The course of disease is about 5-12 years.

銆€銆€First, early (1-3 years).

The first symptom that appears is the recent memory loss. I can’t call the name of an acquaintance. “Tear the three, and forget about it.” If you turn the kettle to dry, burn the rice, etc., and the memory is good in the long term.I remember very clearly about things many years ago.

Due to the visual dysfunction, the patient can get lost in a strange environment; the orientation is difficult; the placement of things cannot accurately determine the position of the item, and it is easy to catch or knock down.

Although I can do familiar work in the early days, I feel powerless about any new requirements.

Apathy and suspicious.

Poor judgment, loss of overall ability, focus on decentralization, shopping will not be accounted for or miscalculated.

銆€銆€Second, medium term (2-10 years).

Patients may have a variety of cerebral cortical dysfunction such as aphasia, loss of recognition, and loss of use.


Aphasia: The patient begins to use useful words, gradually can not understand the meaning of other people’s words, answer is not asked, they often say the wrong words, the content is gradually empty, “east pull West”, the ability to talk is reduced.


Loss of recognition: Obese patients have disregarded their faces, and those who have lost their faces do not know the faces of their loved ones and acquaintances, and even call their daughters “mothers”; self-awareness cannot, patients sit in front of the mirror and talk to their own shadows in the mirror, evenQ: “Who are you?


Disuse: The patient cannot make continuous movements that are familiar to the weekdays. For example, when smoking, the cigarettes cannot be taken out in order, the cigarettes are smoked, the matches are fired, and the cigarettes are smoked; or the skills that are already mastered can not be performed, such as the original riding, not after the illness.Yes; don’t use any tools or even take chopsticks or eat with a spoon.

Difficult to dress, can not tell the pros and cons of the clothes, up and down and left and right, in order to wear the wrong or forget to wear some pieces.

At this time, you can not find your own room or your own bed at home or in the hospital.

Excessive activity, uneasiness, repeated movements, such as walking around indoors without aim, or getting up in the middle of the night, sneaking around, opening doors, closing doors, moving things, etc.

The vision is reduced, the muscle tension of the limbs is increased, and there is an abnormal flexion posture and tremor.

銆€銆€Third, late (5-12 years).

Intelligence, language, work ability, and self-care ability have all declined.

Personality can only imitate other people’s words, but they don’t know what they want; or they repeat what they say, and they can only make a noise until they are speechless.

Bedridden, incontinence, inability to take care of themselves, limbs and rigidity, exercise can not, resulting in flexion.

There is no conscious reaction to external stimuli, which is manifested as immobility and silence.

More deaths from pneumonia, prostatic urinary or acne infections.

銆€銆€When you suspect that you or your family have early symptoms of dementia, you should go to the hospital for neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics and psychology, and imaging.

In particular, neuropsychological examinations such as: Wechsler smart examination, clinical memory scale, language function (listening, speaking, reading, writing), cognition, exercise, visual spatial function, emotion, personality (anxiety, depression)Wait.
The above-mentioned examinations can be carried out in the neurology departments of the third-grade hospitals of some large and medium-sized provincial cities in China, with early diagnosis and timely treatment.