How do Ants face psychological distress?

How do Ants face psychological distress?

Recently, there is a word that vividly reflects the difficult living conditions of post-80s college graduates, which is “ant family”.

This group of people has the characteristics of “high intelligence, weak, social group”. Although they have received higher education, their income is very small.

The reason why this group of college graduate low-income people are called “ant tribe” is that although their individuals are “weak” like ants, they have a lot of strength.

A significant number of them were involved in online mass incidents, certain online signatures, online controversy, human flesh searches, etc.

This article will analyze the cause of the formation of the “ant family”, the possible psychological problems and the coping methods.

  The roots of the formation of the “ant family” started in 1999. From a social perspective, the formation of the ant family began in 2003 when the first batch of college students expanded.

A huge employment peak was formed at that time, and the number of graduates has increased sharply since then.

According to the “Social Blue Book” of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the number of college graduates in 2009 increased by about 500,000 from the 5.99 million in 2008, resulting in an oversupply of the talent market.

  In the corner of the ant snail house, eight people lived in one house.

  The disconnection of university specialty setting and market demand is another important reason for the formation of the “ant family”.

To be precise, some people with vocational education find it easier to find good jobs than college students.

A large part of the “ant family” group’s military marketing jobs, although there is no professional requirement and school discrimination, but the competition is fierce, resulting in thin competition, and they have to live in a village.

Obviously, the attractiveness of big cities has also exacerbated the growth of settlement villages.

According to the survey, nearly half of the college graduates who live in it choose to stay because they believe that Beijing has many job opportunities and an excellent urban environment.

  The “ant tribe” is prone to certain psychological problems. For a long time, the “ant tribe” is a group of people ignored by society. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 in Beijing.

Lian Si, an associate professor at the Peking University Law School, lasted 2 years and went to Tangjialing and other places. After a large number of case studies and data analysis, he wrote a monograph entitled “Anthropology-A Record of the Villages of University Graduates”.

In the past two years, the research team assigned 563 questionnaires to seven “resorts” in the townships of Haidian District, Changping District, Dongbeiwang, Xibeiwang, Erlizhuang Xiaoyuehe, Shahe Town, and Xiaojiahe.”” Basic analysis of work, study, marriage, amateur life, online behavior, etc.

The final investigation evidence triggered was that poor living conditions of low-income graduates, lack of social security, great changes in thoughts and emotions, mainly rely on the Internet to vent.

  Experts say that college students who have just graduated are not positioned correctly enough, and they are likely to encounter setbacks in the process of adapting to society, and may cause psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and hostility.

The survey showed that there were as high as 74.

The 8% growth rate is most dissatisfied with their economic income, and the most satisfied is their interpersonal relationships.

Persistent “ant families” have higher average scores than normal adults in the evaluation of factors such as compulsion, depression, hostility, sensitive interpersonal relationships, worry, and paranoia.

  The “ant tribe” ‘s psychological distortion should be debugged. Most of the “ant tribe” have their own dreams, some kind of hope that there will be a car in three years, a house in five years.

Although these dreams are their greatest spiritual support, according to the current situation, those who can realize their dreams and move away from the village are rare.

Persistent “ant families”, a large number of people participated in network mass incidents, certain network signatures, online controversy, human flesh search, etc.

This means that if there is no reasonable way of venting, the “ant tribe” may promote the outbreak of sexual events in groups through the interaction of the virtual environment and the real environment, which will affect itself and society.

  For the post-80s generation, the age they lived in was just in the period of social transformation, some common social contradictions, the unemployment rate rose, urbanization was relatively equal, and their growth experience was transitioned.

When the difference between ideal and reality makes people feel cruel, it is also normal to have corresponding negative emotions, and it may also become one of the variable factors of society.

This may be the first reason that this group has attracted widespread media attention.

In addition to the self-regulating ability to be moved closer, the relevant departments of the settlements should pay attention to the changing trend of this group.

For young people with psychological problems, timely counselling and treatment should be given to find a place for them to express their emotional appeals.

Regarding the psychological problems such as compulsiveness, depression, sensitive interpersonal relationships, anxiety, and paranoia that may occur in the ant family mentioned above, if you want to find the best adjustment method, please consult your psychologist.

Ballet can also work out

Ballet can also work out

Many forward-thinking fitness professionals look for other forms of exercise that can perform coaxial movements to practice abdominal muscles.

This set of exercises is selected from the Pilates movements.

“Piraz” is a way for ballerinas to strengthen their strength.

  It specializes in physical unity.

Practitioners need to focus on muscle sensation rather than just a few times.

Here are six exercises.

  1. “Hammock”-Spread a large bath towel on the mat and lie on your back.

Grasp the two corners of the towel with both hands, and wrap your head.

Bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground.

Inhale, lift your abdomen and lift your head and neck until your shoulders are off the ground.

Keep in this position and inhale while slowly stepping one leg straight, keeping your heel on the ground.

Exhale and retract your legs to the knees bent.

Switch to the other leg.

Note that the breathing sequence is correct, and the abdominal muscles are tightened inward each time you exhale.

  2. “Rotating Bird”-Lie on your back and bend your body.

Put your hands behind your head and close your abdomen.

Exhale while raising your head and shoulders, keeping your neck natural.

Inhale the tibia of the legs and separate them up and down into scissors.

The left leg is at 75 degrees to the ground and the right leg is at 45 degrees to the ground.

Keep this position, exhale in a half circle in the air to exchange up and down positions.

Inhale, retract your legs, repeat, and swap your left and right legs.

  3, supine leg flexion and extension-supine, knees body.

Arms stretched out to the side of the body to form a “ten”.

Close your abdomen and keep your shoulders touching the ground.

Inhale and close your knees to your chest.

Exhale, lift your legs forward and upward, while raising your head and shoulders, and try your best to extend your right hand toward the leg.

Inhale, bend your knees, exhale, and tighten your abdomen.

Change to the opposite side, 10 times on each side.

  4, the dancers turn around-the preparatory position is to support the ground with the right hand, sitting on the ground with his right leg bent on his knees.

The left leg flexed her knees with the fracture pointing upwards.

Lift your left side.

At the beginning of the movement, the legs are straightened, the feet are back and forth to support the ground, the abdominal muscles are forced off the chest, and the left arm is held high.

Stomach abdomen, turn left, support left arm on the ground.

Look up.

Hold your hips when exhaling and lower your body when inhaling.

Return to the ready position and repeat on the other side.

  5. Turn your fingertips sideways-prone, with your toes and palms touching the ground.

The gluteal muscles are contracted, the abdomen is tightened, and the back muscles are forced (the scapula is leaning toward the middle). Stand up until the chest leaves the ground, and the fingers still touch the ground to maintain balance.Inhale and stretch your right arm to the back of your right thigh.

Turn your head and upper body to the right at the same time.

Return to the starting position when exhaling.

Do the other side after repeating.
  6. Roll the rowing boat-sit up and close your belly.

Legs extended forward with feet apart wider than shoulders.

Hold a rolled towel in front of the body with both hands, palms down.

Bare chest, gluteal muscle contraction.

Exhale, slowly fall backwards, and relax the psoas muscles until they reach the maximum angle you can control.

Hold for 1 second and pull the towel roll towards your chest while inhaling.

Exhale again and lift the towel over your head.

Inhale to reduce and repeat.

These exercises should be done 3-5 times a week in sequence.

The first two actions are to warm up, and the last three actions are seriously exacerbated.

Do 10 reps per group (5 reps per side) as required by the action.

If it starts to feel too difficult, start with 4-6 times.

Practice the highest ideal in a dance studio with mirrors.

  To develop a beautiful abdomen, in addition to performing abdominal muscle exercises for diabetes, long-term aerobic exercise and a reasonable diet are required.

The combination of the three will achieve the best results.

Five possibilities after divorce between men and women

Five possibilities after divorce between men and women

Five possible divorce relations between men and women are presented in 1 and it is not her original intention to hate and possibly break up. Therefore, after having to accept this reality, she took the man with hatred towards the marriage and complained to all her friends.His bad and unfaithful and unruly, spreading the breath of hatred in every possible space . no one can point him at her. This topic is definitely a time bomb, and if he is not careful, he may be hacked.whole body.

  ● Narration is not necessary to bring personal privacy to the surrounding environment, and no one is obligated to share it for you.

The feeling of hatred due to divorce is normal in the short term, but if it persists, it will not be half beneficial to your future health and life.

  Especially if you have children, you must also consider the affordability of children who are still unreasonable. Hatred will only allow children to grow up without a sense of trust and security.

  2. In fact, ordinary friends cannot easily erase all their pasts. They cannot be husbands and wives, do not need to be enemies, and do not want to be entangled. Then be ordinary friends.

Being an ordinary friend, if you are away, if you are not, you should be the best state of EX.

His life is no longer related to you, and so is yours, but occasional care and greetings are not ruled out. Of course, it is not necessary to prepare gifts for him on his birthday or Valentine’s Day, but when you need help, you and himIt is not impossible to appear in front of each other.

  ● Voiceover It takes a little bit of mind and manner to be friends.

In fact, there are still good examples. Xie Xian and Deborah divorced for decades. When they met at the party, they still smiled and took pictures in front of the media. They even issued a consistent foreign declaration on the growth of a pair of children.

Why can’t I come to see you again after being divorced?

The better fact is that you can’t be a husband and wife at the same time, it is entirely possible to be a confidant, or no one knows you better than him. In case of trouble, maybe he will provide you with the most practical advice.

  3. Supporting type Because he has been his wife, he must bear the responsibility of support, and she also automatically has the right to be supported, especially with a child. She will talk to her ex-husband for decoration for three days and two days.Problems like class, travel, vacation.

  She rarely thinks about her own life. She moves between her and her ex-husband under the banner of maintenance. She enjoys it, and may even cause her ex-husband’s new girlfriend to give pointers.Go to your ex-husband’s house and ask her to comment.

  ● Narrator The typical ex-wife has not yet fully accepted the status quo, the typical life and emotional dependence, and her heart is not without emotional depression, but not strong, because the ex-husband took full responsibility for maintenance, so shePsychologically, she still feels that her ex-husband has reason to share all the details of her life as before.

At first, I was biased. I think that it is impossible to continue the relationship with my ex-husband!

From now on, learning how to get your own life is the best policy.

  4. Since the chic passers-by broke up, it means that there is a real reason for not being able to live with him. In this case, why bother pretending to be a friend?

Don’t even have hatred, embarrassment, nostalgia, and concern, just think you have never known this person, or treat him as someone you once knew.

Since then, her life is no longer related to him, including pain and happiness, old and sick.

  ● Narrators Independent urban women can certainly do it. Changing a house, a company, and a mobile phone number can create an event of human evaporation.

But these are deliberate. Besides, in order to sever the connection with the ex-husband, do you want to stop the former friends?

The most chic thing is that you have no heart in your eyes. You don’t need to delete the information about him in MSN and mobile phone book. When you think of it, you just know it lightly: this person was once important, but not now!

  5. On the weekends, a family child makes everything more complicated. No matter who the child is assigned to guardianship after divorce, you have no right to prevent the child from growing up without the love of either party.

Everything is based on your child’s growth needs, which will make your relationship more natural and happy.

Because of having a child, you and your ex-husband may never really “break up”. There are too many problems that you need to face together. With indifference and relative indifference, it is better to create a warm scene for family members on weekends, especially parent-child activities in school., You and he had better participate together.

  ● Narrators will meet with them on weekends or holidays. If possible, do not refuse to let him participate; if the child is under your supervision, you can also arrange some play plans in time, discuss with your ex-husband first, and then invite the child to come in—The advantage is that it will minimize the damage to the child caused by divorce, and it will also prevent you from fighting alone on your child’s education. This is of great significance to single mothers.

5 tips for breastfeeding newborns

5 tips for breastfeeding newborns

It is advisable to start breastfeeding the newborn within 30 minutes within 30 minutes and begin to contact the mother’s skin for more than 30 minutes, while helping the newborn to suck the nipples.

The neonatal feeding reflex is the strongest within half an hour after birth, and then gradually declines, and then resumes after 24 hours.

  Benefits of early milk opening: 1. It is beneficial to breast milk secretion, which can not only increase the amount of lactation, but also promote unobstructed milk ducts and prevent the occurrence of milk swelling and mastitis.

  2, newborns can also promote bowel movements and fetal excretion by sucking and swallowing.

  3. The sucking action of the newborn can also stimulate the mother’s uterine contraction reflexively, which is conducive to the recovery of the uterus, reduces the chance of bleeding and postpartum infection, and is more conducive to the early recovery of the mother.

  4. Early feeding allows children to have more motherly love, and can meet the psychological needs of both mothers and infants as soon as possible, so that the baby notices the warmth of the mother, and reduces the strangeness of the baby when it comes to the world.

  TIPS: Clean the breasts before breastfeeding: During pregnancy, the breast will secrete some moisturizer or milk after delivery. In addition to sweating, dirt may accumulate on the nipples.

Before breastfeeding a baby for the first time, edible vegetable oil should be applied to the dry scales of the nipples to soften the scales and then wash the nipples with warm water.

  Eryi’s pre-milk and post-milk are fed in each feeding, and the composition of the milk changes accordingly.

Milk is generally divided into pre-milk and post-milk, which contain different nutritional ingredients.

  Ex-milk explanation: When feeding, the milk sucked out first is called “ex-milk”.

  Nutrients: Fore milk has a thin appearance and replaces water and protein.

  If you eat too much pre-milk, you will get the water and protein you need. Therefore, babies who are replaced by pure breast milk generally do not need to replenish water within 4 months after birth.

  After milk explanation: The milk after the former milk is called “after milk”.

  Nutrients: After milk appears white and thick, lasting light, lactose and other nutrients.

Provides many skin tones to make the baby feel full.

  Therefore, do n’t rush during breastfeeding, do not squeeze out the first breast, or change the other side without correction. You should allow the baby to eat as much as possible, both before and after milk.Provide comprehensive nutrition.

  TIPS: Babies with diarrhea should breastfeed the first half of the breast, that is, the first milk; the second half should be discarded, so that the baby cannot eat the postpartum milk with excessive fat content.

  Sanyi breastfeeding on demand Why advocate on-demand breastfeeding? Don’t strictly limit the interval between feedings, especially in the first few weeks after your child is born.

Newborn babies don’t eat the same amount of milk each time, so sometimes children get hungry an hour after feeding, and sometimes children don’t seem to want to eat as much as 3 hours apart.

These conditions are natural, and each baby is unique, and the amount of food varies, so it is advisable to breastfeed as needed.

  Benefits of on-demand breastfeeding This method of on-demand breastfeeding can not only drain the milk in time, but also stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete more prolactin through alternating sucking, so that the milk volume continues to increase, and it can also prevent the mother fromNecessary tension and anxiety (excessive tension and anxiety can inhibit breast secretion through reflex mechanisms).

  How to breastfeed on demand As long as the baby wants to eat, he can feed it at any time; if the mother’s milk arrives, and the child is willing to eat, you can also feed it, without being constrained by whether the “scheduled time” has arrived.

  The newborn has a stomach capacity of only 30 ml, and the amount of milk it can suck each time is only about 20 ml.

With a small amount of milk and a short stay in the stomach, the child quickly becomes hungry.

Therefore, it is normal to breastfeed about two hours.

  TIPS: Feeding 8?
12 times are our recommended feedings.

The baby will not extend to 2 until about 2 months.

Feeding milk once every 3 hours, at this time his stomach capacity has reached more than 100 ml, and the length of time that the put-in milk stays in the stomach has been extended.

  The effect of Siyi mouth milk containing the receiving position and the bad connection will cause the baby to ineffective suckle, the mother’s milk cannot be emptied smoothly, the breasts swell, and eventually the milk secretion is reduced.

The baby can’t eat milk and always cry frequently.

  The baby will suck hard when it can’t suck the milk, and a negative pressure will be formed in the second half of the mouth, squeezing the nipple.

Over time, it can cause nipple cracking and even cause bacterial infection.

  The process of sucking milk from the baby’s breast properly is a process of chewing and sucking: the baby’s mouth contains most of the mother’s areola, and the breast tissue under the areola (including the milky sinus site) is also included in the mouth.

  The baby’s small mouth tightly seals the areola part. When he sucks, the tongue pulls the nipple to the hard palate.

In this way, milk is sucked out during rhythmic sucking and squeezing.
  The baby sucks a lot. Only when the baby puts pressure on the breast tube behind the areola can he suck the milk; only by putting the nipple into his mouth, he can effectively close the opening of the breast tube without spilling milk.
  Wuyi protects the nipples of the breast from cracking for the first few days of feeding. The mother will feel that the nipples are a little irritating and will disappear after a few seconds. This is normal.
However, if you feel that the nipple pain does not regress, it will gradually increase, indicating that there may be a crack in the nipple.

The nipple is a sensitive part of the human body. Once a crack appears, it will feel abnormal pain. Some mothers have to give up breast milk replacement because they can’t stand the pain.

  Method 1 to prevent nipple cracking, do not take when the baby is particularly dry.

  2. Pay attention to the correct feeding position.

  3. Frequently massage the breasts to stimulate reflexes.

  4, when feeding, be sure to stuff most of the areola into the baby’s mouth.

  5, after each breastfeeding, dry the nipple and squeeze a few drops of milk to apply evenly on the nipple, which can play a role in protecting the nipple.

  6. Do not use soap on the nipples.

  7. Do not pull the nipple out of the baby’s mouth after breastfeeding. Use your fingers to gently press the baby’s chin to prevent the baby from sucking and then gently withdrawing from the nipple.

  8. Mothers should wear loose cotton underwear and bras. When the bras are changed, they should be replaced in time.

  The swelling of the breasts begins around the fourth day of breastfeeding. The mother’s breasts generally secrete a lot of milk, and the breasts become significantly stiff. At this time, the newborn will feel that the breasts are too hard to adapt and even suck the nipples.

The new mother swelled uncomfortably because her milk could not be drained.

  Method 1 to improve swelling, before the newborn eats milk, first apply a warm towel to the breast to soften the breast.

  2. Stand in the shower and shower your breasts with warm water.

  3. Gently massage your breasts with your hands and try to squeeze some milk to reduce swelling.

And help the newborn put the nipple in the mouth, after a while the baby will suck and suck.

  4, put the newborn in front of the breast, gently push the breast up, so that the nipples can be protruding, the newborn can suck milk; at the same time, it also relieves the mother’s breast swelling and eliminates.

Eating fish for life in the elderly

Eating fish for life in the elderly

Fundamentally, many scientists have studied and found that a small amount of fish contains higher docosapentaenoic acid (referred to as EPA), and also found that fish contains a substance called aminoethanesulfonic acid. These two substances are good for healthThe brain is very beneficial.

EPA is a highly unsaturated fatty acid, which can regulate the body’s micro-metabolism, anti-platelet aggregation, anti-thrombosis, and reduce blood calcium content.

Regular consumption of fish with high EPA content can effectively prevent arteriosclerosis and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Aminoethanesulfonic acid is a sulfur-containing amino acid, which is generally found in fish.

  Studies have found that aminoethanesulfonic acid has a variety of effects, such as it is an essential amino acid for the normal development of the brain and eyes of newborns; it has the function of regulating blood pressure and maintaining normal blood pressure, which can make low density in bloodLipoprotein and cholesterol decrease, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol increases, thereby preventing arteriosclerosis, delaying and alleviating the occurrence and development of arteriosclerosis, and effectively preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, it has the effect of promoting insulin secretion, inhibiting blood glucose rise and promoting hormone secretion.


hzh {display: none; }  另外,鱼脂富含二十二碳六烯酸(简称DHA),这种物质对脑细胞脑神经的生长发育有着重要作用。Regular fish consumption can activate brain nerve cells, improve brain function, improve judgment, and have a good effect on memory.

Elderly eat more fish, which is good for Yishou and brain.

How to whiten people with yellow skin

How to whiten people with yellow skin

Who doesn’t want facial skin to be white and tender, I believe everyone wants to have fair and smooth skin, so how can people with yellow skin effectively whiten?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  1. White vinegar washing your face Although this is a very old-fashioned method, the whitening effect of white vinegar washing your face is really great.

Smart women will use white vinegar to wash their face. It can really beautify the skin and improve the complexion. It is also the safest and simplest way!

Or you can mix glycerin and vinegar at a ratio of 1: 5 to wipe the face and make the skin more delicate.

  2. Thorough cleaning After the golden period of repair after 72 hours of sun exposure, then the whitening will begin. Thorough cleaning can open the whitening channel for the skin. Use 40 degrees warm water with cleansing milk to thoroughly clean the facial oils.dirt.

In addition, you can also use the method of steaming your face or hot compress to open the pores, let the oil and dirt flow out from the deep pores, and then clean them, so that the pores can breathe smoothly.

  3. Massage accelerates whitening. Massage the facial lymphatics, dredge the drainage channel of the skin, and accelerate the circulation, so that the skin melanin and old waste materials can be quickly metabolized, and the skin will naturally become white and crystalline. The first step: the fingers of both handsMassage the joints back and forth on the forehead for 3 minutes to relax the right side.

The area between the eye and eyebrows is the massaging area. It moves from the eye to the end of the eye, and is inserted along the brow bone with the knuckles. The knuckles of the index finger are massaged on both sides of the nose, and back and forth to expel toxins around the nose.

Make a fist with both hands and use your joints to massage your limbs back and forth until you feel a little pain in your cheeks.

  4, Baiji whitening materials: Baiji, egg yolk, gherkin juice, olive oil, honey.

Method: Add the white lotus root into the bowl, add the egg yolks and stir well, then add honey and cucumber juice, and then spread it evenly in the body. After 20 minutes, wash it with water, then apply olive oil on a cotton pad and apply it on the face5 minutes, then apply a hot towel to the face, wait for the towel to cool, and then wash it off. Long-term adherence can make the skin fairer and more delicate.

  5, aloe whitening method materials: aloe leaves, cucumber, egg white, pearl powder, flour.

Method: Peel aloe vera, squeeze the juice with cucumber, then add egg white, pearl powder and flour and stir into a paste, then apply it on the face, wash it after drying, then apply toner.2 times to effectively whiten skin.

  6, tomato honey whitening material: tomato, honey.

Method: squeeze the tomato juice, add honey and stir into a paste, then apply it for 15 minutes, then wash it with water, 1-2 times a week, can effectively eliminate acne and acne, and make the skin whiter and more delicate. This maskCan be used on face and whitening.

  Tip: In addition to using whitening methods for friends who want to whiten, don’t forget the usual sunscreen!

If you have dark skin, try not to bask in the sun. Unless your skin is white, avoid the sun directly!

In the summer at 10 am and 2 pm, when the sun is strongest and the ultraviolet rays are the greatest, it is easy to hurt the skin and cause black!

In addition to sunscreen habits and diet should pay attention to, eat more whitening foods can play a supporting role.

Staying up late is not allowed, it will cause dull complexion!

Bladder acne should pay attention to certain matters-

Bladder acne should pay attention to certain matters?

It is actually annoying to say that acne is not terrible. “Youth has left me, but acne is still stuck in long sleeves.” Many young beauty people may also have some acne on their face due to factors such as eating habits.What should I do if I have acne on my face and avoid other taboos?

1. Do not wash your face often. Washing your face twice a day is a rule you must follow.

Often washing your face will stimulate the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, because once the oil on the surface of the skin is washed, the sebaceous glands must work “overtime” to perform its natural protection function. As a result, the sebaceous glands will become more and more frizzy.More and more lively.

2. Do not use scrubs and astringent water. Scrubs and astringent water will over-irritate the epidermis and gradually become inflamed skin conditions. At the same time, it will also stimulate the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, making the situation worse.

In addition, the astringent water can shrink the pores and make the pore openings that have been inserted smaller.

3. Do not smoke. Nicotine in cigarettes will shrink the microvascular tube wall, cause toxin accumulation in blood and lymph, and reduce the reoxygenation rate of skin cells, which will weaken the skin’s healing ability and form cross-infection of skin wounds.

4. Do n’t pull, squeeze, pick acne. If you correct or use tools to squeeze, it will not help, but will cause secondary infection due to the bacteria on your hand, or cause subcutaneous bruising due to the force of the squeeze.Residual marks must be left for 4-6 weeks to disappear.

In addition, the wounds caused by squeezing are repeatedly irritated, resulting in skin hyperplasia and the formation of raised scars.

5, eat less spicy, fried, high-conversion foods Although these foods will not directly cause the condition of acne, but they will “deteriorate” the condition of acne, because these foods will increase the load capacity of the heart, leading to bloodThe quality of vitamin K decreases, which indirectly induces the formation of acne.

Five vegetables suitable for summer salad

Five vegetables suitable for summer salad

“Vegetables can be eaten raw as much as possible, so that the nutrients in the dish can be preserved to the greatest extent.

“” The more natural the salad, the better.

“Vitamins are carbides. Vegetables are prone to loss of vitamins as soon as they are simmered.

  1. Cucumber Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B family and many trace minerals. It contains rich nutrients and is crisp and refreshing when eaten raw.

From a nutritional point of view, cucumber peels are rich in nutrients and appropriately kept raw.

  But in order to prevent pesticide residues from harming the human body, cucumbers should be soaked in salt water for 15-20 minutes before washing raw food.

When pickling cucumbers with salt water, do not scratch your head and take roots. Keep the cucumbers intact to prevent nutrients from being lost from the cut surface during the soaking process.

In addition, cold dishes should be cooked and eaten now, and should not be added and placed, as this will also lead to vitamin loss.

  2. Tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for vision protection and skin repair after sun exposure.

Cold tomatoes are better without sugar, otherwise sweetness may affect appetite.

Obese, diabetic, and hypertensive patients should not eat sweetened cold tomatoes called “Xueman Flame Mountain”.

  3, bell pepper or chili pepper is the most vitamin C rich food in all vegetables.

Vitamin C can improve the body’s immunity and help fight against various diseases.

In summer, people are prone to hot colds, and often go out, have more exposure to the external environment, and increase the chance of infection with the virus, so they need to improve their immunity.

  4, celery celery can have crude fiber, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin PP (also known as nicotinic acid) and other ingredients.

People tend to get angry, causing dry stools.

At the same time, people lose more water during hot days, which can easily cause an imbalance of sodium and potassium.

Celery can help people laxatively and regulate sodium and potassium balance.

  Vitamin PP affects human skin, nervous system and appetite. If the body lacks vitamin B2, it will easily cause fatigue and fatigue and oral ulcers.

Celery leaves contain more nutrients than stems. It is a pity to discard them.

  5, Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage is high in fiber and vitamin A supplements. In summer when the sun is dazzling, eating more Chinese cabbage is good for eye protection and beauty.

10 signs in life remind you of the urgent need for detoxification

10 signs in life remind you of the urgent need for detoxification

If you have the following nine problems in your life, be alert!

Explain that the toxins in your body exceed the standard, and you must quickly take measures to detoxify your body.

Constipation: If you defecate more than 3 days or more, you may have constipation.

According to the symptoms, constipation can be divided into two types: habitual constipation and occasional constipation.

The large intestine forms feces and controls defecation, which is one of the main channels for the human body to excessively excrete toxins.

If the poison is stored in the body, it will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, cause complications of the large intestine, and cause initial incompatibility and constipation.

Long-term constipation, feces cannot be excreted in time, and a large amount of toxins will be accumulated. These toxins will be absorbed by the human body, and will cause secondary symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset, bad breath, and stains, resulting in weakened human function and decreased resistance.

Obesity: If your weight is 20% above the standard weight, or your body mass index[weight (kg) / body fat (square meters)]is greater than 24, it is considered obese.

Obesity is a disease of excess nutrition. If long-term excessive consumption of high-fat, high-transfer foods, toxins in the body will breed, causing the body to become unbalanced and cause obesity.

In addition to the weakness, inconvenience of movement, asthma during movement, palpitations, fear of hyperhidrosis or low back pain, lower extremity joint pain and other symptoms, most of them have sugar, trace, water and other substance metabolism and endocrine disorders.

Melasma: Endocrine changes, long-term oral contraceptives, liver disease, tumors, chronic alcoholism, and sun exposure are all causes of melasma.

Everyone expects to have a beautiful face, but I do n’t know since when your shell has yellowish brown or pale black patches, and those patches are pattern-like or butterfly-shaped patches, which make the skin lose its originalWatery gloss.

Acne: Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Various toxins produce a large number of toxic substances under the action of bacteria, which endangers the whole body through blood circulation. When the discharge is blocked, it will leak through the skin and leak, causing the skin to become rough and acne.

In addition, trace element deficiencies, mental stress, high aunt or high blood sugar diet are all causes of acne.

Therefore, we cannot just pay attention to the work of “face” and ignore the “environmental protection” in the body.

Bad breath: Bad breath is a symptom of bad smell in the mouth. It is mostly caused by the accumulation of heat in the lungs, spleen, stomach, or indigestion of the food. These things are accumulated in the body for a long time and become toxic.

Gluttony spicy food or overeating, excessive fatigue, hot feelings of fever, depression of fire, or certain oral diseases, such as oral ulcers, dental caries, and digestive diseases can cause unpleasant breath.

Itchy skin: The skin is the body’s largest detoxifying organ. The sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the skin can expel toxins that other organs cannot solve by sweating.

External stimuli, irregular life, mental stress, and endocrine disorders that weaken this function of the skin can cause itching.

Chronic gastritis: It is a variety of chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions caused by uncontrolled diet, weak spleen and stomach, and excessive work and rest, forming a symptom of poison in the body and impaired blood circulation.

Duodenal ulcers: endogenous poisons of depression and anger, liver depression and qi stagnation, inadequate diet, excessive thirst, fullness, spicy food, and foreign poisons caused by tobacco addiction can cause twelveDuodenal ulcer.

Initial irritable syndrome: Refers to an excessive response to stimuli or the occurrence of abnormal phenomena, resulting in sluggish blood flow, detoxification of detoxification channels, and retention of multiple toxins in the body.

The main features are abdominal discomfort or abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Eczema: It is caused by digestive diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, mental stress, or various physical and chemical stimuli in the environment. It is also a dermatological reactive disease. It is also an excessive waste generated during the metabolism process and cannot be discharged in time.Caused by the body.

Chronic gastritis: It is a variety of chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions caused by uncontrolled diet, weak spleen and stomach, and excessive work and rest, forming a symptom of poison in the body and impaired blood circulation.

  Relevant sub-health solutions: constipation or wind-blown grass is uncomfortable when moving the stomach (insufficient scorch gas, great vitality) Yin deficiency constipation, chest irritability and dryness, often spit yellow sputum (Yin Qi deficiency) Yang deficiency constipation, lack of energy throughout the body, and easy fatigue(Yang Qi Deficiency) Bad breath (Spleen and stomach failure) Pant with bad breath (Stomach Qi and Excessive fire) Yangming stomach Evidence: Nonsense, bad breath (Yangming Stomach) abdominal distension, acid reflux, hiccup (weak vitality) Oral ulcer repeatedly (Insufficient liver blood) Ulcers on the lateral side of the mouth

Cistanche Root and Sea Cucumber Lean Broth

Cistanche Root and Sea Cucumber Lean Broth

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Materials]50 grams of Cistanche, 50 grams of sea cucumber, 60 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of cooked ground, appropriate amount.

  [Production]Wash and dilute Cistanche; wolfberry, cooked and washed; sea cucumber soaked, washed and shredded; pig lean meat washed, cut into pieces.

Put all the ingredients into the stew pot, add the right amount of boiling water, cover the stew pot, and simmer for 3 hours under low heat, add the best fish sauce and MSG, and simmer.

Drink soup to eat sea cucumber and lean pork.

  [Efficacy]Bushen Yijing, nourishing blood and intestines, used for the replacement of sperm and blood, such as after the disease, postpartum yin and blood deficiency, symptoms of weak constipation, thirst, dizziness, body fatigue.