Indian women break through temple taboos, trigger multiple demonstrations

Indian women break through temple taboos, trigger multiple demonstrations

Immigrant Indian women sneaked into a Hindu temple under police protection on the 2nd, breaking through long-term taboos and triggering demonstrations by conservatives.

  [Successful challenge]This implanted female was in her 40s and entered the Sabarrimara Temple in the southern Kerala state under the protection of plainclothes police in the early morning of the 2nd.

  According to the traditional concept, women between the ages of 10 and 50 are not allowed to enter the temple pilgrimage, because women of this age have menstrual periods and will defile the temple.

This traditional taboo was supported by the High Court of Kerala in 1991.

  However, the Supreme Court of India ruled in September 2018 that women of all ages could enter the Sabarrimara Temple. Some women then repeatedly tried to challenge the restricted area according to law, but were blocked by conservatively sending believers.

杭州龙凤桑拿网  This placed the woman two weeks ago trying to enter the Sabari Mara Temple unsuccessfully.

They broke through the barrier again in the early morning of the 2nd and eventually succeeded.

The video showed that they covered their heads, lowered their heads, and quickly walked into the temple without encountering obstacles.

  The two told media reporters that they did not follow a sacred step on the pilgrimage road, but were assisted by police to enter the temple from the employee passageway under the protection of dozens of plainclothes police.

  Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan confirmed that the replacement of women into the temple and the protection of the police, of course, the police want to protect anyone who wants to visit the temple.

  Kerala is governed by a left-wing party, and the state government supports the Supreme Court’s decision to allow all women to enter the temple.

An official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters reporters that the police have carefully arranged to help insert women into the temple and intend to gradually help more women do so.

In addition, the police arranged police forces outside the women’s residence to protect their safety.

  [Contradiction]Implanting women into temples has triggered street demonstrations in Kerala.

During a demonstration in the capital Tiruvanentabura, police used tear gas and high-pressure water guns to disperse the crowd.

  After their successful entry, the temple was closed for a time to purify the ceremony with antiques.

  The tradition of barring women from certain age groups from entering the Temple of Sabarimara has the support of the ruling party, the People’s Party of India.

In response to the women’s taboo breakthrough in this regard, the Kerala branch of the Indian People’s Party intends to launch a two-day demonstration.

The leader of this division identified the state government as conspiring with the inclusion of women.

  The Indian People ‘s Party ‘s political opponent, the Congress Party, also targeted the masses, warning the state government that it would pay a price to go against tradition.

  In addition, many Indians support lifting restrictions on women’s access to temples.

In response to the call of the Kerala government, a large number of women formed a wall of more than 600 kilometers in Kerala on the 1st, called gender equality.

Kerala’s ruling party, the Indian Union (Marxists), said about 5.5 million women participated in the event.

  Advocate for women’s rights writer Mina Kandersamy tweeted on social media on the 2nd to support the involvement of women.

I wept with joy as they entered the temple. She pointed out how long it took us to advance the space for us and write us into the annals of history.

(Hui Xiaoshuang) (Xinhua News Agency Special) Original title: Indian women placed taboos to break temple taboos, triggering street demonstrations in many places