Summer is not sunscreen, easy to sunburn, after repairing, 6 strokes of body sunburn muscle


Summer is not sunscreen, easy to sunburn, after repairing, 6 strokes of body sunburn muscle

After sunburn repair 6 strokes dyed dry sun damage muscles hydrating cool down redness and swelling This is an irreplaceable whitening skin care knowledge, put the lotion in the refrigerator for more than ten minutes, then use a cotton pad to take the lotion and apply itOn the face, wait for about 10 minutes, then apply a cold mask and take the transfer away. After the ice, you will feel the skin of the body become cool and cool. Those red and swollen and hot will disappear.

Hydrating Mask for Deep Care Before going to bed, the hydrating mask can effectively soothe the skin after sunburn and quickly replenish the lost moisture.

People who care about it, replace the whitening mask to prevent, and metabolize the dullness and pigmentation that have formed.

Dry skin, rough skin and other problems after severe sunburn will be alleviated after a long series of repair work, or even completely avoided.

The skin regains vitality.

After cleansing the skin, even if there are no sensitive symptoms such as redness and tingling, it is inevitable that the skin is dry and pores are enlarged. Therefore, it is the key to thoroughly clean the skin. You can use the moisturizing essence to apply it evenly on the face.Wait 8 to 10 minutes, then rinse your face with water to give your skin a complete relaxation and nourishment. Even the stain problem will be alleviated.

Exfoliation speeds up the skin after metabolism. Exfoliation is maintained in 1-3 hours. Exfoliation can promote the circulation of epidermal blood, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, better absorb other nutrients, and stimulate the skin to grow new cells.The skin becomes softer and the pores become smaller, helping the skin to quickly get out of the haze and restore the vitality of the skin.

Ice-cold ice cubes have a good repairing effect on the skin after sunburn. Wrap the ice cubes with a towel and apply them on the top to let the ice cold pass quickly to the hot skin after sunburn, reducing the temperature of the skin surface.Develops a calming effect on the skin and also shrinks pores.

After the sun whitening aid – vitamins strong sunlight will consume the body’s vitamins, resulting in vitamins will cause blood circulation and metabolism is not smooth, and cause skin malnutrition and other issues.

So after sunburn, timely vitamin supplements can help the skin restore moisture and whitening.

These are mainly vitamins A, B, and C. They promote skin metabolism, help repair skin cells after sun exposure, and help blemishes and whitening.